Plasma Cannon

Plasma Cannon
Production information
Type Energy (Direct Fire, Heat-Inducing, Anti-Infantry)
Tech Base Clan
Year Availability 3069[1]
Technical specifications
Heat 7
Damage Special
Minimum Range 0
Short Range 1-6
Medium Range 7-12
Long Range 13-18
Tons 3
Critical Slots 1
Ammo Per Ton 10
Cost (unloaded) 320,000
Ammo Cost (per ton) 12,000
BV (1.0) N/A
BV (2.0) 170

The Plasma Cannon is a Clan-tech energy weapon that affects its target primarily through the transfer of heat. It is essentially a more advanced Flamer, firing superheated material in a state similar to that found in fusion reactions and solar flares. Unlike most energy weapons other than chemical lasers, the Plasma Cannon does require ammo, in the form of plastic cartridges used to generate its projectiles.


The Plasma Cannon was developed by Clan Diamond Shark based on the man-portable plasma rifle of the Capellan Confederation. Like the Capellan version, the Plasma Cannon uses lasers to super-heat a plastic foam into a volatile "plasma" state which is then launched at a target by magnetic acceleration. Unlike the Capellan version, the Clan Scientists focused exclusively on heat generation, making the Plasma Cannon cause nearly twice as much heat damage on the target.

The only damage mechanism of this weapon is thermal transfer; the weapon causes serious burns, and often immediate death to living creatures, and melts or evaporates other materials. The Plasma Cannon does not have a significant kinetic energy component, that is to say the projectile is not launched with enough force to cause secondary impact damage.


Brand Used by Company Reference
Zeta-series X Plasma Cannon Shadow Hawk IIC 5 [2]
Rho-series Plasma Cannon Ursus 2 [3]
Zeta-series X Plasma Cannon Night Wolf [4]
Zeta-series X Plasma Cannon Warhammer IIC 8
Ha Otoko 2

Game Rules[edit]

The Plasma Cannon deals anywhere from 2-12 points of heat or 3-18 points of damage, depending on the unit it strikes:

Unit Heat Damage
Unarmored Infantry None 3D6
Mechanized Infantry None 3D6
Battle Armor None 3D6
DropShip 2D6 None
JumpShip 2D6 None
AeroSpace Fighter 2D6 None
BattleMech 2D6 None
ProtoMech None 3D6
Vehicle None 3D6


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