Targeting-Tracking System

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This article is about the fire-control system of combat units. For the various infantry-portable devices, see Remote Sensor.


The Targeting-Tracking System (T&T), also known as Advanced Fire Control System (sometimes colloquially referred to as Sensors), is the system that provides sensory and targeting information for a combat unit. Introduced circa 2439,[1] all modern combat units (BattleMechs, Combat Vehicles, Aerospace Fighters, Battle Armor, etc.) include some form of T&T as part of their basic sensor suite.

On BattleMechs, the T&T incorporates a variety of sophisticated sensors with dedicated computers to process their data. Primary amongst these are thermal imaging, light amplification, radar and magnetic anomaly sensors. These are supplemented by secondary sensors, including motion detectors, chemical sniffers and others, all of which is interpreted and presented to the MechWarrior in an easy-to-understand format, whether on their cockpit displays or Neurohelmet's heads-up display. The T&T is capable of telling friend from foe and classifying other units, even speculating on the exact variant. It is also capable of sharing basic sensory data with another unit, though not to the same degree as available with Command, Control and Communications (C3) systems, and the sensory information can be saved via BattleROM for later viewing.[2]

During the destruction of the Succession Wars, some of the advanced fire control technology common during the Star League became lostech, greatly affecting the way battles were fought. Many systems capable of great precision over long distances could no longer be built or maintained, and often had to be replaced with more primitive examples. Towards the end of the era, many 'Mechs had T&T systems which themselves were centuries old, often cobbled together with parts from different machines just so they could work. Even with weapons whose theoretical maximum range was the horizon, their effective range might be greatly reduced depending on the type of target at which the 'Mech was shooting.[3] For example, at a distance of over 800m, a Shadow Hawk might have trouble landing accurate hits on another 'Mech with its autocannon, but would have no issue with a stationary tower.[4] This technological decline also affected aerospace combat, though it be fought on a much grander scale: enemy craft might engage each other at distances of up to tens of thousands of kilometers, but the accuracy of their shots would be based on their computers' ability to predict where the enemy would be and have their fire intersect that point, and so the more evasive an opponent was the harder they were to destroy.[5] Ground-bound aerospace units found their fire control systems impacted by the same factors which limited 'Mech systems, greatly reducing their weapons' range.[6]

As IndustrialMechs and Support Vehicles are designed primarily for noncombat use, they usually do not include an Advanced Fire Control System, although they can be modified. IndustrialMechs come standard with what is known as a Basic Fire Control System, which dates back to before the introduction of T&T. While sophisticated systems for their day and still sufficient for combat, they are greatly affected by the intrinsic electronic warfare capabilities of 31st century combat units and are incompatible with peripheral targeting systems. Changing out a Basic Fire Control System for an Advanced Fire Control System amounts to a simple swap and is easily accomplished, although only done so in the rare cases where an IndustrialMech is actually armed. Support vehicles do not come standard with with any FCS, and while they can be modified or built with either the basic or advanced system they do so less efficiently.[1]


Having Advanced Fire Control system provides no bonus to the hit probability of weapons mounted on any unit. Having Basic Fire Control systems impose a +1 to-hit penalty and to the Gunnery Skill of the unit. Having no fire control system impsoes a +2 to-hit penalty and to the Gunnery Skill of the unit.[7]

Critical Hits[edit]

In the event of a critical hit to either a Basic Fire Control, or an Advanced Fire Control system, the Fire Control system imposes a +2 to the Gunnery Skill of the unit; after a second critical hit the unit can no longer fire[8].


Targeting and Tracking Systems, Advanced Fire Control Systems, and Basic Fire Control Systems are manufactured for use on the following planets:


