Huitzilopochtli Assault Tank
Production information
Manufacturer Various
Production Year 2845[1]
Mission Fire Support
Type Tracked
Cost 3,733,454 C-bills
Technical specifications
Tech Base Clan
Mass 85
Armor Forging ZK11
Engine 170-rated internal combustion engine
Speed 32 km/h
Crew 6
Communications System TJ6 "Bell" Integrated
Targeting Tracking System Series VI TTS
Heat Sinks 10 single
BV (1.0) 769[2]
BV (2.0) 1,021[3][4]


The Huitzilopochtli, often referred to as the "Huey," is a Clan combat vehicle that was created as a mobile artillery platform. Kerensky's exiles brought few such vehicles with them, and most of the ones they did bring were destroyed during the Pentagon Civil War, so ilKhan Nicholas Kerensky authorized production of a design based on the Star League Defense Force's Padilla. The Clan disdain for both artillery and combat vehicles led the Huitzilopochtli to be built around an internal combustion engine, which can only propel it to 32 km/h. It is so slow that it is often moved by DropShip, prompting a questioning of what its designers considered "mobile artillery." Designers also skimped on armor protection, with a mere five and a half tons considered adequate for a unit that should be kilometers away from the battle. The Huey was again snubbed with the usage of standard armor, though an ECM Suite makes it difficult to locate and protects it from enemy electronics.[3]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The reason for the Huitzilopochtli's existence is its pair of Arrow IV launchers. Four tons of ammunition allow it to vary the types of ammo it carries. In case the slow tank finds itself in a position to be fired on by traditional weapons, it can return fire in kind. A Type 31 Ultra Autocannon/5 has decent range, but two Kolibri Omega Series Medium Pulse Lasers are very accurate. A Series 1 ER Small Laser is also included, and all the lasers are mounted in the Huey's turret. Its defense against infantry, two Series IX Machine Guns, protect the sides of the vehicle, with one on each.[3]


  • AAA 
    The Anti-Aircraft version of the Huey was introduced during the Jihad era. The vehicle's Ultra autocannon and lasers were dropped in favor of pair of Class 20 Hyper-Assault Cannons. The guns mounted in the turret have been given 24 rounds of ammunition. The vehicle's artillery ammunition has been increased by 10 rounds giving a total of 15 rounds of Homing and standard Arrow VI missiles. The vehicle's internal combustion engine has been replaced by a fuel cell engine. BV (2.0) = 1,343[5]
  • Streak 
    This variant also uses Hardened Armor, but its missiles have been upgraded to use Streak technology.[6]



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