Classic BattleTech Companion

Classic BattleTech Companion
Product information
Type Rulebook
Development Randall N. Bills
Primary writing Herbert Beas
Loren Coleman
Chris Hartford
Peter Killinger
David L. McCulloch
Mike Miller
Tanja Möstel
Heiko Oertel
Peter Smith
Brant Sponberg
Kevin Stein
Christoffer Trossen
Andreas Zuber
Gabreil Zupcan
Pages 258
Cover Artwork Kevin McCann
Illustrations Maike Hallmann
Janine Karbulka
Chris Lewis
Tanja Möstel
Matthew Plog
Steve Prescott
Publication information
Publisher FanPro
Product code 10975
First published 2003
ISBN-10 3890649750


The Classic BattleTech Companion is an expansion to MechWarrior, Third Edition (and its reprinted title, Classic BattleTech RPG). This book compiles the additional Life Paths that were published in the Field Manual series and completes it for the titles that came before the release of the third edition. CBT Companion also enables players to create characters using a point-based system instead of using random rolls on the life paths, while also giving a peek behind the scenes to provide Gamemasters with guidelines on creating new life paths. Further, it adds new traits and skills to the ever-growing list. A detailed section on creatures gives Gamemasters dozens to use and provides the rules so that they can create their own. Rules for constructing your own battle armor first appeared here, before being updated in TechManual. Finally, advice on running the game, helpful tools for GMs, and a simple system for administering landholds are all provided. An appendix with blank record sheets contains a battle armor construction worksheet and an expanded, two-page character sheet. The concept for the cover of this book was decided via a contest, where fans could submit their ideas for what would appear on the cover. The winner of this contest was William Mouat.

From the back cover[edit]

It is the 31st century. Across the vastness of interstellar space, awesome powers vie for supremacy. Amidst this swirl of unending conflict stride BattleMechs, huge robotic weapons of war piloted by elite MechWarriors. Join the action, taking on any one of an endless variety of roles, from spy to smuggler, mercenary to MechWarrior. As a character from the Inner Sphere, the Clans or the Periphery, you will decide the ultimate fate of the galaxy.

Enter the exciting BattleTech universe, stepping outside of your BattleMech and embracing the richness of a vast, detailed science fiction setting. Classic BattleTech RPG contains all the rules and source material players and Gamemasters need, including a unique character creation system that generates game abilities and background story at the same time. Time to let your imaginations soar!


Character Creation[edit]

  • How to Use the Life Path System
  • Life Path Creation
  • Affiliations
  • Additional Paths
  • Stage 2 and 3
  • Stage 3: Higher Education
  • Major Draconis Combine Academy (Generic)
  • Major Federated Suns Academy (Generic)
  • Major Free Rasalhague Republic Academy (Generic)
  • Major Free Worlds League Academy (Generic)
  • Major Lyran Alliance Academy (Generic)
  • Major Word of Blake Academy (Generic)
  • Stage 4: Life Paths
  • Point-Based Character Creation System
  • Traits
  • Skills


  • How to Use this Section
  • General Concepts and Rules
  • Movement
  • Creatures in Combat
  • Carnivorous Plants
  • Creature Creation
  • Creatures of the Galaxy
  • Common Animals
  • Extraterrestrial Beasts


  • New Terrain Types
  • Terrain Conditions
  • Weather Conditions

Battle Armor Construction Rules[edit]

Rules for creation of Rules for creation of Power Armor and its Battle Armor sub-type.

  • Design the Chassis
  • Add Other Equipment
  • Add Manipulators, Weapons, Ammunition and Other Equipment
  • Finalize Design
  • Equipment
  • Costs
  • Classic BattleTech RPG Rules Expansion
  • Battle Value
  • Skill/Experience Level Multipliers
  • BattleTech Rules Expansion
  • BattleForce 2 Rules Expansion

Running the Game[edit]

  • Running Adventures
  • Organization and Administration of a Landhold
  • Advanced Contacts and Enemies Rules
  • Non-Player Characters (NPCs) Generator Rules
  • Generating Encounters
  • Skill Advancement
  • Battle Armor
  • BattleMechs
  • Life in the BattleTech Universe
  • Index