Achernar BattleMechs

Achernar BattleMechs
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Corporation Profile
AffiliationFederated Suns
HeadquartersIth (New Avalon IV)[1]

Achernar BattleMechs is the oldest and most respected BattleMech manufacturer in the Federated Suns. Though best known for its military products, at least three-quarters of its business and revenue come from its other four divisions.[1]


Located in Ith, on the Brunswick continent of New Avalon, Achernar has a long history of designing BattleMechs for the Federated Suns and was one of the first companies to produce the first BattleMechs for the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns during the Age of War.[2] While somewhat overshadowed by the massive production capabilities of Corean Enterprises's fully automated plant during the technological decline of the Succession Wars era, Achernar produces many iconic Davion 'Mech designs which ensures that it plays an important part in shaping and supplying the Davion military.[3]

During the Jihad, and before the various Battles for New Avalon, Marshal of the Armies Jackson Davion forced Achernar BattleMechs to shut down their surface production lines. He also planted false information in the Word of Blake camps which indicating that the main underground facility, Albion Advanced Technologies, had been destroyed by orbital bombardment. This led the Blakists to believe that Achernar was no longer a viable military threat or a source of parts, so they ignored the company in their attacks. In reality, the underground plant produced weapons, ammunition, parts, and replacement battlesuits for the AFFS throughout the campaign.[4]

After the Jihad, Achernar's BattleMech plant on New Avalon restored only four of its eight production lines which slowly began producing new Dervish, Enforcer III, Hammerhands, and BattleAxe 'Mechs. The Osiris was the next design requested by the AFFS,[5] but given that 95% of Achernar's production lines were either moved or damaged, with the company sustaining similar losses in personnel, it was lucky to be providing 10% of its pre-Jihad output.[6] Achernar would later be one of a number of companies to benefit from the Castle Avalon reconstruction plan implemented by Princess-Regent Yvonne Steiner-Davion in the wake of the Jihad. By mid-3081 reconstruction efforts were proceeding rapidly and it was anticipated that the plant would be back to full production by the middle of the decade.[7]

During the Jihad, Achernar had also expanded the Albion Technologies facility and their MiningMech facility on Cahokia to produce the Legionnaire medium BattleMech.[5][8] Though the Cahokia facility had lost approximately one-third of its facility and personnel during the fighting, it was soon producing the Legionnaire at three-quarters of its pre-Jihad volume.[6]


Achernar BattleMechs has four other divisions. These divisions provide 75% of the company's profit and revenue. They are:

  • Achernar Defense Technologies - Produces military and paramilitary communications, electronics, and weapons.
  • Albion Advanced Technologies and Products - Produces battle armor
  • Achernar Heavy Industries - Produces manufacturing equipment and civilian vehicles.
  • New Avalon Fusion Products - Produces fusion and conventional engines for military and civilian use.[1]


Achernar BattleMechs has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


Achernar BattleMechs maintained a factory named the West Fabrication Facility on Achernar, which for a long time was a producer of IndustrialMechs. When the Word of Blake captured Achernar it rebuilt some of the production lines within the West Fabrication Facility to produce either (or both of) the OSP-25 Osprey or OSP-26 Osprey BattleMech.[9][10] The West Fabrication Facility was completely destroyed in June 3077 when the Achernar Protectorate Militia ignored the surrender issued by the planetary governor to the allied coalition forces and instead dug in around the plant, forcing the task force on the Federated Suns front of Operation SCOUR to root out the militia from the factory complexes, leveling its facilities in the process.[11]

The site of the Achernar plant was redeveloped in the wake of the Jihad, with the vehicle manufacturer Valiant Systems constructing a factory in the rebuilt and refurbished remains of the Achernar BattleMechs West Fabrication Facility.[12]

Components produced on Achernar:[13][9][10][14]
Component Type
RCL-4 Dig Lord MiningMech[13] IndustrialMech
HVR-199 Harvester AgroMech[14] IndustrialMech
HVR-199M-A Harvester AgroMech MOD[14] IndustrialMech
HCL-1 Heavy Lifter CargoMech[15] IndustrialMech
HCL-1M Heavy Lifter CargoMech MOD[15] IndustrialMech
OSP-25 Osprey or OSP-26 Osprey[9][10] Medium BattleMech


Components produced on Cahokia:[8][16][13][17][18][19]
Component Type
RCL-1 Dig King MiningMech[16] IndustrialMech
RCL-4 Dig Lord MiningMech[13] IndustrialMech
PY-SR10 Prey Seeker[17] Ultralight BattleMech
LGN-2D Legionnaire[8][18] Medium BattleMech
LGN-2F Legionnaire[19] Medium BattleMech
LGN-2K Legionnaire[20] Medium BattleMech
2A Type 15 Endo Steel LGN-2D Legionnaire[18] and LGN-2F Legionnaire[19]
A1 Type 22 Ultralight Endo Steel Prey Seeker[17]
Extralight Fusion Engine
Magna 350 XL LGN-2D Legionnaire[18] and LGN-2F Legionnaire[19]
Extra-extralight Fusion Engine
Magna 180 XXL Prey Seeker[17]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
StarGuard II LGN-2D Legionnaire[18]
StarGuard CIV Prey Seeker[17]
StarGuard Reflec LGN-2F Legionnaire[19]
Communications System
PCE-4X "Blaster" Prey Seeker,[17] LGN-2D Legionnaire,[18] and LGN-2F Legionnaire[19]
Targeting-Tracking System
Federated Hunter LGN-2F Legionnaire[19]
Federated Hunter Mk.VII Prey Seeker[17]
Reginald Systems TC-A LGN-2D Legionnaire[18]
Rotary AC/5
Meydron Model RC LGN-2D Legionnaire[18] and LGN-2F Legionnaire[19]
ER Medium Laser
Bright-Bloom LGN-2F Legionnaire[19]
Medium Re-Engineered Laser
ChisComp 73 Prey Seeker[17]

