Luthien Armor Works

Luthien Armor Works
Corporation Profile
Founding Year2461[1]
AffiliationDraconis Combine
Previous Name(s)New Samarkand Armor Works[1]
Manufacturing Plant(s)

Luthien Armor Works was the biggest corporate conglomerate within the Draconis Combine.[3]


Luthien Armor Works was originally founded as New Samarkand Armor Works, a highly secret division of New Samarkand Metals. This new division was established in 2461 at the orders of Kozo Von Rohrs, the highly paranoid Coordinator of the Combine at the time, and was given responsibility for developing the first Combine BattleMech after a recent raid had enabled the Combine to acquire this coveted technology. Coordinator Von Rohrs also used his newly established Draconis Elite Strike Teams to keep a very close watch on NSAW as they developed the Gladiator BattleMech. Such was the secrecy surrounding the project—and the scrutiny under which the project was kept—that it would take until 2468 for the first iteration of the Gladiator to reach full production. The Gladiator fell out of favor rapidly after a disastrous battle between DCMS and LCAF forces on Nox in 2475, but NSAW would continue to grow despite the Gladiator production lines closing down by 2488.[1]

When the capital of the Draconis Combine was moved from New Samarkand to Luthien, New Samarkand Armor Works moved en masse to the new capital and became Luthien Armor Works (LAW).[1] LAW would become the largest BattleMech producer in the Draconis Combine.[4] In 3025, LAW's best engineers designed a Dragon variant: the Grand Dragon. Although it had yet to see action, the Grand Dragon promised to be a fearsome opponent.[5]

At the start of the Jihad, three nuclear warheads were detonated inside the LAW OmniMech facility, destroying it completely. The EMP and radioactive fallout rippled through the other LAW facilities, inflicting massive damage. The corporation's headquarters tower collapsed as a result of this strike.[2] While many believed that this was the work of the Word of Blake,[6][7] the actual perpetrators were members of the Black Dragon Society, who detonated three nuclear devices built into the heart of the LAW facility as a final failsafe to insure that invading forces would never capture the plant intact.[8][9]

Luthien Armor Works started to recover after making some drastic cutbacks. It was reported in 3070 that LAW had managed to avoid complete financial collapse by opening several new manufacturing facilities and releasing additional manufacturing licenses to various partner companies. LAW was also rumored to be attempting to stabilize itself in the medium term by entering into partnerships with companies dealing in transportation and shipping throughout the Pesht Military District.[10] However, in 3074 the Internal Security Force exposed CEO Hoek Botterfield as a member of the Black Dragon Society, and he was executed on Benjamin.[2] During the Jihad, upper management of LAW hired Gannon's Cannons to escort a team of engineers to survey the damage. This found them put in the crossfire between several Word of Blake and Black Dragon units.[11]

Most of Luthien Armor Works's facilities on Luthien and Dieron were destroyed by the Word of Blake. The resources that would formerly have gone to LAW factories were then redirected to new companies. The amount of time and effort required to rebuild these facilities would have absorbed massive amounts of capital,[12] and as a result, LAW started focusing its efforts on the production lines at Abiy Adi, Nykvarn, Savinsville, and New Samarkand. These lines came through the Jihad relatively intact.[13] The Combine government tacitly approved LAW hiring the Kouki no Otakebi mercenary unit to garrison those facilities LAW had or were constructing near the Outworlds Alliance border.[14]

When Clan Nova Cat settled in the Combine, Luthien Armor Works partnered with them to introduce Clan designs. These partnerships were usually authorized (as in LAW-Barcella), but the Mualang Alpha plant was not.[15]

By the thirty-second century, production line on Luthien would be restored producing new designs, including least one OmniMech design.[16]


Luthien Armor Works has manufacturing centers on the following planets:

Abiy Adi[edit]

The plant was completed after the main LAW facilities were destroyed early in the Jihad.[17][18] During the Jihad, the facility on Abiy Adi suffered no losses of capital or personnel, and had a full production volume of 100% in 3079.[13]

