The Sanglamore academy logo
The Sanglamore academy logo
Academy Information
Location Skye
Course Information
Aerospace Restarted 3069
DropShip started in late 3070/early 3071
JumpShip started in late 3070/early 3071
WarShip started in late 3070/early 3071


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Sanglamore Academy
Hauptmann-General Kevin Reilly 3025[1]
Hauptmann-General Tulka Garner 3062-3067[2][3]


FedCom Civil War Era[edit]

The Sanglamore Academy ranked second after Nagelring among the Lyran Alliance military academies.[4] Located near Bannockburn on Skye,[5] it too was once a Star League Defense Force facility, however an attempted invasion by the Draconis Combine during the Succession Wars caused extensive damage. This resulted in the destruction of many examples of Star League technology and the subsequent loss of courses offered and academic prestige. Efforts to reopen the aerospace and naval training programs have delayed, in part because of Free Skye activism found on the campus. LIC surveillance of the campus, while unconfirmed, is a widely-held belief among students.[4][6]

Graduates of Sanglamore wear a dark green silk sash.[6] The sash is often worn as a headband by graduates during combat with many superstitious tales associated with it, but is only given up either upon death or to someone special as a good luck charm.[7]

After the end of the FedCom Civil War Sanglamore was operating at a high tempo to train cadets to help the Lyran Alliance Armed Forces rebuild from the damage taken during the war. It was expected that by the end of 3067 Sanglamore would have a training cadre back in the field, something only the Nagelring could match, with the Alliance's other academies unlikely to be able to field similar cadres until late 3068. Sanglamore's attached training battalion was funded by Duke Robert Kelswa-Steiner and Duchess Hermione Aten and was unsurprisingly dedicated to the Free Skye movement.[8]

The Jihad[edit]

Despite increased scrutiny, a fighter pilot program was restarted in 3069, while crew training for DropShips, JumpShips and WarShips started in late 3070/early 3071.[citation needed]

Sanglamore survived the Jihad and by 3079 was running programs providing training for BattleMechs, armor, battle armor, conventional infantry, artillery and various technical and specialist courses.[5]

The Dark Age[edit]

Following the formation of the Republic of the Sphere Sanglamore received a considerable lift in its fortunes, and by 3085 was facing the prospect of reclaiming the prestige it possessed during the earlier Star League era. The Republic swiftly restored Sanglamore's aerospace program to full operation, with the first class entering the academy in 3084; it was also widely expected that the Sanglamore naval warfare track, abandoned during the Succession Wars, would soon restart. While the Republic had inherited the Military Academy of Aphros, the Academy's location on Venus placed it under threat of imminent closure, and moving the Academy's facilities to Sanglamore seemed a likely prospect.

Sanglamore's rise in the early years of the Republic was directly linked to the efforts of Robert Kelswa-Steiner, then the Lord Governor within the Republic. Lord Governor Kelswa-Steiner personally negotiated many of the enhancements made at Sanglamore and his influence was such that as a part of the conditions under which the Skye region joined the Republic the appointment of the commandant of Sanglamore was made a right of the Duke of Skye in perpetuity. It was therefore no surprise that the commandant of the academy in 3085, Brigadier General Isobel MacPhail, was notable for her personal loyalty to Robert. General MacPhail was far from the only supporter of Robert within Sanglamore; many of the faculty were also known to have personal connections to the Lord Governor.[9]

Until the hyperpulse generator (HPG) network went dark, Sanglamore on Skye was suffering from a lack of appropriate training equipment. Now the purse strings that had been a barrier have become an enabler for the Academy. Though the naval program has yet to be restored, Sanglamore's aerospace training facilities are on track to once again begin graduating an appropriate amount of cadets.[10]

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  • In Michael A. Stackpole's Warrior Trilogy, a number of characters refer to Sanglamore as "Slangmore." It is not clear whether this was a persistent typo, or if Slangmore is a nickname for the school.


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