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Derived from the capital missiles used by the first Star League to defend their WarShips from fighters, the Word of Blake engineers developed and deployed the first Sub-Capital Missile systems in 3072.[1] Their goal was to create a series of missile launchers that could be mounted on smaller platforms while still inflicting damage against WarShips and other large targets.

The Blakist engineers were successful, ultimately creating a family of four missile launchers that could inflict different amounts of damage. These launchers were lighter than their full-sized counterparts, cheaper to produce, and performed almost as well. Their only significant performance drawback was their greatly reduced range. The smaller missile body, combined with the large warheads, limited the amount of fuel the missiles could carry. They're are more difficult attack while in atmosphere, thus Point Defense or Anti-Missile Systems cannot counter them unless in Space.

Offsetting their advantages were some engineering drawbacks:

  1. There was no Sub-Capital equivalent to the AR-10 launcher, so each missile type required its own launcher.
  2. There were no teleoperated versions of the Sub-Capital Missiles.

Regardless of these limitations, the Sub-Capital Missiles proved very popular with Assault DropShip and Pocket WarShip commanders.


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