Model Planet Manufacturer Mounted on Tech Base Vehicle Class
Able-Seven Sensor Suite Alshain, Irece, Itabaiana, Priori, Twycross, Tukayyid Trellshire Heavy Industries, Manufacturing Plant SFF-TU1, Constantin Assembly Plant M27A-E, Auxiliary Production Site 4, Manufacturing Plant DSF-IT1, LAW-Barcella, Bergan Industries Tiburon[9], Stalking Spider II[10], Piranha[11], Crimson Hawk[12], SM1[13], Bear Cub[14], Ha Otoko[15] Clan 'Mech, Vehicle
Adder Special V8.6 Sheridan, Tranquil, Arc-Royal Sheridan LM-TA 8-10, W-7 Facilities, Wolf Clan Site 3 Puma[16] Clan OmniMech
AL2200 Track-Nav AI System Graham IV Mitchell Vehicles Kanga[17] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Aldis TTS 7 Terra Aldis Industries Padilla Artillery Tank[18] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Alexis Photon Target Acquisition System Irian Irian BattleMechs Unlimited Hermes[19] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Allet-T11 Bryant Lantren Corporation Grasshopper[20][21] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Alshain B4 Series 2 T&T Alshain Bergan Industries Ryoken II[22] Clan 'Mech
Angst Accuracy Galatea, Hesperus II, Furillo, Al Na'ir, Quentin Dynamic Ordnance and Ammunition Corp, Defiance Industries, Yori MechWorks, Independence Weaponry Jade Hawk[23], Fafnir[24], Atlas[25][26], Defiance[27] Inner Sphere, Clan 'Mech
Angst Clear View 2A Hesperus II, Arcturus, Buena, Solaris VII Defiance Industries, Arcturan Arms, Innovative Design Concepts, Omnitech Industries Banshee[28], Berserker[29], Colossus[30], Demolisher II[31], Kelswa[32], Porcupine[33] Inner Sphere 'Mech, Vehicle
Angst Clear View 2AV Tharkad, Hesperus II Defiance Motors, Defiance Industries DI Morgan[34] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Angst Clear View Multitask Tharkad, Hesperus II TharHes Industries, Defiance Industries Goliath[35][36] Inner Sphere 'Mech
AntiAir Flak Systems-1 Loyalty, Kirklin, Nanking, Crofton, Loburg Kallon Weapon Industries, StarCorps Industries Partisan AA Vehicle[37], Partisan[38][39], Longbow[40] Inner Sphere 'Mech, Vehicle
Antron 7 Terra Bannock-Braigh Aerospace Ahab[41] Inner Sphere Aerospace
Apple Churchill 2000 Sian, St. Ives, Ankaa, Capella, Lockton, Betelgeuse Hellespont 'Mech Works, Ceres Metals Industries, DiNapoli Industries Raven[42], Assassin[43], Phoenix Hawk[44][45], Opossum[46], Gun[47], Yinghuochong[48], Sha Yu[49] Inner Sphere 'Mech, OmniMech, IndustrialMech
Apple Churchill 3000 Detroit, Sian Novis AT-H, Inc., Hellespont 'Mech Works Luduan[50], Raven II[51] 'Mech, Inner Sphere 'Mech, Vehicle
Apple Churchill 3200 Adaptive St. Ives StarCorps Industries Vandal (OmniMech)[52] Inner Sphere OmniMech
Arc Walker T&T Prime Arcturus Arcturan Arms, MacEnroe Motors Crossbow[53] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Army Corporation Type 29K Al Na'ir, Hesperus II, Quentin, New Earth Defiance Industries, Yori MechWorks, Independence Weaponry, Hegemony Research and Development Department, Weapons Division Atlas[54], Atlas II[55] Inner Sphere 'Mech
ArTrack 2 TTS Arcadia Manufacturing Plant WA3 Naga[56] Clan OmniMech
Assault SureStrike Donegal Assault Tech Industries Jaguar[57] Clan 'Mech
ASG Mark VII Kirin Kirin Orbital Works SJ-3 Xerxes[58] Clan Aerospace


Model Planet Manufacturer Mounted on Tech Base Vehicle Class
Baltex K400 Terra Leopard Armor Merkava[59] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Baltex K580 Dieron Buhallin Military Products Turhan[60] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Baltex K590 Terra Maxwell-Pulaski Motors. Leopard Armor Bolla[61], Demon[62] Inner Sphere Vehicle
BANDAR 9 Terra Boeing Interstellar Hammerhead[63], Sagittarii[64] Inner Sphere Aerospace
Bauer-Scope 130Y Tharkad Bauer Enterprises Rapier[65] Inner Sphere Aerospace
Bauer-Scope 130Z Tharkad Lockheed/CBM Rapier[66] Inner Sphere Aerospace
Big Cat Mk XXI TTS Barcella, Irece Barcella First Factory, Irece Delta Refit Center, Irece Alpha Qasar[67], Supernova[68] Clan 'Mech, Aerospace
Bk-309 Luthien, Ozawa Luthien Armor Works, Diplan Mechyards Jenner[69][70] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Blade 12 Orestes Odin Manufacturing Karhu[71], Shadow Hawk[72], Beowulf[73], Beowulf IIC[74], Gravedigger[75] Inner Sphere, Clan 'Mech, OmniMech
Blankenburg Trooper Terra Millennium Industries Chevalier[76] Inner Sphere Vehicle
BlazeFire Ranging System Type 3 New Syrtis Johnston Industries Glory[77] Inner Sphere Vehicle
BlazeFire Ranging System Type 5 New Syrtis Johnston Industries Hasek[78] Inner Sphere Vehicle
BlazeFire Sightlock Tikonov, Epsilon Eridani, Grand Base Earthwerks Incorporated, Kressly WarWorks Cataphract[79][80], Beagle[81], Quickdraw[82], Blizzard[83] Inner Sphere 'Mech, Vehicle
BlazeFire Tracker New Syrtis Johnston Industries Goblin[84] Inner Sphere Vehicle
BlazeFire Tracker with Range Check New Syrtis, Oliver, Quentin, Epsilon Eridani Johnston Industries, Brigadier Corporation, Independence Weaponry, Kressly WarWorks JI2A1[85], Chimera[86], Goblin[87][88] Inner Sphere 'Mech, Vehicle
BloodEye 3.2 York, Bearclaw Clan Blood Spirit Reserve Industriplex-2, Aeroyard Gargain Chrysaor[89] Clan ProtoMech
Boeing 200 Galax Federated-Boeing Interstellar Boeing Jump Bomber[90] Inner Sphere Conventional Fighter
Brightstar 17 Mk. I Kathil General Motors Darter[91] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Brightstar 17 Mk. II Kathil, Tikonov General Motors, Ceres Metals Industries Minion[92], Morningstar[93] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Brightstar Model III Capella, Detroit Rashpur-Owens Incorporated, Detroit Consolidated Aerospace Měngqín[94] Inner Sphere Aerospace
Brim CT-37 Mk. XIII Arcadia Arcadia BattleMech Plant CM-T4 Hellfire[95] Clan 'Mech
Broadstar Pintel-Star New Avalon Avalon Arms Company Kruger[96] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Build 1 HLF TTS Irece Irece Alpha Jenner IIC 4[97], Jenner IIC[98] Clan 'Mech
Build 2 CAT TTS Weingarten, Barcella, Irece, Tamar W-7 Facilities, W-8 Facilities[99], Barcella Beta, Barcella Alpha, Irece Alpha Blood Reaper[100], Shadow Cat[101], Nova Cat[102], Sun Cobra[103] Clan 'Mech, OmniMech
Build 2 JRD TTS Albion, Twycross, Various Albion Armor Works Beta, Various Kokou[104], Hachiman[105], Oro[106], Vidar[107] Clan Vehicle
Build 3 CAT TTS Irece, Barcella, Brim, Dante, Avon, Twycross, Fox ArcShip (Fox Khanate) Irece Alpha, Barcella Alpha, Brim Ironworks, Snow Raven Industrial Complex Alpha, Avon Alpha, Trellshire Heavy Industries, Manufacturing Plant SFF-FK2 Griffin IIC[108][109][110], Shadow Hawk IIC[111][112], Huntsman[113], Bakeneko[114] Clan 'Mech, OmniMech
Build 3Z CAT TTS Sudeten Olivetti Weaponry Shadow Cat II[115] Clan 'Mech
Build 4 CAT TTS Asellus Australis, Irece, Itabaiana, Terra Clan Protectorate Arms, Barcella Beta, Clan Sea Fox IndustriPlex-C, StarCorps Industries Firestorm[116], Cizin[117], Strix[118], Shadow Cat III[119] Clan 'Mech, OmniMech, Vehicle
Build 4 CAT Advanced TTS Irece Irece Alpha Hellhound 2[120] Clan 'Mech
Build 4 JVJ TTS Weingarten, Various W-7 Facilities, Various Carnivore[121], Ares[122] Clan Vehicle
Build 4 MadCat TTS Tamar, Keystone W-8 Facilities[123], Earthwerks Incorporated Tundra Wolf[124], Tomahawk II[125] Clan 'Mech, OmniMech
Build 5 CAT TTS Avon LAW-Avon Alpha Wendigo[126] Clan OmniMech
Build IX TTS Tiber HH Complex Beta Bellona[127] Clan Vehicle
Bundesweyth FlexTrack Terra Grumman Industries Scapha[128] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Bundesweyth Target Acquisition Gear Terra Grumman Industries Zephyr[129] Inner Sphere Vehicle
BUU AccuTrack 3000 Various Jake's Discount Equipment Warehouse Carbine MOD[130] Inner Sphere IndustrialMech


