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Coventry Metal Works

Coventry Metal Works
Coventry metal works.jpg
Corporation Profile
AffiliationLyran Commonwealth
Previous Name(s)Coventry Defense Conglomerate[1]
HeadquartersPort St. William
(Coventry III)[2]

The second-largest BattleMech manufacturer in the Lyran Commonwealth/Lyran Alliance, Coventry Metal Works was one of the leading 'Mech manufacturers in the Inner Sphere.


In the same class as Defiance Industries, Coventry Metal Works was more than a major 'Mech producer. Coventry is also known for its superior missile systems, which are fitted on vehicles produced by many other Alliance firms.[3]

Unlike Defiance Industries which focuses primarily on the heavy and assault designs much loved by the LCAF hierarchy, Coventry has generally produced light and medium designs. One area that Coventry is ahead of Defiance in is the production of OmniMechs. Stemming from a seemingly dubious offer of a manufacturing license to the niche Firestarter to Luthien Armor Works during the Clan Invasion, Coventry received the Omni version in return. Using this as a basis, Coventry has signed agreements to produce other Draconis Combine OmniMech designs as well utilizing their experience in building them to produce the first homegrown Lyran OmniMech, the Hauptmann.[2]


Coventry Defense Conglomerate was one of the Commonwealth's original two BattleMech factories,[4] producing copies of the Terran Hegemony's Mackie. The company soon branched out into producing their own designs, such as the Ymir,[5] and the design that would eventually become its flagship, the Commando.[6] In 2461, Coventry Metal Works (then still using its original name, Coventry Defense Conglomerate)[6] was the site of a Draconis Combine raid that secured the designs for BattleMechs, giving House Kurita the technology that for a brief period of time was giving House Steiner a great advantage in combat.[7][8]

By 2765, the company had adopted its modern name, Coventry Metal Works.[9]

In early 3068, Coventry's production lines were overrun by the Word of Blake. The Blakists used these captured production lines to outfit their troops, halting all sales to the Lyran government. The equipment the Word confiscated was never paid for, and CMW burned through their available financial reserves to keep the company afloat. Not satisfied with this result, the Blakists inflicted serious damage on the construction facilities when they withdrew from Coventry, leading CMW to spend more money to make repairs. This massive debt has left CMW in a very tenuous position financially. As of 3077, executives are considering shutting down production of less popular 'Mechs to focus on more popular models.[10]

During the Jihad the main plant lost 45% of its personnel and equipment. In 3079, the plant was only 75% as productive as its pre-Jihad level.[11] Most of the damage occurred to the production lines for heavy and assault 'Mechs, which Coventry feared would reduce its influence with the LCAF High Command. In addition, the Hollander and Hussar production lines were apparently shut down, while the Dart line's output was earmarked for export to the Federated Suns.[12]


Coventry Metal Works has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


Note: The Ymir production line was discontinued in 2648.[13]

