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Arc-Royal MechWorks is a BattleMech manufacturer on Arc-Royal for the Kell Hounds mercenary unit.


Like many minor 'Mech repair facilities, the Arc-Royal MechWorks, known as "Eire MechWorks of Arc-Royal" or "Eire BattleMech Company of Arc-Royal" until the late 3050s, benefited from the return and increasing availability of Lostech to become a full BattleMech manufacturer, giving the Kell Hounds mercenary unit a level of self-sufficiency comparable to that enjoyed by Wolf's Dragoons.[1] The factory also benefited from the residence of Clan Wolf-in-Exile on Arc-Royal. Trade arrangements between the planet's Inner Sphere and Clan facilities ensured the supply of components that the other lacked. Most notably, Arc-Royal MechWorks receives Inner Sphere–grade Endo Steel from the Wolves-in-Exile mobile orbital factories.[2]

Unlike most Lyran arms manufacturers, such as Defiance Industries or Coventry Metal Works, Arc-Royal MechWorks is a private holding of House Kell rather than being publicly traded.[2]

During the Jihad, the factory lost 40% of its personnel and infrastructure. By 3079 it was producing at 80% of its pre-Jihad output.[3] Apparently, the Verfolger line was among the 20% that was not repaired in 3079 as it was not listed among the models in production.[4]

The fate of Arc-Royal MechWorks following the planet's capture and subsequent orbital bombardment by Clan Jade Falcon is currently unknown.


In 3067, the company's CEO was Clovis Holstein.[2]