Model Planet Manufacturer Mounted on Tech Base Vehicle Class
C-12 Mk. III Arcadia Arcadia BattleMech Plant CM-T15 Highlander IIC[131] Clan 'Mech
C-Apple Churchill Capella, St. Ives, Sarmaxa, Sian Ceres Metals Industries, Tao 'Mechworks, Hellespont Industries, HildCo Interplanetary Vindicator[132][133], Ti Ts'ang[134][135], Pillager[136], Raven[137], Thunder[138][139]Lightning (BattleMech)[140], Guard[141], Lu Wei Bing[142], Yao Lien[143] Inner Sphere 'Mech, IndustrialMech
Cat's Eyes MD1 Strana Mechty, Huntress Strana Mechty MechWorks, Abysmal Manufacturing Complex Lynx C[144] Clan 'Mech
Cat's Eyes MD6 Various Various Mad Dog (Vulture)[145] Clan OmniMech
Cat's Eyes MD7 Strana Mechty Kerensky Memorial Manufacturing Septicemia[146] Clan 'Mech
Cat's Eyes 5 Alshain, New Oslo, Yamato Mobile Factory, Son Hoa, Satalice, Luthien, Marduk, Aix-la-Chapelle, Quentin, New Samarkand, Tok Do, Terra Alshain Weapons, StarCorps Industries, Luthien Armor Works, Gorton, Kingsley, and Thorpe Enterprises, Kallon Industries, Diplan Mechyards, Independence Weaponry, Wakazashi Enterprises, Alshain Weapons, Krupp Armament Works Ninja-To[147], Wolverine[148], Panther[149][150][151], Naginata[152], Hitman[153], Wight[154], Tai-Sho[155], Shugenja[156], Kabuto[157], Nyx[158], Charger[159], Pacifier[160] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Cat's Eyes 7 Coudoux Mualang Alpha Morrigan[161] Clan 'Mech
CBM TRAK-2 Donegal CBM Aerospace Typhoon[162] Inner Sphere Aerospace
CCC D4.1j Babylon Babylon Mechworks V Naja[163] Clan 'Mech
CCC D5.2J Homer, Stewart, Various Complex H-3 CCC, Allied Technologies, Various Pella[164], Hydaspes[165], Goth[166] Clan OmniFighter
CCC D6.2J Twycross DS Aero Assembly Site Rho Hydaspes[167] Clan Aerospace
CEC-PM 7 York Clan Blood Spirit Reserve Industriplex-2 Cecerops[168] Clan ProtoMech
Ceres Bullseye Warlock, Capella, Detroit, Epsilon Eridani Ceres Metals Industries, Detroit Consolidated MechWorks, Kressly WarWorks Ostroc[169][170], Marauder[171] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Ceres/Maladev 3 Menke, Alpheratz, St. Ives, Dunianshire Ceres Metals Industries, Alliance Defenders Limited, Majesty Metals and Manufacturing Po[172][173], Po II[174] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Ceres/Maladev 5 Menke, Lockton Ceres Metals Industries Zahn[175] Inner Sphere Vehicle
CGS-TTS-VIIa Braunschweig, Antwerp Imperial BattleMechs Star Python[176], Star Crusader[177] Clan 'Mech
Chichester ASR 26 Altair, Schuyler, Unity Mangon Aeronautics, Wakazashi Enterprises, Pesht Motors Sai[178], Hiryo[179][180], Sholagar[181] Inner Sphere Aerospace, Vehicle
Chichester ASR 30 Kajikazawa Kurita Combine Munitions Corporation Suzaku[182] Inner Sphere Aerospace
CI-X 2 Tamaron, Tukayyid, Babylon, Marik Drennan Industriplex, Manufacturing Plant SFF-TU1, Coyote Industrial, Trellshire Heavy Industries Coyotl[183], Lupus[184] Clan OmniMech
Cirxese BallistaCheck with Cirxese RockCheck Terra, Salem, Unity, Betelgeuse, Kathil, Solaris VII, Midway Aldis Industries, General Motors, Pesht Motors, Norse-Storm BattleMechs, Telfar BattleMechs Behemoth[185], Mamono[186], Zhukov[187] Inner Sphere 'Mech, Vehicle
ComStar Test-2 New Earth, Sian New Earth Trading Company, Hellespont Industries Vedette[188][189] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Consolidated Type V TTS York, Various York Vehicle Y2 Facility, Various Asshur[190]
Clan Vehicle
Consolidated Type VII TTC Niles Niles Industriplex Alpha Athena[193] Clan Vehicle
Corean B-Tech New Avalon, Stewart, Kalidasa, Oliver, Panpour, Irian, Keystone, Alphard, Solaris VII, Calloway VI Kali Yama Weapons Industries, Brigadier Corporation, Jalastar Aerospace, Irian BattleMechs Unlimited, Earthwerks Incorporated, Marian Arms, Corean Enterprises - MacAdams-Suharno, Solaris Arms, Brooks Incorporated Musketeer[194], Centurion[195][196][197][198], Shockwave[199], Sirocco[200], Trebuchet[201][202][203], Mauna Kea[204], Ronin[205], Fireball[206], Main Gauche[207], Goliath[208][209] Inner Sphere 'Mech, Vehicle
Corean C-Link New Avalon Corean Enterprises Sortek[210] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Corean CalcMaster Stewart, Futuna, Gibson Corean Enterprises - MacAdams-Suharno, Corean Enterprises/General Motors, Gibson Federated BattleMechs Locust[211][212][213], Tarantula[214], Icarus II[215], Sarissa[216] Inner Sphere 'Mech, IndustrialMech
Corean FlexTech New Avalon Corean Enterprises Centurion (OmniMech)[217] Inner Sphere OmniMech
CW3 Strana Mechty, Keystone Wolf Clan Site #2, Earthwerks Incorporated Woodsman[218] Clan OmniMech
Cyclops 8B UrbanTrack Coventry Coventry Metal Works Copper[219] Inner Sphere 'Mech, IndustrialMech
Cyclops 9 Coventry Coventry Metal Works Firestarter[220], Storm Raider[221], Hollander[222] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Cyclops 9b Coventry, Solaris VII Coventry Metal Works, Innovative Design Concepts Blitzkrieg[223], Silver Fox[224] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Cyclops-Beagle Sensory Probe Coventry Coventry Metal Works Firestarter[225], Stiletto[226] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Cyclops Multi-Tasker 10 Coventry, Storfors, Pandora, Solaris VII, Midway Coventry Metal Works, J.B. BattleMechs Incorporated, Red Devil Industries, Blue Shot Weapons, Telfar BattleMechs Dart[227], BattleMaster[228], Commando[229], Lynx[230] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Cyclops Special Limited Coventry, Luthien, Capella, Marduk Coventry Metal Works, Luthien Armor Works, Ceres Metals Industries, Victory Industries Gauntlet[231], Firestarter (OmniMech)[232] Inner Sphere OmniMech
Cyclops with Bloodhound Probe Coventry Coventry Metal Works Stiletto[233] Inner Sphere 'Mech


