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An Ting University
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An Ting University Patch
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Location An Ting
Founding Year Succession War era
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The An Ting University (ATU) is a major military academy located on An Ting in the Draconis Combine and heavily associated with the An Ting Legions. The university was a premier school for MechWarriors for most of its history, rivaling that of the famous Sun Zhang MechWarrior Academy. However, like the planet it was based on, the university suffered greatly during the Succession Wars, including several attacks from the Federated Suns[1], though the last straw came not from without but within. In 3015, in retaliation for losses in the Kensai Kami, a group of Sun Zhang Cadre alumni staged a retaliatory strike on the university, causing irreparable damage to the Star League-era facilities and forcing the administrators to close the school down. It would not be until 3055, using knowledge from the Helm Memory Core, that ATU was once again fully operational.[2][3]

An Tin University receives funding from the DCMS, the An Ting planetary government, and the Legions themselves, who also provide instructors and equipment as needed. Residents of An Ting are given preference for enrollment, as are recent primary school graduates. Compared to other academies the atmosphere at ATU is more relaxed, and the university is more open to the types of military reforms Coordinator Theodore Kurita espoused. The exception is when it comes to competing with Sun Zhang, which given the school's history can become very personal. Few students drop out though, as instructors and advisers take a personal interest in each student's development. Basic training typically lasts two months, with an additional two to three years of advanced training depending on the student's MOS.[3][4]

After graduation every cadet can expect to spend at least two years serving with the Legions, with many proud to wear the school's colors of dark blue and grey. Starting in 3060, ATU expected to graduate seventy-five MechWarriors and twenty Aerospace Fighter pilots, as well as twelve battlesuit warriors as part of its new Battle Armor program.[3][4]


With the loss of Galedon because of the "Curse of Galedon", the academy was lost.[5]

Dark Age[edit]

Now celebrating 80 years of operation after reopening in 3055, An Ting University (ATU) is once again turning out candidates whose skills rival that of the Sun Zhang MechWarrior Academy.[6]

The Kensai Kami incident with rival Sun Zhang MechWarrior Academy now merely a memory, An Ting University has focused on turning out recruits capable of preventing any repeat of the incident. They continue to do so admirably, though these days more graduates go on to serve in the Draconis Combine military rather than take their education elsewhere. This number is large enough to prompt some to speculate about future large military movements by the Combine.[7]

The Academy must be located in another planet as An Ting is not viable anymore.[citation needed]


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