Laser Reflective Armor

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Laser Reflective armor


Originally an Experimental Technology, the Laser Reflective Armor was first created by the Lyran Alliance in 3058, and used in 3061 by Clan Jade Falcon.[1] Also known as Glazed or Reflec armor, the first batch of Laser Reflective Armor was created by accident on a Ferro-Fibrous armor production line. Laser Reflective Armor dissipates energy weapon attacks 50% more efficiently than other armor types, reducing the amount of damage taken by the 'Mech mounting it. Despite the name, Laser Reflective Armor is effective against all energy weapons, not just lasers. PPCs, Flamers, and Plasma Rifles and Cannons are all less effective against it.[1]

The armor's status as Experimental item ended at the close of the Jihad era. It would enter regular production and became a standard Inner Sphere Technology in 3080.[2]


Though the armor functions like standard armor against ballistic weapon attacks, it is very brittle. Whenever a 'Mech is physically attacked, falls, or crashes through a building, the armor is half as effective as standard or Ferro-Fibrous armor. This weakness has also been observed in artillery attacks.[1] In addition, Armor-Piercing autocannon ammunition, Tandem-Charge missiles, and BattleMech Tasers all have a better chance of penetrating the armor and causing critical damage.[1]

Like the Ferro-Fibrous armor it's based on, Laser Reflective Armor is bulkier than standard armor. In game terms it provides the standard protection per ton, and takes up ten critical slots on a 'Mech. The total damage taken by the armor from energy weapon attacks is halved, rounded down.


Laser Reflective Armor is manufactured on the following planets:

Brand Planet Company Used by References
ArcShield Reflective Solaris Solaris Arms CPR-HD-003 Copperhead [3]
Long-Arms Laser Reflect/Max Solaris Doctor Géné Lyndon SP1-X Spatha [4]
Unknown Arc-Royal Arc-Royal MechWorks WLF-2X Wolfhound
ANH-2AX Annihilator
Bowie Glinting Blade Reflective
Carlisle Bowie Industries SDT-1 Spindrift Aquatic SecurityMech
WKT-1S Wildkatze
Unknown New Avalon Research and Testing Facility 44-J2A LGN-2X1 Legionnaire MUSE FIRE [9]
StarGuard Reflec w/CASE II Kathil General Motors BZK-D1 Hollander III [10]
Wangker Solarion Firgrove
Greenock Aero Manufacturing, Ltd.
Wangker Aerospace
RDL-01C Rondel
CUT-01D Cutlass
Boeing Mirage Reflective Terra Boeing Interstellar SMG-0 Simurgh [13]


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