Master Unit List: Battle Values

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Master Unit List: Battle Values
Product information
Type Game supplement (PDF)
Development Joel Bancroft-Connors
Pages 208
Cover Artwork Franz Vohwinkel
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Product code CAT 35ML01A
First published 2011
Era Jihad era
Dark Age era
Series Master Unit List


Master Unit List: Battle Value is a free Web-Exclusive PDF product used to provide players with specific information on units used in the BattleTech universe. A result of the MUL project, it lists Battle Value (2.0), Faction and Era Availability (Only Jihad or Dark Age eras), Technology level, and ruleset for a vast number of individual boardgame units.

The developers chose a "quality over quantity" approach for this product. While the actual MUL is a much larger project, the Master Unit List: Battle Value publication covers only those units for which official record sheets already exist (as opposed to numerous units for which only incomplete information is available, and sometimes only a name). It was stated that creating a record sheet was an integral step for checking a given unit's rules compliance and to recalculate its BV 2.0.

Product Write-Up[edit]

Is the WHM-6D's BV higher or lower than the MAD-6D? Is the Kopis a heavy or assault battle armor suit? What the heck is a Garm?

The Battle Value list is the first installment in the long awaited Master Unit List BattleTech game aids. With this product you will have a complete list of all units with a Battle Value, their tonnage, the era they were introduced and the factions who have access to them in the Jihad and Early Dark Age. The comprehensive game aid for building a BattleTech force and official BattleTech Tournament BV reference guide.


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