(Cephalopodus Electricus Matsuidanis)
Creature information
Type Squid-like Cephalopod
Homeworld Matsuida
Environment Salt Water
Average mass 25 kg
Average length 450 cm
Average height 120 cm (Diameter)
Creature stats
System ???
STR ???
BOD ???
DEX ???
RFL ???
WIL ???
EDG ???
Traits ???
Skills ???
Size ???
Armor ???
Attack ???

The Denkaika[1] is a squid like cephalopod found on the planet Matsuida.


The denkaika (electrically charged squid) is one of the stranger creatures that inhabit the oceans of Matsuida. Instead of having suckers on its eight tentacles, the denkaika stuns its prey with electric discharges. These shocks can cause respiratory paralysis or cardiac failure in humans though their usual prey is other sea creatures.

Sometimes a denkaika will become caught in the fishing nets of trawlers and they must be cleared by hand. This job is extremely hazardous as even if a denkaika is killed, they retain the ability to emit discharges for up to 12 hours. In an effort to support the fishing industry, the Draconis Combine grants remission of sentences to offworld prisoners who volunteer to work on the fishing vessels. These are usually prisoners the Combine wishes to dispose of anyway.


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