Model Planet Manufacturer Mounted on Tech Base Vehicle Class
Dalban AQ Dabih, El Dorado, Talcott Buda Imperial Vehicles, General Motors Blackjack[234], Sabaku Kaze[235], Pompier[236] Inner Sphere Vehicle, 'Mech
Dalban Automated IA Galax Galax Launch Systems Haruspex[237] Inner Sphere Satellite
Dalban HiRez Carlisle, Togura, Kathil, Quentin, Luthien, Filtvelt, Solaris VII Bowie Industries, Ibuki Robotics & Manufacturing, General Motors, Independence Weaponry, Luthien Armor Works, Coalition Armory Inc., Solaris Arms Marauder[238][239][240], Charger[241], Stealth[242], Bombard[243], Hanse MBT[244], Hound[245] Inner Sphere 'Mech, Vehicle
Dalban HiRez II Irece, Avon, Talon, Terra, New Valencia, Kathil, Outreach, Solaris VII Irece Alpha, Avon Alpha, Kallon Weapon Industries, Martinson Armaments, Blackwell Industries, General Motors, Blackwell Heavy Industries. Innovative Design Concepts Arbalest[246], Sphinx[247], Hornet[248], Gallowglas[249], Cudgel[250], Ocelot[251], Hoplite[252], Marauder II[253][254], Cave Lion[255] Inner Sphere, Clan 'Mech
Dalban HiRez II-a Solaris VII Innovative Design Concepts Prowler[256] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Dalban HiRez III Advanced FCS Outreach, Solaris VII Blackwell Heavy Industries, Innovative Design Concepts Daedalus[257], Gallowglas[258] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Dalban HiRez IV Carlisle Bowie Industries Razorback[259] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Dalban HiRez V El Dorado, Robinson General Motors, Robinson Standard BattleWorks Atlas III[260] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Dalban HiRez-B Asuncion, Bernardo, Victoria, Northwind, Son Hoa, Mars, Hesperus II Earthwerks Incorporated, Cosara Weaponries, StarCorps Industries, Defiance Industries Banshee[261], Flea[262], King Crab[263][264] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Dalban Sniper Terra Martinson Armaments Hoplite[265] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Dalban Trident Carlisle Bowie Industries Spindrift[266] Inner Sphere IndustrialMech
Dalban TTS-A Sverdlovsk Kankoku MFC Von Rohrs[267] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Dalban Urban Marcus Orguss Industries UrbanMech[268] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Daldouji 52 Enhanced Optical Togura Osaka Heavy Metrics Goliath[269] Inner Sphere 'Mech
DeadEye Superlock 18K Various Various Hunchback IIC[270] Clan 'Mech
Delta Track Luthien, Shimonita Luthien Armor Works, Sapphire Metals Charger[271] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Delta-Six Sensor Suite Manufacturing Plant SFF-TW2 CSF Titanic Mobile Production Facility Incubus (Vixen)[272] Clan 'Mech
Dexter 1 Sensor Suite Babylon DS Aero Assembly Site Alpha Ogotai[273] Clan Aerospace
Dexter 3 Sensor Suite Various Various Ammon[274] Clan Aerospace
Digital Scanlok 347 Tharkad, Arc-Royal, Orestes, New Earth TharHes Industries, Arc-Royal MechWorks, Odin Manufacturing, New Earth Trading Company Wolfhound[275][276][277], Mjolnir[278], Mongrel[279], Alacorn[280] Inner Sphere, Clan 'Mech, Vehicle
Dillon QuadTrac with Particle Cannon Suite Wotan Krauss-Liemann Incorporated Phoenix[281] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Diplan I-TT Dieron, Togura, New Samarkand, Philadelphia, Nashira, Halstead Station Osaka Heavy Metrics, Duratron Enterprises, DeValt Industries Kiso[282], Burrower, Ground Pounder[283] Inner Sphere IndustrialMech
Diplan-IX SideSweeper Mars Star League Defense Industries Mobile HQ[284] Inner Sphere Vehicle
DLK Type Phased Array Sensor System Loxley, Kathil, Solaris VII, Al Na'ir, Caph, Northwind Norse-Storm Technologies Incorporated, General Motors, Wakazashi Enterprises, General Systems, Cosara Weaponries Targe[285], Black Watch[286], Thunder Hawk[287], Spector[288], Nightstar[289], Bombardier[290], Exterminator[291] Inner Sphere 'Mech
DragonEye 5 Shadow, York Clan Fire Mandrill Kraftwerk, Kindraa Payne-Beyl-Grant Main Production Facility Delphyne Clan ProtoMech
Dragwell Hi-Rez IV New Valencia, Outreach General Motors, Blackwell Industries Marauder II[292][293] Inner Sphere 'Mech
DST Model 316/4 Orestes, New Kent Janesek Industries, New Kent Orbiter D7 Tyre[294][295] Clan Aerospace
Dtrac Suite 1 Twycross Trellshire Heavy Industries Thresher[296], Thresher II[297] Clan 'Mech
Dtrac Suite 4 Coventry, Savannah, Twycross, Itabaiana, Tiber, Babylon CSF Project Reynard, Coventry Metal Works, Technicron Manufacturing, Trellshire Heavy Industries, Manufacturing Plant SFF-IT1, WC Primary Facility 5, Auxiliary Production Site 5 Hammerhead[298], Mad Cat Mk II[299][300], Phoenix Hawk IIC[301][302][303], Pouncer[304], Regent[305] Clan 'Mech, OmniMech
Dtrack Suite 4a Twycross Trellshire Heavy Industries Phoenix Hawk IIC 6[306] Clan 'Mech
Dwyerson Mark IV Ares Quikscell Company Nisos[307] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Dwyerson Mark XI St. Ives, Sian, Sarna, Texlos, Tharkad, Ramora Mujika Aerospace Technologies, Saroyan Special Productions, Tengo Aerospace, HildCo Interplanetary, Lockheed/CBM Corporation, United Outworlders Corporation Thrush[308], Saroyan[309], Yun[310], Lightning[311] Inner Sphere Aerospace, Conventional Fighter
Dwyerson Mark XII Capella, Epsilon Eridani Mujika Aerospace Technologies, Kressly Warworks, Ceres Metals Industries Transit[312][313], Snake[314], Brutus[315] Inner Sphere Aerospace, Vehicle, 'Mech
Dwyerson Mark XIX Sarna Tengo Aerospace Warrior[316] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Dwyerson Mark XX Sarna Tengo Aerospace Shun[317] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Dwyerson Upgrade Multitask Version 3 Capella, Detroit Ceres Metals Industries, Detroit Consolidated Aerospace Defiance (Aerospace Fighter class)[318], Troika[319] Inner Sphere Aerospace, OmniFighter
Dynatec 128 Paradise Curtiss Militech Eagle[320] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Dynatec 128C Panpour, Caph Jalastar Aerospace, Stormvanger Assemblies, Unlimited Javelin[321][322] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Dynatec 150A Outreach, Hesperus II Blackwell Industries, Stormvanger Assemblies, Unlimited Falcon[323][324] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Dynatec 256/MissileTrac V Advanced Silver Curtiss Hydroponics Diomede[325] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Dynatec 990 Keystone, Calloway VI, Ares, New Samarkand, Atreus, Gibbs, Axton, New Earth, Grand Base, Coventry, Krimari, Victoria, Detroit Earthwerks Incorporated, Bergan Industries, Luthien Armor Works, Imstar Aerospace, Lockheed/CBM, Wangker Aerospace, Newhart Industries, Coventry Metal Works, Detroit Consolidated MechWorks, Shengli Arms Stinger[326][327][328], Hussar[329], Locust[330], Cricket[331], Eagle[332], Anubis[333][334], Duan Gung[335], Dola[336] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Dynatec 1122 Abadan, Gibson Adam Tech Industries, Gibson Federated BattleMechs Cicada[337], Hammer[338], Anvil[339], Gambit[340] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Dynatec 2180 Savannah, Luthien Technicron Manufacturing, Luthien Armor Works Quickdraw[341][342] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Dynatec 2780 Capolla, Galatea, Savannah, Irian, Paradise Eris Enterprises Design Group, Dynamic Ordnance and Ammunition, Technicron Manufacturing, Irian BattleMechs Unlimited, Curtiss Militech Awesome[343], Wraith[344], Malice[345] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Dynatec MissileTrac X Paradise Curtiss Militech Yeoman[346] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Dynatec Special T&T Victoria Shengli Arms Jinggau[347] Inner Sphere 'Mech