Components produced on Abiy Adi:[19][17]
Component Type
JR7-C2 Jenner[19][18] Light BattleMech
JR7-K Jenner[19] Light BattleMech
WFT-1 Wolf Trap[17][18] Medium BattleMech
WFT-2 Wolf Trap[17][18] Medium BattleMech
Alshain Class 48 Jenner JR7-K[19]
Alshain Class 580 Endo Steel Wolf Trap[17]
Fusion Engine
Magna 245 Jenner JR7-K[19]
Extralight Fusion Engine
Hermes 270 XL Wolf Trap[17]
Jump Jets
Lexington Ltd. Lifters Jenner JR7-K[19]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
Durallex Special Medium w/CASE Wolf Trap[17]
Ferro-fibrous Armor
New Samarkand Royal ferro-fibrous w/CASE Jenner JR7-K[19]
Communications System
Sipher Security Plus Jenner JR7-K[19]
Sipher Security Plus 2 Wolf Trap[17]
Targeting-Tracking System
Eagle Eye 400 XX Wolf Trap[17]
Matabushi Sentinel Jenner JR7-K[19]
LB 10-X AC
Imperator Code Red Wolf Trap[17]
Medium Laser
Victory 23R Jenner JR7-K[19] & Wolf Trap[17]
Shigunga Wolf Trap[17]
Telos Jenner JR7-K[19]


Components produced on Dieron:
Component Type
Grand Dragon[3] Heavy BattleMech


Components produced on Hyner:[20]
Component Type
SM2 Heavy Artillery Vehicle[20] Tracked Vehicles
Internal Combustion Engine
225 SM2[20]
Ferro-fibrous Armor
Alpha Compound ferro-fibrous SM2[20]
Communications System
Sony ABC-14 SM2[20]
Targeting-Tracking System
Neko Megane 9 SM2[20]
Sniper Artillery Piece
Type S3 SM2[20]
Heavy Machine Gun
Series XIV SM2[20]


Components produced on Irece:[21][22][23]
Component Type
SM1 Tank Destroyer[21][23] Hovercraft
SM1 Telos Hovercraft
Svantovit Infantry Fighting Vehicle[23] Hovercraft
Fusion Engine
165 Standard SM1 Tank Destroyer[21]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
Advanced Compound Beta SM1 Tank Destroyer[21]
Communications System
Unit 2J2 "Basher" SM1 Tank Destroyer[21]
Targeting-Tracking System
Able-Seven Sensor Suite SM1 Tank Destroyer[21]
Ultra AC/20
Type 10 SM1 Tank Destroyer[21]
Light Machine Gun
Series 2C SM1 Tank Destroyer[21]


Note: These lines were destroyed during the Jihad. Items produced on these production lines would not available after 3072.[12][clarification needed] However, by the thirty-second century, LAW would regain its building capacities once again.[24]

