Canopian Institute of War

Canopian Institute of War
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Canopian Institute of War Logo
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Location Canopus
Founding Year 3058
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Aerospace fighters


The Canopian Institute of War, founded in 3058,[1] is the first national military academy of the Magistracy of Canopus in centuries and one of the finest in the Periphery. Previously, the Magistracy Armed Forces had relied on provincial academies run by its member worlds and "on the job" training for its soldiers and officers. Recognizing that this situation was no longer suitable, Magestrix Emma Centrella built the CIW on Canopus IV to provide the finest facilities and training for the MAF, modeling it after the famous Sun Zhang MechWarrior Academy.[2]

Admittance into the CIW is dependent on prior service and education and, unlike MAF officer ranks, cannot simply be purchased. Originally the student body was largely composed of veteran soldiers who had applied for and been recommended by their commanding Colonels, with instructors likewise serving members of the MAF. Starting in 3059, the CIW began accepting applicants from the provincial academies who had placed in the top 1% of their class, with less than half meeting the stringent entrance exams. Factionalism and hazing incidents between the veterans and provincial graduates caused a number of early dropouts, but as funding for the academies has increased greater numbers of graduates have been accepted and their dropout rates soon fell below that of the veterans. Starting in 3062, the CIW also began accepting a limited number of applicants from the Taurian Concordat, while a number of retired Capellan Confederation Armed Forces officers were hired on to teach select courses.[2]

Basic training lasts for six months, during which time its harshness is meant to shock any preconceived notions of the MAF out of the student's mind. Once completed, cadets enter a four-year advanced individual training program to either become a MechWarrior or aerospace fighter pilot. While not approaching the same intensity as found at SZMW, students are nevertheless under enormous pressure to take advantage of this rare opportunity.[2]

Those who graduate are allowed the honor to wear the school's colors - gold, silver and lavender - however they like on their field uniform (so long as it does not endanger them or their comrades). They also receive a half cape, trimmed in gold with the outside silver and inside lavender, which they may wear with their dress uniform. The Magistracy Royal Guards, Chasseurs á Cheval and Canopian Fusiliers are allowed their pick of any CIW graduates,[2] though a few with the best scores and correct disposition are allowed to attend the Victoria Academy of Arms and Technology.[3]

Dark Age[edit]

Once under control of a retired headmaster of the Sun Zhang MechWarrior Academy, the institute continued to thrive under a succession of equally skilled headmasters. With the fall of the HPG system, news from the Periphery has been scarce at best, and with paranoia running high, Inner Sphere inhabitants can think only the worst about numbers of them venturing so far into Inner Sphere space.[4]

New information suggests that the Magistracy of Canopus, location of the Canopian Institute of War, may have had a hand in House Liao's sudden rush into former Republic of the Sphere worlds. If this proves to be true, it might explain why graduates have entered the Inner Sphere seeking combat experience. Time will tell, and should these graduates disappear as quickly as they appeared, this rumor may be confirmed.[5]

Although it does not confirm the rumors that the Magistracy of Canopus is supporting the Capellan Confederation‘s drive into former Republic territory, the ever-increasing number of graduates of the Canopian Institute of War (CIW) who have been popping up in mercenary companies across the Inner Sphere certainly suggests that the Magistracy has grand plans for the future. Not only are graduates of the CIW skilled MechWarriors, but they also throw wild parties, a trademark of their homeland.[6]



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