Model Planet Manufacturer Mounted on Tech Base Vehicle Class
Eagle Eye 400 XX Abiy Adi, Luthien, Solaris VII, New Samarkand Luthien Armor Works, O'Neal's BattleMechs Wolf Trap[348][349][350], Werewolf[351] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Eagle Eye 410 XX Luthien Luthien Armor Works Komodo[352] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Eagle Eye 430 XX Chatham Wakazashi Enterprises Koroshiya[353] Inner Sphere Aerospace
Eagle Eye B-18 Lapida II, Tematagi Nimakachi Fusion Products Limited Bishamon[354] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Eagle Eye SY10-10 Nykvarn, Luthien Luthien Armor Works Daimyo[355], Dragon[356], Grand Dragon[357][358], Dragon II[359] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Eagle Eye VY 9-3 Luthien Buda Imperial Vehicles Daimyo HQ[360] Inner Sphere Vehicle
EI-Pattern J, Series 2.1 Niles Clan Hell’s Horses Industriplex Upsilon Orc[361] Clan ProtoMech
EI-Pattern Omega, Series 3.4 Kalidasa Kali Yama Weapons Industries Skinwalker (Ryoken III)[362] Clan OmniMech
Evil Eye New Earth Cyclops Incorporated Drillson[363] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Evil Eye Block IV Skye Cyclops Incorporated Glaive[364] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Evil Eye Block IX Loxley Blue Shot Weapons Schildkrote[365] Inner Sphere Vehicle