Components produced on Luthien:[4][25][26][27][28][29][30][31][32][33][34][35][36][37][38][39][40][41][42][43]
Component Type
Battle Armor
Kage[25] Light battle armor
Kanazuchi[26] Assault battle armor
Oni[27] Medium battle armor
Raiden[3] Medium battle armor
JR7-D Jenner[28] Light BattleMech
JR7-F Jenner[28] Light BattleMech
JR7-K Jenner[4] Light BattleMech
RK-4T Rokurokubi[29] Light BattleMech
DMO-1K Daimyo[30] Medium BattleMech
DMO-2K Daimyo[30] Medium BattleMech
DMO-4K Daimyo[30] Medium BattleMech
DMO-5K Daimyo[30] Medium BattleMech
KIM-2 Komodo[31] Medium BattleMech
KIM-2C Komodo[31] Medium BattleMech
KIM-3C Komodo[31] Medium BattleMech
WFT-1 Wolf Trap[4] Medium BattleMech
DRG-1N Dragon[32] Heavy BattleMech
DRG-1G Dragon[32] Heavy BattleMech
DRG-5K Grand Dragon[4] Heavy BattleMech
LNC25-02 Lancelot[33] Heavy BattleMech
QKD-4G Quickdraw[34] Heavy BattleMech
QKD-5K Quickdraw[35] Heavy BattleMech
QKD-5M Quickdraw[4] Heavy BattleMech
DAI-01 Daikyu[36] Heavy BattleMech
DAI-02 Daikyu[36] Heavy BattleMech
DAI-03 Daikyu[36] Heavy BattleMech
SH-1V Shiro[37] Heavy BattleMech
SH-2P Shiro[37] Heavy BattleMech
CGR-1A1 Charger[38] Assault BattleMech
CGR-3K Charger[4][39] Assault BattleMech
HTM-26T Hatamoto-Chi[40] Assault BattleMech
OBK-M10 O-Bakemono[41] Assault BattleMech
OBK-M11 O-Bakemono[41] Assault BattleMech
OBK-M12 O-Bakemono[41] Assault BattleMech
MAL-1R Mauler[4][42] Assault BattleMech
AVL-1O Avalanche[43] Medium OmniMech (Produced by 3130s)
TN-10-O Tenshi[24] Assault OmniMech (as of 3103)[44]
Alshain DAI Daikyu[36]
Alshain Type 56-60H Dragon 1N[32] & Grand Dragon 5K[4]
Alshain Type 59-40M Daimyo 1K[30]
Alshain Type Chi Komodo KIM-2[31]
Alshain Class 48 Jenner 7K[4]
Alshain Class 92 Charger 3K[4][39]
Alshain Class 92b O-Bakemono M10[41]
Alshain 101 Mauler 1R[4][42]
Alshain Class 580 Endo Steel Wolf Trap[4]
Diplan Scout-A Jenner JR7-D[28]
Earthwerks VOL Hatamoto-Chi[40]
LAW LNC25-02 Lancelot[33]
Luthien Class 105A Tenshi[24]
Luthien Class 41 Rokurokubi[29]
Luthien Class 74-77 Endo Steel Shiro[37]
Luthien Class M Endo Steel Avalanche[43]
Technicron Type E Quickdraw 5M[4] & Quickdraw 4G[34]
Wells 990 Charger 1A1[38]
Fusion Engine
Hermes 140 Shipped to Tok Do for Panther[4]
Hermes 250 Avalanche[43]
LTV 400 Charger 1A1[38]
Magna 245 Jenner 7K[4] & Jenner JR7-D[28]
Magna 300 Quickdraw 5M[4]
Nissan 200 Daimyo 1K[30]
Pitban 240 Lancelot[33]
Pitban 320 Hatamoto-Chi[40]
Vlar 300 Dragon 1N[32] & Quickdraw 4G[34]
Light Fusion Engine
Hermes 285 Light Tenshi[24]
Extralight Fusion Engine
Ford 375 XL Shiro[37]
Hermes 270 XL Wolf Trap & Mauler 1R[4][42]
Hermes 320 XL O-Bakemono M10[41]
Hermes 360 XL Grand Dragon 5K[4]
Hermes 400 XL Charger 3K[4][39]
LTV 400 XL ?? to 3068[citation needed]
Magna 245 XL Rokurokubi[29]
Magna 350 XL Daikyu[36]
VOX 225 XL Komodo KIM-2[31]
Jump Jets
Chilton 460 Quickdraw 5M[4] & Quickdraw 4G[34]
Icarus 81 Komodo KIM-2[31]
Icarus Standard Avalanche[43]
