Gerald Marik (31st c.)

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Gerald Marik III
Character Profile
Born 2982[1]
Died 3015[1]
Affiliation House Marik
Parents Janos Marik (father)[1]
Hilda Lauber (mother)[1]
Siblings Martin[1]

Gerald Marik (born 2982[2] - death 3015[2][3][4], aged 33 years) was the second son of Captain-General Janos Marik.


The second child of Captain-General Janos Marik by his wife Hilda Lauber, Gerald was born in 2982.[2] Gerald was one of ten legitimate children known to have been sired by his father[3] and one of seven children born to Janos' first wife.[2]

Gerald sided with Anton Marik and the rebels in the 3014 civil war in the Free Worlds League. In that war, he commanded the Third Marik Militia and the Fourth Ducal Guard. On Berenson, his forces fought a running battle with the 15th Marik Militia until ordered to retreat.

Following the attack on New Delos by Wolf's Dragoons and the end of the rebellion, Gerald was executed for treason along with other rebel leaders.[4][3]


  • Gerald was the third notable Marik to carry his name. Gerald Marik I and Gerald Marik II were both former Captains-General.[2]
  • By the time of Gerald's execution in 3015 three of his siblings had already died; his younger brother Cartwright had died in 2998, his younger sister Faith had died in 3012 and his youngest half-brother Janos had died in 3008.[2]


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