New Avalon[edit]

Components produced on New Avalon:[21][22][23][24][25][26][27][28][29][30]
Component Type
RCL-4 Dig Lord[21] IndustrialMech
LCT-1V Locust[citation needed] Light BattleMech
LCT-3D Locust[22] Light BattleMech
OSR-3D Osiris[25] Light BattleMech
WSP-1A Wasp[citation needed] Light BattleMech
WSP-3W Wasp[22] Light BattleMech
PXH-1 Phoenix Hawk[citation needed] Medium BattleMech
PXH-3D Phoenix Hawk[22] Medium BattleMech
ENF-6M Enforcer III[27][5] Medium BattleMech
ENF-7D Enforcer III[28] Medium BattleMech
ENF-4R Enforcer[31] Medium BattleMech
ENF-5D Enforcer[22] Medium BattleMech
DV-7D Dervish[22][5] Medium BattleMech
AGS-4D Argus[26] Heavy BattleMech
BKX-7K BattleAxe[23][5] Heavy BattleMech
HMH-3D Hammerhands[24][5] Heavy BattleMech
VLP-1D Vulpes[30] Heavy BattleMech
Battle Armor
Infiltrator CORAL INTENT[29] medium battle armor
1A Type 3 Wasp[22]
1A Type 7 Endo Steel Phoenix Hawk[22]
1A Type 12 Argus[26]
Achernar Special Type 4 BattleAxe[23]
Achernar Special Type 4-reinforced Hammerhands[24]
Bergan VII Locust[22]
Dorwinion Standard Enforcer[22]
Dorwinion Standard-Alpha Enforcer[27]
Dorwinion Industrial 65T Dig Lord[21]
Dorwinion Royal Fox Vulpes[30]
Dorwinion Standard 55TES Dervish[citation needed]
FITES-0 Osiris[25]
Fuel cell
Defiance 210 HydroCell Dig Lord[21]
Fusion Engine
LTV 160 Locust[22]
Core Tek 275 Dervish[22]
DAV 225 Hammerhands[24]
DAV 280 BattleAxe[23]
Extralight Fusion Engine
GM 300 XL Argus[26]
Magna 250 XL Enforcer[27]
Nissan 250 XL Enforcer[22]
Pharaoh 240 XL Osiris[25]
Extra-extralight Fusion Engine
Model 42b 300 Vulpes[30]
Jump Jets
McCloud Specials Enforcer[22][27]
Rawlings 40-beta BattleAxe[23]
Rawlings 50 Hammerhands[24]
Rawlings 52 Wasp[22]
Rawlings 61 Osiris[25]
Rawlings 80 Phoenix Hawk[22]
Swingline X-1000 Dervish[22]
Industrial Armor
Nashan LD Dig Lord[21]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
StarGuard II Argus[26]
StarGuard III Hammerhands[24]
StarGuard-X BattleAxe[23]
StarGuard CIV Standard Enforcer III[27]
StarGuard Nightshroud Stealth w/CASE Vulpes[30]
Ferro-fibrous Armor
StarGuard ferro-fibrous Locust, Enforcer, Dervish,[22] and Osiris[25]
StarGuard CASE Locust, Enforcer, Dervish,[22] and Argus[26]
Communications System
Achernar Standard Shipped to Belladonna for VTOL[22]
Achernar Air Whistler Shipped to Belladonna for Boomerang[22]
Achernar Electronics GEO-11 Dig Lord[21]
Achernar Electronics Hick-1 BattleAxe[23]
Achernar Electronics HICK-3 Hammerhands[24]
Achernar Electronics HICS-11 Enforcer[22]
Achernar Electronics HICS-12 Enforcer III[27]
Achernar Electronics HID-8 Phoenix Hawk[22]
Achernar Electronics HID-8.7 Osiris[25] and Argus[26]
Achernar Electronics HID-21 Dervish[22]
Lynx-Shur 7 w/Guardian ECM Suite Vulpes[30]
Targeting-Tracking System
Federated Gatherer BattleAxe[23]
Federated Gatherer Mk II Hammerhands[24]
Federated Hunter Phoenix Hawk,[22] Enforcer,[22] and Enforcer III[27]
Federated Hunter Mark II Dervish[22]
Federated Hunter Mk. VII Osiris[25]
Federated Hunter Mk. XII Vulpes[30]
Federated Hunter Mk. XX Argus[26]
Anti-Missile System
MainFire Point Defense Phoenix Hawk;[22]
Shipped to Talon for Hornet[22]
Small Laser
ChisComp 32 Wasp and Enforcer;[22]
Shipped to Talon, moon of Wernke, for Enforcer[22]
Medium Laser
ChisComp 38 Hammerhands[24]
ChisComp 39 Dervish[22]
ER Medium Laser
Large Laser
ChisComp 43 Special [citation needed]
ER Large Laser
ExoStar Pinnacle (Clantech) Vulpes[30]
Rotary AC/5
Mydron Tornado Vulpes[30]
Mydron Model B Hammerhands[24]
Federated 5-Shot BattleAxe[23]
Magna Longbow-5 Locust[22]
Federated 10-Shot Dervish[22]
Harpoon-6 Hammerhands[24]
Streak SRM-2
Federated SuperStreak Dervish;[22]
Shipped to Kathil for Marauder[22] and used for Davion Crusader field refits.[22]
Rock Cutter
Granite-Series Dig Lord[21]
Mining Drill
GE Cerment Dig Lord[21]
Fluid Gun
Achernar High-Capacity Dig Lord[21]


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