Piranha (missile)

Piranha missile.jpg
Production information
Type Capital Missile
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Year Availability 3072[1]
Technical specifications
Heat 9
Damage 3 Capital
30 Standard[2]
Minimum Range N/A
Short Range 1-9[3]
Medium Range 10-18
Long Range 19-27
Extreme Range 28-36
Tons 100[4]
Ammo Per Ton 0.1 (one missile weighs 10 tons)[5]
Cost (unloaded) 75,000
Ammo Cost (per ton) 15,000
BV (2.0) 670 (launcher), 84 (ammunition)[6]


Specifically designed to combat AeroSpace Fighters, the Piranha was the most effective of the Sub-Capital Missiles developed by the Word of Blake. Capable of being mounted alongside other weapons, the Piranha was most effective when it was installed in a separate weapon bay. Isolating the Piranha from other weapons allowed its targeting and tracking systems to follow fast moving targets more effectively. Any AeroSpace Fighter hit by a Piranha would suffer as much damage as a simultaneous hit from a pair of Gauss rifles.

Since it could inflict large amounts of damage on fast moving targets, the Piranha missile launcher was popular with commanders who faced large amounts of AeroSpace Fighters. The fact that it could be used just as effectively against larger targets like DropShips and WarShips only increased its appeal. Furthermore, large numbers of this missile were produced because it could be launched by planet-based defenses against a planet-based target.


The Piranha missile system only has one model.


Game Rules[edit]

The Piranha doesn't have a to-hit modifier against targets smaller than 500 tons. Though originally a Piranha launcher is mounted in a bay without other Capital or Sub-Capital Weapons provided a -1 to hit modifier[7], later Errata removed that capability.[8]

If an AeroSpace Fighter is hit by a Piranha, there is a chance that it will suffer a critical hit. This is in addition to any critical hit that results from damage.

When used as surface to surface artillery the Piranha functions as a "dumb" Arrow IV missile, ignoring any TAG benefits. As the missile isn't designed for this purpose, it also imposes a +2 to hit modifier.[9]


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