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Trellshire Heavy Industries
Corporation Profile
Headquarters: Twycross
Leadership: CEO
Products: BattleMechs,
battle armor,
Division(s) Adelaide,


Trellshire Heavy Industries was one of the major weapons manufacturers for the Lyran Commonwealth. They had two major manufacturing centers, one on Twycross building Stalkers, BattleMasters and Riflemen, and another on Chahar producing artillery, vibrabombs, small arms and other munitions. Just before the Fourth Succession War the company's probation for their involvement in the Trellshire Scandal was lifted and its CEO, Duchess Yvonne Killa was hoping to expand to nearby Butler.[1] The company also had a manufacturing plant on Sudeten building SturmFeur and Demolisher tanks.[2]

During the Clan Invasion Sudeten and Twycross was lost to Clan Jade Falcon and along with them their Trellshire assets. Twycross would be briefly won back during the Battle of Twycross, and although it would resume building new BattleMasters these were older models, a precaution in case the planet was lost again.[3] This proved prophetic as the planet was lost again, this time to Clan Steel Viper, for whom the production lines would continue to build new 'Mechs into 3054.[4] Although Chahar was not captured, its nearness to the Clan front caused the company to begin the relocation process in 3054, hoping to relocate the plant in a much deeper secure position within the interior of the Federated Commonwealth.[5]

Worlds with Trellshire Heavy Industries' factories have been captured by both Clan Jade Falcon and Clan Diamond Shark. The Jade Falcons use the Sudeten plant to arm combat units produced by Olivetti Weaponry. The Twycross production site was the key Inner Sphere factory for the Diamond Sharks. Most of this site's output was sold to Inner Sphere powers, a practice allowed by the Grand Council only because the Sharks produce mostly Inner Sphere equivalent weapons on most of these lines and severely restrict the Clan-tech output for sales to Clan Wolf.[6] Eventually the production lines for the Inner Sphere designs were shut down and replaced by Clan designs.[7]

The Trellshire Heavy Industries plant on Twycross was destroyed during the Bloody Tricentennial attacks in late 3080. Destroyed in a nuclear explosion intended to both destroy the factory and the garrisoning Clan Diamond Shark forces from Gamma Galaxy who had been lured to the plant by a series of earlier explosions,[8] the plant was initially described as having been heavily damaged.[9]


The companies CEO in 3025 is Duchess Yvonne Killa.[10]


Trellshire Heavy Industries has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


In 3079 both RetroTech lines are shut down.

Components produced on Adelaide
Component Type
Thunderbolt Primitive Heavy BattleMech[11]
TDR-7S Thunderbolt[12] Heavy BattleMech (as of 3091)[13]
Ostwar Primitive Heavy BattleMech[11]


In 3054 the Chahar plant is secured by the Chahar PMM.

Components produced on Chahar:[11]
Component Type
Small Laser
Diverse Optics Type 10 Firestarter[11]
Medium Laser
Diverse Optics Type 18 Thunderbolt[11]
GM Whirlwind Condor[11]


Components produced on Sudeten:[12][14][15][16][17]
Component Type
Demolisher[12][16] Tracked Vehicles - Heavy Tank
Huitzilopochtli Assault Tank[16] Tracked Vehicles
SturmFeur[12][15] Tracked Vehicles - Heavy Tank
Gurzil Support Tank[18] Tracked Vehicles
Nacon Armored Scout[17] Wheeled Vehicles
Internal Combustion Engine
InterComBust 240 Demolisher[12]
InterComBust 255 SturmFeur[12][15]
Extralight Fusion Engine
Starfire 180 XL Nacon[17]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
Durandal 160 Demolisher[12]
ProtecTech 6 SturmFeur[12]
ProtecTech 7 Standard SturmFeur[15]
Ferro-fibrous Armor
Compound Alpha ferro-fibrous Nacon[17]
Communications System
Basix 200 Nacon[17]
Angst 2100-b SturmFeur[12][15]
Angst 2400 Spirit & Locust IIC[citation needed]
Omicron 1500 Demolisher[12]
Targeting-Tracking System
Highlight with BlindFire Radar SturmFeur[12][15]
Omicron VII Demolisher[12]
Omicron XX Spirit & Locust IIC[citation needed]
OptiSight 12 Nacon[17]
ChemJet Gun Demolisher[12]
System 4 Nacon[17]
SturmFeur SturmFeur[12]
Machine Gun
Trellshire Mini Gun SturmFeur[12]
Light Machine Gun
Series 34NC Nacon[17]