Arc-Royal MechWorks has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


Components produced on Arc-Royal:[4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13]
Component Type
Battle Armor
Nighthawk Mk. XXI PA(L)[14] Scout battle armor
Cuchulainn Support Armor[15] Heavy battle armor
Fensalir Combat WiGE[7] WiGE
MLR-B2 Mjolnir[5] Light BattleMech
WLF-2H Wolfhound[10] Light BattleMech
WLF-2X Wolfhound[16] Light BattleMech - (Experimental)
WLF-5 Wolfhound[6] Light BattleMech
MON-266 Mongoose II[17] Medium BattleMech
MGL-T1 Mongrel[13] Medium BattleMech - (Mixed Technology)
HOP-4X Hoplite[18] Medium BattleMech - (Experimental)
Ursus II[19] Medium BattleMech - (Clan) (Since 3078)
GHR-7P Grasshopper[9] Heavy BattleMech
GHR-7X Grasshopper[20] Heavy BattleMech - (Experimental)
VR5-R Verfolger[21] Heavy BattleMech
MNL-3L Mangonel[8] Heavy BattleMech
ANH-2A Annihilator[4] Assault BattleMech
ANH-2AX Annihilator[22] Assault BattleMech - (Experimental)
Imp[4] Assault BattleMech
Schwerer Gustav[23] Assault BattleMech - (Experimental)
Thunder Stallion 4[24] Assault BattleMech
Viking IIC[12] Assault BattleMech
Arctic Fox[25][4] Light OmniMech
Battle Cobra[4] Medium OmniMech
Bandit Mk. II[11] Hovercraft
AR-3 Endo Steel Arctic Fox[25]
AR-6b Endo Steel Verfolger[21]
AR-7b Endo Steel Mangonel[8]
AR-7m Mjolnir[5]
Arc Royal z33/8 GHR-7P Grasshopper[9]
Arc-Royal KH/3b Endo Steel WLF-2H Wolfhound[10]
Arc-Royal KH/3b Lite WLF-5 Wolfhound[6]
Beowulf 5C Mongrel[13]
GC Type 2C Endo Steel Viking IIC[12]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
Durallex Medium WLF-2H Wolfhound,[10] WLF-5 Wolfhound[6]
Durallex Heavy GHR-7P Grasshopper[9]
GC Hardened Slab with CASE II Viking IIC[12]
Royal-7 standard armor Arctic Fox,[25] Verfolger,[21] Ursus II[19]
Starshield Mongoose II[17]
Ferro-fibrous Armor
Johnston Duraweave 8000 Ferro-fibrous Fensalir[7]
Paulina Ferro-fibrous Mjolnir[5]
Royal-7 Ferro-fibrous Mangonel[8]
Armor - HFF - BattleMechs & Vehicles
Royal-9 Special Heavy Ferro-fibrous with CASE Bandit Mk. II[11]
Reactive Armor
Royal-7R Mongrel[13]
Fusion Engine
GM 150 Mjolnir[5]
GM 270 Viking IIC[12]
VOX 215 Bandit Mk. II[11]
Light Fusion Engine
Magna 350 Light Mangonel[8]
VOX 280 Light GHR-7P Grasshopper[9]
Extralight Fusion Engine
VOX 325 XL Verfolger[21]
Firebox 200 XL Ursus II[19]
GM 180 XL Arctic Fox[25]
GM 210 XL WLF-2H Wolfhound[10]
GM 245 XL WLF-5 Wolfhound[6]
Hermes 260 XL Fensalir[7]
Magna-C 350 XL Mongrel[13]
Pitban 320 XL Mongoose II[17]
Jump Jets
Luxor 2/Q Mjolnir[5]
Improved Jump Jets
Leaper Model L5 Ursus II[19]
Leviathan Enhanced Lifters GHR-7P Grasshopper[9]
Communications System
Dalban StarLink II Bandit Mk. II[11]
K-9 Arctic Fox,[25] Verfolger[21]
K9-C GHR-7P Grasshopper[9]
Garret T10B with ECM Suite Ursus II[19]
K9 Comms System Mangonel[8]
Nashan Comm-i U-284 Mongoose II[17]
Nashan Optichat Fensalir[7]
O/P COM-22/H47 Mjolnir,[5] WLF-5 Wolfhound,[6] WLF-2H Wolfhound[10]
O/P COM-22/H47 Targeting Mongrel[13]
Targeting-Tracking System
Digital Scanlok 347 Mjolnir,[5] WLF-5 Wolfhound,[6] WLF-2H Wolfhound,[10] Mongrel[13]
Garret E5a Bandit Mk. II[11]
GC MultiTrac System Type 6 Viking IIC[12]
Nashan Trac V-102 Mongoose II[17]
RCA Instatrac Mark VI with Artemis IV FCS Ursus II[19]
T-800 Series 5 Fensalir[7]
Type IV Bloodhound Arctic Fox,[25] Verfolger,[21] GHR-7P Grasshopper[9]
Type V Bloodhound Mangonel[8]
ER Small Laser
Diverse Optics WLF-2H Wolfhound[10]
ER Micro Laser
Mustang 4.5 Viking IIC[12]
ER Medium Laser
Diverse Optics Mangonel[8]
RAMTech 1500Z GHR-7P Grasshopper,[9] WLF-2H Wolfhound[10]
Series 2f Mongrel[13]
Medium Variable Speed Pulse Laser
Incinerator Bandit Mk. II[11]
Heavy PPC
Magna Supernova with PPC Capacitor WLF-2H Wolfhound[10]
Large X-Pulse Laser
Maxell X-pulsion GHR-7P Grasshopper[9]
GM Whirlwind Mongrel[13]
Light Gauss Rifle
Corean Light Mangonel[8]
Type XVI Viking IIC[12]
Type XX "Great Bow" Viking IIC[12]
Machine Gun
Coventry Light Autoguns Bandit Mk. II[11]
Series IX Viking IIC[12]


  • There are ambiguous references that seem to indicate that the Eire BattleMech Company of Arc-Royal used to build BattleMechs; in particular, in the short story Vanish Morgan Kell recalls watching BattleMechs walking off the line in his youth. Line Developer Herbert A. Beas II clarified in a canonical ruling[26] that Eire just produced "parts of nondescript use, but vital to maintaining operational 'Mech units", and that Morgan Kell just saw 'Mechs refurbished with parts walk from the site. No manufacture of full 'Mechs began on Arc-Royal until later.


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