Model Planet Manufacturer Mounted on Tech Base Vehicle Class
Falcon 12b Watcher Terra Skobel MechWorks Vanquisher[366] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Falcon 15 Watcher Terra Skobel MechWorks, Krupp Armament Works Gallant[367], Grand Crusader II[368], Legacy[369], Lament[370] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Faust/Shinji AT/TS (TharHes Ares-7) Wasat, Hesperus II Renault-Prime, Defiance Industries Flashman[371] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Federated Bombard Mk. II Salem General Motors Destrier[372] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Federated Gatherer New Avalon Achernar BattleMechs BattleAxe[373] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Federated Gatherer Mk II New Avalon Achernar BattleMechs Hammerhands[374] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Federated Hunter New Avalon, Talon, Robinson, Solaris VII, Cahokia Achernar BattleMechs, Kallon Weapon Industries, Robinson Standard BattleWorks, Solaris Arms Enforcer[375][376], Watchman[377], Copperhead[378], Juggernaut[379], Legionnaire[380], Enforcer III[381] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Federated Hunter Mk. II New Avalon Achernar BattleMechs Dervish[382] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Federated Hunter Mk. VII Cahokia, New Avalon Achernar BattleMechs Osiris[383], Prey Seeker[384] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Federated Hunter Mk. XII New Avalon Achernar BattleMechs Vulpes[385] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Federated Hunter Mk. XX New Avalon, Robinson Achernar BattleMechs, Robinson Standard BattleWorks Argus[386] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Federated Hunter Type 3 Robinson Robinson Standard BattleWorks Sentry[387], Cuirass[388] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Federated Ranger Achernar, Ankaa Achernar IndustrialMechs, DiNapoli Industries Harvester MOD Inner Sphere IndustrialMech
Federated Stalker El Dorado, Robinson, Augusta General Motors, Robinson Standard BattleWorks, Corean Enterprises BattleMaster[389], Warlord[390], Ostsol[391], Scarecrow[392], Sagittaire[393] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Ferdinand-a Terra Ostmann Industries Ostroc[394] Inner Sphere 'Mech
FireScan with IndirecTrack Terra, Alshain, Panpour, Canopus IV, Andurien, Ares, Kalidasa, Layover, Richvale, Oliver, Storfors, Loxley, Benet III, Alula Australis, Zebebelgenubi, Perdition, Dunianshire Quikscell Company, Aldis Industries, Joint Equipment Systems, Majesty Metals and Manufacturing, Brooks Incorporated, J.B. BattleMechs Incorporated, Blue Shot Weapons, Johnston Industries, Pinard Protectorates Limited LRM Carrier[395][396], SRM Carrier[397][398], Heavy LRM Carrier[399], Heavy NLRM Carrier[400], Light SRM Carrier[401], JES I[402], JES II[403], JES III[404], Dragon Fire[405], Starslayer[406], Arrow IV (Combat Vehicle)[407], Sniper Artillery (Combat Vehicle)[408] Inner Sphere Vehicle, 'Mech
Flaming Sight 3-Psi Terra Boeing Interstellar Simurgh[409] Inner Sphere OmniFighter
FOI ScanSys VII Terra Skobel MechWorks Mackie[410] Inner Sphere 'Mech
FoxxFire 180 Detroit Detroit Consolidated MechWorks Eyleuka[411] Inner Sphere 'Mech
FoxxFire 190 Dunianshire Majesty Metals and Manufacturing Penthesilea[412] Inner Sphere 'Mech
FoxxFire 222 Dunianshire Majesty Metals and Manufacturing Calliope[413] Inner Sphere 'Mech


