Trellshire Province


The Trellshire Province was one of the two halves of the Lyran Commonwealth's Tamar Pact during the Succession Wars Era.[1] The Trellshire Province was known for being the more underdeveloped and underpopulated portion of the Tamar Pact's territory.[2]


Succession Wars[edit]

By 3025, the Trellshire Province had lost many of its worlds to the predations of the Draconis Combine and its location so far from Tharkad and so close to the Periphery meant that its people had developed a sense of political independence from the Commonwealth's central government. Despite this, the citizens of the Trellshire Province remained strong supporters of the Commonwealth and held a fierce desire to reclaim those worlds lost to the Combine, contributing numerous operatives to the Lyran Intelligence Corps in order to subvert the Combine without resorting to open warfare.[1]

Systems of Note[edit]





Noble Ruler: Duchess Yvonne Killa

Political Leader: Speaker Kirk Jalson[2]



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