Components produced on Coventry:[12][13][14][15][16][17][18][19][20][21][22][23][24][25][26][27][28][29][30]
Component Type
CPK-6 Copper[12][14] Light BattleMech
COM-2D Commando[12][17][31] Light BattleMech
COM-5S Commando[12][15] Light BattleMech
COM-9S Commando[32] Light BattleMech
DRT-3S Dart[12][18] Light BattleMech
FS9-H Firestarter[31] Light BattleMech
FS9-S Firestarter[15] Light BattleMech
FS9-M Firestarter[33] Light BattleMech
FS9-M2 Firestarter[16] Light BattleMech
HSR-200D Hussar[20] Light BattleMech
HSR-400D Hussar[20] Light BattleMech
HSR-950D Hussar[20] Light BattleMech
BZK-F3 Hollander[21] Light BattleMech
SCB-9A Scarabus[12][19] Light BattleMech
STO-4A Stiletto[12][22] Light BattleMech
STO-6S Stiletto[23] Light BattleMech
STO-6X Stiletto[34] Light BattleMech
STG-3R Stinger[12][15][31] Light BattleMech
STM-3R Storm Raider[30] Light BattleMech
EFT-2 Eisenfaust[35] Medium BattleMech
BZK-F5 Hollander II[21] Medium BattleMech
BZK-F7 Hollander II[21] Medium BattleMech
VL-2T Vulcan[12][31] Medium BattleMech
VL-5S Vulcan[12][15] Medium BattleMech
VL-7T Vulcan[36] Medium BattleMech
PXH-1 Phoenix Hawk[12][31] Medium BattleMech
PXH-3S Phoenix Hawk[12][15] Medium BattleMech
BTZ-3F Blitzkrieg[12][24] Medium BattleMech
HBK-4 Hunchback[12] Medium BattleMech
HBK-7S Hunchback[25] Medium BattleMech
AL-A1 Álfar[37] Medium BattleMech
BWP-2B Ymir[13] Assault BattleMech
FS9-0 Firestarter[12][26] Medium OmniMech
GTL-1O Gauntlet[27] Medium OmniMech
BHKU-0 Black Hawk-KU[28] Heavy OmniMech
HA1-0 Hauptmann[29] Assault OmniMech
Regent[38] Assault OmniMech
Alshain 52 Endo Steel Black Hawk-KU[28]
Benztrov 40 Hussar[20]
BPX-1 Ymir[13]
Coventry Metal Works Commando 2D[17]
Coventry BTZ-VII Blitzkrieg[24]
Coventry BZK-III Hollander[21]
Coventry GTL-Flex Endo Steel Gauntlet[27]
Coventry Metal Works Model D-3 Dart[18]
Coventry Peacekeeper Series Copper[14]
Foundation Ultralight Endo-Steel Commando,[15]Firestarter,[15] and FS9-M2 Firestarter[16]
Foundation Reinforced Endo Steel Firestarter Omni[26]
Mather Tech 500 Vulcan[15]
Mather Tech 750 STO-4A Stiletto[22] and Storm Raider[30]
MatherTech 750-E Endo Steel STO-6S Stiletto[23]
Orgus Phoenix Hawk Endo-Steel Phoenix Hawk[15]
Small Bug-B Scarabus[19]
Fuel cell
Coventry Hybrid 100 Copper[14]
Fusion Engine
285 Standard Hauptmann[29]
Coventry Motor 360 Ymir[13]
GM 120 Stinger[15]
GM 150 Commando 2D[17]
GM 270 Regent[39]
GM 270 w/ MASC Phoenix Hawk[15]
Omni 150 Commando[15]
Omni 175 Hollander[21]
Omni 210 Firestarter[15] and FS9-M2 Firestarter[16]
Omni 245 STO-6S Stiletto[23]
VOX 225 Dart[18]
Light Fusion Engine
Defiance 275 Light Gauntlet[27]
Extralight Fusion Engine
GM 210 XL Storm Raider[30]
GM 270 XL Hussar[20] and Firestarter Omni[26]
Magna 350 XL Blitzkrieg[24]
Vlar 300 XL Scarabus[19] and Black Hawk-KU[28]
VOX 280 XL STO-4A Stiletto[22]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
CDC Combat Alloy 4X Ymir[13]
Durallex Nova Firestarter Omni[26] and FS9-M2 Firestarter[16]
Lexington Limited Copper, Commando, and Dart[14][17][18]
Lexington Limited Medium Grade Storm Raider[30]
Mitchel Argon Standard Black Hawk-KU[28]
Riese-100 Stinger[15]
Royal-7R Reactive Storm Raider[30]
Ferro-fibrous Armor
Lexington Ltd. High Grade Commando,[15]Vulcan,[15]Hussar,[20] STO-4A Stiletto,[22] STO-6S Stiletto,[23]Blitzkrieg,[24] and Hollander[21]
Valiant Gauntlet Scarabus[19]
Armor - LFF - BattleMechs & Vehicles
Lexington Limited Light Ferro-Fibrous Gauntlet[27]
Communications System
CDC Triplex 14 Ymir[13]
Cyclops P7 Dispatcher Copper[14]
Cyclops 12 Stinger[15] and Storm Raider[30]
Cyclops 14 FS9-M2 Firestarter[16]
Cyclops 14 w/Guardian ECM Suite Commando,[15]Firestarter,[15]Dart,[18] STO-4A Stiletto[22] and only the STO-6S Stiletto variant uses the Guardian ECM Suite system[23]
Cyclops 18XS Adaptable Firestarter Omni[26]
Cyclops 20 Vulcan[15] and Phoenix Hawk[15]
Cyclops 24XS Adaptable Gauntlet[27]
Field Ranger Sightseer Hussar[20]
Sipher CommSys 4b Black Hawk-KU[28]
TharHes Crystal Flower RG-2 Commando 2D[17]
TharHes Muse 54-58S Blitzkrieg[24] and Hollander[21]
TharHes Star Shark Commando[17]
Wilson Silicon Siren Scarabus[19]
Targeting-Tracking System
Cyclops w/Bloodhound Probe STO-6S Stiletto[23]
Cyclops Special Limited Firestarter Omni[26]
Cyclops 9 Stinger,[15]Hollander,[21] FS9-M2 Firestarter,[16] and Storm Raider[30]
Cyclops 9b Blitzkrieg[24]
Cyclops 8B Urban Trak Copper[14]
Cyclops Multi-Tasker 10 w/Artemis IV Commando[15] and Dart[18]
Cyclops Special Limited Gauntlet[27]
Locator C100 Ymir[13]
Ranger LAF Model 2 Hussar[20]
Matabushi Sentinel Plus Black Hawk-KU[28]
Winston Coral Snake w/CherrySeed Bullseye TAG Scarabus[19]
Beagle Active Probe
Cyclops Beagle Vulcan,[15]Phoenix Hawk,[15] and STO-4A Stiletto[22]
Jump Jets
Chilton 360 Firestarter[15] and Vulcan[15]
Icarus Standard Black Hawk-KU[28]
Luxor Load Lifters Firestarter,[15]Firestarter Omni,[26] FS9-M2 Firestarter,[16]Vulcan[15]
Rotary AC/2
Thor 40mm Storm Raider[30]
Medium Laser
ER Medium Laser
Defiance Model XII FS9-M2 Firestarter[16] and STO-6S Stiletto[23]
Hotshot Firestarter[15]
Shipped to Hesperus II for Patton and to Gienah for Packrat[15] and FS9-M2 Firestarter[16]
Machine Gun
Coventry Light Autogun Stinger,[15]Phoenix Hawk,[15] and Copper[14]
Anti-Missile System
SureFire 444 Firestarter[15] and Phoenix Hawk[15]
Shipped to Oliver for Crusader[15]
Coventry Five-Tube Shipped to Hesperus II for Rommel and Patton[citation needed]
Coventry StarLight [citation needed]
Coventry Star Fire Shipped to Hesperus II for Archer and Zeus[citation needed]
Coventry 90 mm Commando[15]
Coventry Twin Tube Copper[14]
Streak SRM-2
Coventry T4H Commando[15] and STO-4A Stiletto[22]
Shipped to Oliver for Crusader[15]; to Hesperus II for Archer and Atlas[15]; to Furillo for Locust[15]; to Sudeten for Warhammer;[15] and to Donegal for Lucifer[15]
Coventry Blade II [citation needed]


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