Production information
Manufacturer Wakazashi Enterprises
Production Year 3138[1]
Model KOS-1A
Class Heavy aerospace fighter
Tech Base Inner Sphere Advanced
Technical specifications
Mass 95 tons
Structural Integrity 9
Frame Wakazashi IX
Power Plant GM 380 XL engine
Armor Naketsu Nagareboshi Reflective
Fuel 5 Tons
Communications System Duotech 250 with Angel ECM suite
Tracking & Targeting System Eagle Eye 430 XX with Apollo FCS
Heat Sinks 21 double heat sinks
BV (2.0) 2,877[2][3][4]


Described as a brutal weapon, the Koroshiya is an advanced Draconis Combine heavy aerospace fighter designed by Wakazashi Enterprises of Chatham during the middle of the thirty-second century. Entering production in 3138, the Koroshiya is intended to be an effective if not blunt and durable fighter. The fighter is intended for assault missions and, when used in a squadron formation, is effective in the anti-DropShip role as well.[5]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The Koroshiya's design was engineered to take severe punishment, utilizing 18.5 tons of Naketsu Nagareboshi reflective armor to protect its hull. With this protection the fighter can endure considerable amounts of enemy fire despite the specialized nature of its armor type. Enhancing its defensive measures is an advanced Angel ECM suite.

Designed not unlike the Lyran's Eisensturm heavy fighter, the Koroshiya relies on its big guns to fulfil its mission objectives. Its weaponry comes in the form of a pair of Lord’s Light 3 heavy PPCs and an Apollo FCS-guided MRM-40 launcher found in the craft's heavily-armored nose. The launcher is supplied with two tons of ammunition to allow it to fire 12 volleys' worth of the missiles.[6]


There are currently no known Koroshiya variants.

Design Quirks[edit]

The Koroshiya has the following Design Quirks:



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