Lexington Ltd. Lifters Charger 3K[39]
Shipped to Quentin for Victor and to Tok Do for Panther[4]
Smithson Lifters Jenner JR7-D[28]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
Durallex Heavy Charger 1A1[38]
New Samarkand Teppeki Hardened Shiro[37] & Rokurokubi[29]
Mitchell Argon Hatamoto-Chi[40]
Mitchell Argon Standard Tenshi[24] & Avalanche[43]
Riese 475 Quickdraw 4G[34]
StarSlab-3 O-Bakemono M10[41]
Starshield Jenner JR7-D,[28] Dragon 1N[32] & Lancelot[33]
Starshield A w/CASE Daikyu[36]
Valiant Lamellor Komodo KIM-2[31]
Ferro-fibrous Armor
New Samarkand Royal ferro-fibrous w/CASE Charger 3K[39] & Mauler 1R[42]
Starshield ferro-fibrous Daimyo 1K[30]
Communications System
Boran Meta-Sygnus Plus Charger 3K[39]
Colmax 90 Hatamoto-Chi[40]
Dawson III Jenner JR7-D[28]
Garret T12E Quickdraw 4G[34]
Sipher Clarion Tenshi[24]
Sipher CommCon SCU-9 Avalanche[43]
Sipher CommSys 3 Dragon 1N[32]
Sipher CommSys 4 w/Guardian ECM Suite Shiro[37] & Rokurokubi has no Guardian ECM Suite[29]
Sipher KIT-4 Lancelot[33]
Sipher CommSys 4 Daimyo 1K[30]
Sipher Security Plus w/Guardian ECM Suit Komodo KIM-2,[31] Daikyu (not equipped with Guardian ECM)[36] & O-Bakemono M10 (not equipped with Guardian ECM)[41]
Sipher Security Plus MK. II Mauler 1R[42]
Tek BattleCom Charger 1A1[38]
Targeting-Tracking System
Bk-309 Jenner JR7-D[28]
Dalban Hirez Charger 1A1[38]
Delta Track w/Artemis IV FCS Charger 3K[39]
Dynatec 2180 Quickdraw 4G[34]
Eagle Eye SY10-10 Daimyo 1K[30] & Dragon 1N[32]
Eagle Eye 410 XX w/TAG Komodo KIM-2[31]
Garret D2j Hatamoto-Chi[40]
Hawkeye B3 Lancelot[33]
Matabushi Sentinel Daikyu[36] & O-Bakemono M10[41]
Matabushi Stalker Avalanche[43]
Matabushi SuperSentinel Mauler 1R[42]
Matabushi Tenbatsu Tenshi[24]
Neko Megane 7 Shiro[37] & Rokurokubi[29]
Small Laser
ChisComp 32 O-Bakemono M10[41]
Magna Mark I Charger 1A1[38]
Medium Laser
Argra 3L Jenner JR7-D[28]
Diverse Optics Type 20 Daikyu[36] & O-Bakemono M10[41]
Omicron 4000 Quickdraw 4G[34]
Victory 23R Daimyo 1K,[30] Komodo KIM-2,[31] Dragon 1N[32] & Lancelot[33]
ER Medium Laser
Victory Heartbeat Charger 3K[39]
Large Laser
Sunglow Lancelot[33]
ER Large Laser
Victory Nickel Alloy Mauler 1R[42]
Lord's Light Lancelot[33]
Tiegart Hatamoto-Chi[40]
Lord's Light 2 Daimyo 1K[30] & Daikyu[36]
Imperator Smoothie-2 Mauler 1R[42]
Imperator-A Dragon 1N[32]
Light AC/5
SarLon MiniCannon Rokurokubi[29]
Ultra AC/5
Imperator Ultra-5 Daikyu[36]
Imperator Shiro[37]
Arrow IV Artillery
Shigunga O-Bakemono M10[41]
Hovertec Quickdraw 4G[34]
Thunderstroke Jenner JR7-D[28]
Bical-6 Hatamoto-Chi[40]
Shannon SH-60 Daimyo 1K[30]
Delta Dart Quickdraw 4G[34]
Shigunga Wolf Trap
Shipped to Al Na'ir for Saracen and Proserpina for Manticore[4]
Shigunga C Type Shiro[37]
Telos DecaCluster Dragon 1N[32]
Shigunga Mauler 1R[4][42]
Shigunga Charger 3K[39]
Shipped to Al Na'ir and Quentin for Atlas and to Chatham for Shilone & Lucifer II[4]
Anti-Missile System
Yori Flyswatter Komodo KIM-2[31]