The Twycross plant was destroyed in late 3080.[8][9] BY 3145 Trellshire Heavy Industries was back online, producing Combat Vehicles.[19][20] and BattleMechs[21]

Components produced on Twycross:[22][23][24][25][26]
Component Type
Battle Armor
Elemental[6] medium battle armor (as of 3076)
Clan Battle Armor (Volk variant)[7] medium battle armor
Clan Battle Armor (Rabid variant)[7] medium battle armor
Crimson Hawk[7] Light BattleMech
Tiburon[22] Light BattleMech
Griffin IIC refits for Clan Nova Cat[7] Medium BattleMech
Shadow Hawk IIC refits for Clan Nova Cat[7] Medium BattleMech
RFL-3N Rifleman[10] Heavy BattleMech
RFL-5D Rifleman[23] Heavy BattleMech
Rifleman IIC 5[7] Heavy BattleMech
Rifleman IIC 8[24][7] Heavy BattleMech
Thresher Mk II[21] Heavy BattleMech (As of 3149)
Warhammer IIC[7] Assault BattleMech
BLR-1G BattleMaster[10][23] Assault BattleMech
STK-3S Stalker[10] Assault BattleMech
STK-5S Stalker[10][23] Assault BattleMech
Phoenix Hawk IIC 3[25][7] Assault BattleMech
Phoenix Hawk IIC 4[25][7] Assault BattleMech
Phoenix Hawk IIC 5[25][7] Assault BattleMech
Phoenix Hawk IIC 7[26][7] Assault BattleMech
Combat Vehicles
Kite Reconnaissance Vehicle[19] Hovercraft
Cardinal Transport (from 3112)[20] VTOL
CCo-B Endo Rifleman IIC 8[24]
DSAM 2.4 Thresher Mk II[21]
DSAM 4 Phoenix Hawk IIC 4[25] & Phoenix Hawk IIC 7[26]
Kallon Type IV Rifleman[23]
NCIA Type N Endo Steel Tiburon[22]
NCIS Type M Endo Steel Rifleman IIC & Shadow Hawk IIC[citation needed]
Hollis Mark X BattleMaster[23]
SFX-80 Endo Steel Warhammer IIC[citation needed]
Titan H1 Stalker[23]
fuel cell
140-rated fuel cell Kite[19]
Fusion Engine
Consolidated 270 Shadow Hawk IIC[citation needed]
Fusion 195 Mk. VI Mod.3 Rifleman IIC[citation needed]
VOX 340 BattleMaster[citation needed]
Strand 255 Stalker[23]
Type 10 320 Warhammer IIC[citation needed]
Extralight Fusion Engine
Fusion 300 XL Thresher Mk II[21]
Consolidated Fusion 325 XL Rifleman IIC 8[24]
Type 215 XL Cardinal Transport[20]
Hermes 240 XL Rifleman[23]
Standard 245 XL Tiburon[22]
Type 79 400 XL Phoenix Hawk IIC 4[25]
Type 81 320 XL Phoenix Hawk IIC 7[26]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
Forging AM 15 Phoenix Hawk IIC 7[26]
Forging ZM15 Warhammer IIC[citation needed]
Gamma Special Reflective Thresher Mk II[21]
Kallon Royalstar Rifleman[23]
Trellshire Royalstar BattleMaster, Stalker & Rifleman IIC 8[24]
Ferro-fibrous Armor
Alpha Compound ferro-fibrous w/CASE II Tiburon[22]
Forging AM 15 ferro-fibrous Kite,[19] Phoenix Hawk IIC 4,[25] Cardinal Transport[20]
Jump Jets
Grandthrust Mk.3 Thresher Mk II[21]
Grandthrust Mk.5 Phoenix Hawk IIC 4[25]