Model Planet Manufacturer Mounted on Tech Base Vehicle Class
Gamma-Five Sensor Package CSF Poseidon Auxiliary Production Site 4 Solitaire[414][415] Clan 'Mech
Garret 500S Solaris VII, Errai Omnitech Industries, Maltex Corporation Assassin[416], Flashfire[417], Tsunami[418] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Garret A6 Asuncion, Oliver, Loyalty, Bernardo, Priori, Keystone, Tharkad Kallon Industries, Brigadier Corporation, Constantin Assembly Plant M27A-E, Earthwerks Incorporated, TharHes Industries Crusader[419][420][421], Apollo[422], Eris[423], Fox[424] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Garret A99 Gibson Gibson Federated BattleMechs Toyama[425] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Garret D2j Quentin, Benjamin, Talon, Al Na'ir, Northwind, Thermopolis, Errai, Wernke, Achernar, Oliver, Nanking, Oriente, Twycross, Unity, Ruchbah, Terra, Mizar, June, Dieron, Luthien, Pandora, Belladonna Independence Weaponry, Whitworth Specialty Manufacturing, Whitworth Company, Kallon Industries, Yori MechWorks, Cosara Weaponries, Maltex Corporation, Achernar IndustrialMechs, Brigadier Corporation, Trellshire Heavy Industries, Oriente Weapon Works, Michaelson Heavy Industries, Victory Conditions Industries, Luthien Armor Works, Red Devil Industries, Cal-Boeing of Dorwinion Shadow Hawk[426][427], Rifleman[428][429], Whitworth[430][431], JagerMech[432], Hatamoto-Chi[433][434][435], Yellow Jacket[436], Hawk Moth[437], Hawk Moth II[438], Mantis[439], Heavy Lifter[440], Hatamoto-Suna[441], MHI Defense AA Tank[442], Exhumer[443], Cavalry[444][445], Crab[446] Inner Sphere 'Mech, Vehicle
Garret D2j (I) Quentin Independence Weaponry Tessen[447], Fujin[448] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Garret D5j Sarmaxa, Solaris VII, Harmony, Emris IV, Menke, Vega Independence Weaponry, Tao MechWorks, Silver Wyrm, Ltd., Harmony MetalWorks, StarCorps Industries, Cosby BattleMech Research Firm Crusader[449], No-Dachi[450], Hachiwara[451], Violator[452], Mortis[453] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Garret D7h Calloway VI Earthwerks Incorporated Phalanx[454] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Garret E2b Ruchbah, June, Terra, Outreach Michaelson Heavy Industries, Blackwell Corporation Hexareme[455], Crane[456], Kestrel[457], Peregrine[458] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Garret E5a Outreach, Arc-Royal Blackwell Corporation, Arc-Royal MechWorks Bandit[459], Bandit Mk. II[460] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Garret F22c Crofton, Loburg, Emris IV, Menke, Son Hoa StarCorps Industries Warhammer[461], Thanatos[462], Inferno[463] Inner Sphere 'Mech, OmniMech
Garret Fib Outreach Blackwell Corporation Badger[464] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Garret GRNDTRK 9 Terra Firma, Oliver, June, Terra, Ruchbah Bander BattleMechs, Brigadier Corporation, Michaelson Heavy Industries Scorpion[465], MHI Amphibious APC[466] Inner Sphere 'Mech, Vehicle
Garret GRNDTRK 15 Oliver Brigadier Corporation Goliath[467] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Garret JQ31 Taurus Taurus Territorial Industries Warhammer[468] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Garret O2j Outreach Blackwell Corporation War Dog[469] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Garret S6g Dalton Nimakachi Fusion Products Limited Aquila[470] Inner Sphere Aerospace
Garret T11fc Talon, Quentin Kallon Industries, Independence Weaponry JagerMech III[471] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Garret T12A Terra Krupp Armament Works, Martinson Armaments Raijin II[472] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Garret T15AJ Terra Skobel MechWorks Jackrabbit[473] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Garret T15J Terra Skobel MechWorks Nexus II[474] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Garret T97C Terra Krupp Armament Works Gurkha[475] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Gatekeeper Model 5 Various Various Vandal[476] Clan OmniFighter
GC Heimdallr System Type 1 Goito Jötunn BattleWorx Rime Otter[477] Clan OmniMech
GC Hodr System Type 2 Goito Jötunn BattleWorx Mastodon[478] Clan OmniMech
GC MultiTrac System Type 6 Arc-Royal, Grumium Arc-Royal MechWorks, Grumium Creations Viking[479], Viking IIC[480] Inner Sphere, Clan 'Mech
GEG Pattern 490/1 New Kent Novy Minsky Armaments Plant Howler (Baboon)[481] Clan 'Mech
GEG Pattern 491/6 New Kent Novy Minsky Armaments Plant Matador[482], Storm Giant[483] Clan 'Mech
GEG Pattern 491/8 New Kent New Kent Armorworks Black Python (Viper)[484] Clan 'Mech
GEG Pattern 492/1 New Kent Novy Minsky Armaments Plant Scylla[485] Clan 'Mech
GEG Pattern 500/3 New Kent Unknown Vapor Eagle (Goshawk)[486][487] Clan 'Mech
General Systems AV-12 New Samarkand, Alula Australis New Samarkand Armor Works, Merryweather Industries Gladiator[488] Inner Sphere 'Mech
GH D5j TTS Alpheratz Mountain Wolf BattleMechs Rifleman IIC[489] Clan 'Mech
GH D8j TTS Dagda, Thermopolis Dagda Industriplex Zeta, Kallon Industries Glass Spider (Galahad)[490] Clan 'Mech
GME HiTrak-3 Talcott General Motors Hellspawn[491] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Goshawk E-Series Alyina, Sudeten, Erewhon CJF Factory Zone 4, Olivetti Weaponry, Eagle Craft Group Jupiter[492], Jade Phoenix[493], Gyrfalcon[494], Shrike[495] Clan 'Mech, OmniMech
GPT Multi-Track Terra Krupp Armament Works, Maxwell-Pulaski Motors Bolla[496], Pinto[497] Inner Sphere Vehicle
GroundTracker EE-4 Terra, Orestes Pandora 'Mech Works, Odin Manufacturing Winston[498], Puma[499], Marksman[500] Inner Sphere Vehicle
GuideRite with Laser Coordination Link Shiro III, Nanking, Asuncion Grumman Amalgamated, Kallon Weapon Industries Ontos[501], Falcon Hawk[502] Inner Sphere Vehicle