New Samarkand[edit]

Components produced on New Samarkand:[45][46][47][48]
Component Type
JR10-X Jenner[49] Light BattleMech (Prototype)
GLD-1R Gladiator (discontinued by 2488)[1] Medium BattleMech
GLD-2R Gladiator (discontinued by 2488)[1] Medium BattleMech
HKZ-1F Hitotsume Kozo (Began production by 3135)[48] Medium BattleMech
HKZ-1P Hitotsume Kozo (Began production by 3135)[48] Medium BattleMech
WFT-2B Wolf Trap[45] Medium BattleMech
WFT-2X Wolf Trap "Bear Trap"[50] Medium BattleMech
WVR-9W2 Wolverine[46] Medium BattleMech
BNZ-X Banzai[51] Assault BattleMech
DCMS-MX90-D Daboku[47] Assault BattleMech
MAL-1R Mauler[52] Assault BattleMech
MAL-3R Mauler[53] Assault BattleMech
Alshain Class 100-X Daboku[47]
Alshain Class 101 Mauler[52]
Alshain Class 580 Endo Steel Wolf Trap 2B[45]
Crucis-A Wolverine 9W2[46]
Luthien Class 52 Endo Steel Hitotsume Kozo[48]
Fusion Engine
Hermes 270 Daboku[47]
Extralight Fusion Engine
Hermes 270 XL Wolf Trap 2B[45] & Mauler 1R[52]
Shipped to Al Na'ir for Maxim
Hermes 330 XL Hitotsume Kozo[48]
Nissan 275 XL Wolverine 9W2[46]
Jump Jets
Northrup StarLifters M41s Wolverine 9W2[46]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
New Samarkand Teppeki Hardened Hitotsume Kozo[48]
Starshield A w/CASE Wolverine 9W2[46]
Wakazashi Standard Plate w/CASE Daboku[47]
Ferro-fibrous Armor
New Samarkand Royal ferro-fibrous Wolf Trap 2B[45]
Communications System
Garret T-11b w/Guardian ECM & C3 slave Wolverine 9W2[46]
Sipher CommSys 4 Hitotsume Kozo[48]
Sipher Security II Daboku[47]
Sipher Security Plus 2 Wolf Trap 2B[45]
Targeting-Tracking System
Cat's Eyes 5 w/Artemis IV Wolverine 9W2[46]
Eagle Eye 400 XX Wolf Trap 2B[45]
Matabushi Sentinel-4 Daboku[47]
Neko Megane 7 Hitotsume Kozo[48]
ER Small Laser
Diverse Optics Wolverine 9W2[46]
ER Medium Laser
Diverse Optics Wolverine 9W2[46]
Diverse Optics Type 20X Hitotsume Kozo[48]
Medium X-Pulse Laser
Diverse Optics Type 25PX Wolf Trap 2B[45]
Large Laser
Tronel VI-X Daboku[47]
Imperator Smoothie-2 Daboku[47]
Gauss Rifle
Imperator Dragon's Fire Wolf Trap 2B[45]
Light PPC
Lord's Light 4 Wolverine 9W2[46]
Heavy PPC
Lord's Light 3 Hitotsume Kozo[48]
Shigunga Wolverine 9W2[46]
Shigunga Mauler[52]


Note: During the Jihad, the facility on Nykvarn suffered no capital and personnel losses, and the operating capacity of the factory was at 90% in 3079.[13]

Components produced on Nykvarn:[54][55][56]
Component Type
DRG-5K Grand Dragon[54][56] Heavy BattleMech
DRG-9KC Grand Dragon[54] Heavy BattleMech
DRG-11K Dragon II[55] Heavy BattleMech
DRG-11R Dragon II[55] Heavy BattleMech
Ostroc[56] Heavy BattleMech (after 3075)[56]
Nykvarn Type 58-66SH Grand Dragon 5K[54] & Dragon II[55]
Fusion Engine
Magna 260 Dragon II[55]
Extralight Fusion Engine
Hermes 360 XL Grand Dragon 5K[54]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
Starshield w/CASE Grand Dragon 5K[54]
Ferro-fibrous Armor
Durallex Guardian II Light ferro-fibrous w/CASE II Dragon II[55]
Communications System
Sipher CommSys 3 Grand Dragon 5K[54] & Dragon II[55]
Targeting-Tracking System
Eagle Eye SY10-10 Grand Dragon 5K[54] & Dragon II[55]
Lord's Light 2 Grand Dragon 5K[54] & Dragon II[55]
Medium Laser
Victory 23R Grand Dragon 5K[54]
Medium X-Pulse Laser
Diverse Optics Type 25PX Dragon II[55]
Telos DecaCluster Grand Dragon 5K[54]
Arrow IV
Shigunga Dragon II[55]


Note: During the Jihad, the facility on Savinsville suffered no capital or personnel losses, and the operating capacity of the factory was at 75% in 3079.[13][27]

Components produced on Savinsville:
Component Type
Battle Armor
Oni[27] Light battle armor
Kanazuchi[57] Assault battle armor


  • Confirmation of the agents responsible for the destruction of the LAW facility in 3070 was made by one of the BattleTech line developers on the official Catalyst Game Labs forum:
Ahhh, now I remember. Those were supposed to be setups for the follow-up story to "Eye of the Beholder." Which I never got around to.

Suffice to say, the nukes were set off by the Black Dragons deep in the LAW-Luthien facility; it was a failsafe originally built into the complex as a last ditch "****** you" to any would-be conquerors.

The BDS set them off. The sequel story was supposed to show the Blakist ROM team actually catching wind of the plan and trying to stop the action, but failing at the last minute.

  — Ben "GhostBear" Rome, Assistant BattleTech Line Developer, 10 Oct 2013


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