Improved Jump Jets
Trellshire Long Lifter Rifleman IIC 8[24] & Phoenix Hawk IIC 7[26]
Communications System
Able-Seven Sensor Suite with Watchdog CEWS Tiburon[22]
Crossband System 20 Thresher Mk II[21]
Garett T11-A Rifleman,[23] BattleMaster & Stalker[citation needed]
Hector CC-22E w/ECM Suit Rifleman IIC 8[24]
MegaBand System 21 Phoenix Hawk IIC 4[25] & Phoenix Hawk IIC 7[26]
Neil 9000 Cardinal Transport[20]
Neil 9000 w/Angel ECM Suite Kite[19]
TDWS-37 Mk.2.2 Warhammer IIC[citation needed]
Targeting-Tracking System
Dtrac Suite 1 Thresher Mk II[21]
Dtrac Suite 4 Phoenix Hawk IIC 4[25] & Phoenix Hawk IIC 7[26]
Garett D2j Rifleman,[23] Stalker[citation needed]
"Hermes" CT-44 Warhammer IIC[citation needed]
Mk. CXC-4 Rifleman IIC 8[24]
Multi-Spread 9 with Advanced Targeting Computer Tiburon[22]
RCA Econotrac Cardinal Transport[20]
RCA Econotrac w/Light TAG & Active Probe Kite[19]
Spar 3c Tight Band BattleMaster & Stalker[23]
Small Pulse Laser
Chi Series Small Pulse Laser - Phoenix Hawk IIC[citation needed]
ER Small Laser
Series 6c Tiburon[22]
ER Medium Laser
Mk. 3 Phoenix Hawk IIC 7,[26] BattleMaster & Stalker[citation needed]
Series 6b Tiburon[22]
Medium Pulse Laser
Series 14a Phoenix Hawk IIC[citation needed]
Series 14NC Rifleman IIC[citation needed]
Medium Laser
Magna Mk II Rifleman[23]
Heavy Medium Laser
Series 2D-2 Warhammer IIC
ER Large Laser
Series 7K Rifleman IIC 8[24]
Large Pulse Laser
Series 44h & Series 44h (Clan) Stalker[citation needed] & Thresher Mk II[21]
Heavy Large Laser
Series 4D-2 Phoenix Hawk IIC[citation needed]
Type 22 Thresher Mk II[21]
Type DDS Kingston BattleMaster[citation needed]
Donal (IS) BattleMaster[23]
Plasma Cannon
Zeta Series X Shadow Hawk IIC[citation needed]
Hyper-Assault Gauss Rifle 20
Type 0 Warhammer IIC[citation needed]
Anti-Personnel Gauss Rifle
Series-9 Rifleman IIC 8[24]
Tau-II Kite,[19] Cardinal Transport,[20]Shadow Hawk IIC[citation needed]
Machine Gun
Series IX BattleMaster[citation needed]
Type XV “Crossbow” Thresher Mk II[21]
Type X "Short Bow" Stalker[citation needed]
Type V "Longbow" Cardinal Transport[20]
Pattern Alpha Kite,[19] Tiburon[22]
Streak SRM-4
Pattern J4 Warhammer IIC[citation needed]
Series-4 Phoenix Hawk IIC 7[26]
Streak SRM-6
Pattern J6 BattleMaster & Stalker[citation needed]
Type VI Rifleman IIC 8[24]
Mk. 22 Type II Thresher Mk II[21]
LB 10-X AC
Type KOV Phoenix Hawk IIC 7[26]
CC 9-rack Phoenix Hawk IIC 4[25]
Anti-Missile System
Deprus Swarmshot Stalker[23]
LB 2-X Autocannon
Type OVR-X Cardinal Transport[20]
DuPont Ultra PM Flamer Thresher Mk II[21]


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