(Simla Vespertillis Gloriell[1])
Creature information
Type Mammal
Homeworld Glory[2]
Environment Tropical Forests[2]
Average mass 0.12 kg[2]
Average length 35 cm wingspan
Average height 17 cm
Creature stats
System A Time of War
STR 1[2]
BOD 1[2]
DEX 3[2]
RFL 6[2]
WIL 2[2]
EDG 4[2]
Traits Domesticated, Flight (+1), Good Hearing (+2), Good Smell (+2), Night Vision (+2)[2]
Skills AniMelee +0, Perception +4, Stealth +4[2]
Size Extremely Small[2]
Armor 0/0/0/0[2]
Attack 0M/1[2]
Movement 0.4/0/30[2]

The surat is native to Glory in the Clan Homeworlds.


Surats bear many resemblances to small primates with bat-like wings. Covered in fur with red and white strips on their face, they possess a long prehensile tail. Their diet consists of fruits, insects, or other small food they scrounge. Intelligent and highly domesticated, they are often kept as pets or to control pests.[3][1][4]

Their name became an epithet among the Clans, for multiple reported reasons. The animals' cuteness and troublesome behaviours, their great appetite and ability to break into food storage containers in particular, were cause for frustration.[1][2] As well, their high-profile role in the popular show The Adventures of Clan Spaniel helped entrench "surat" as a byword for filth and for inadequacy in skill and mind. Placed within Clan Spaniel, their primate-like appearance associated them with the antagonist Monkey Tribes, and thus surat characters were commonly used to show and chastise improper, un-Clanlike behavior.[5]


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