Jennifer Steiner

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Jennifer Colley Steiner
Character Profile
Born 18 February 2725[1]
Died 4 January 2791[2][1]
Affiliation House Steiner
Title(s) Archon
Profession Noble
Parents Michael Steiner II (father)[3]
Joan Lestrade (mother)
Siblings Robert Steiner II[3][1]
Paul Steiner
Children Richard Steiner[2]
Ross Steiner

Jennifer Steiner was the seventeenth Archon of the Lyran Commonwealth.[4]



Robert would die in June 2781 of pneumonia leading his younger sister Jennifer to become Archon.[1]

First Succession War[edit]

As war loomed, Jennifer would meet with ComStar founder Jerome Blake as part of his tour of the capitals of all the Great Houses in 2786, Blake openly informing the Archon the reason for his visit was to win neutrality for all ComStar facilities during the imminent conflict and her acceptance of the ComStar Letter of Credit to fund the continued operation and maintenance of the hyperpulse generator network. Jennifer Steiner cautiously welcomed and agreed to his Communications Protocol of 2787 only after Blake indicated all her fellow leaders had already signed it, unaware that Blake was lying and that she was actually the first leader he had visited, ultimately winning their signatures using the same technique.[5]

On the last day of the year in 2786, Jennifer Steiner declared war on the Draconis Combine.[6]


Jennifer was killed during an assault on Styx in 2791 leaving her son Richard to assume the throne.[2][4]


Leaving? What do you mean 'leaving'? To where? He can't leave! Who is going to pick up the pieces after we beat each other into oblivion?
  — Archon Jennifer Steiner, regarding General Kerensky’s Exodus, 2784[7]
To assert brazenly that he is somehow better and more fitted to rule than any of the rest is the act of an egotistical man—a man hardly fit to rule over his own realm, let alone over us all.
  — Archon Jennifer Steiner [in response to Minoru Kurita declaring himself First Lord of the Star League], 2787[8]
Only history will be able to tell us which is the natural condition of man, war or peace.
  — From Descent: My Life at the Helm of the Commonwealth, by Jennifer Steiner, Commonwealth Historical Press, 2790[9]


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