Model Planet Manufacturer Mounted on Tech Base Vehicle Class
"Hades" CT-44 Dante Industrial Complex Alpha Warhammer IIC[503] Clan 'Mech
Hakkøn MicroSystems Goito, Thule Dominion Facility Kappa-4, Dominion Facility Kappa-5 Fire Moth (Dasher)[504] Clan OmniMech
Hakkøn-Morris LAP Alshain Alshain BattleWorx Executioner (Gladiator)[505], Vulture Mk III[506] Clan OmniMech
Halo 901 Terra Bowie Industries Gabriel[507] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Hanover Sight 3000-A-K-P Dieron Buhallin Military Products Rotunda[508] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Hartford Hypertrak/Q-45 Son Hoa StarCorps Industries Highlander[509] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Hartford S1000 Bryant HartfordCo Industries Cicada[510] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Hartford S2000 Pollux Allied Aerospace Phoenix Hawk LAM[511] Inner Sphere LAM
Hartford S2000A Keystone, Solaris VII Earthwerks Incorporated, Vining Engineering and Salvage Team Jackal[512], Aquagladius[513] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Hartford S2200T Calloway VI, Keystone Earthwerks Incorporated Bardiche[514] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Hartford T100M Solaris VII Vining Engineering and Salvage Team Hyena[515] Inner Sphere IndustrialMech
Hartford TA10 Tematagi, Coventry, Northwind Nimakachi Fusion Products Limited, Coventry Metal Works, MatherTechno Incorporated Vulcan[516] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Hartford-Allied Trakit 8 V Pollux Allied Aerospace Phoenix Hawk LAM[517] Inner Sphere LAM
HartfordCo XHW 7 Graham IV Mitchell Vehicles Galahad[518] Inner Sphere 'Mech
HartfordCo XKX 2 Corey Hollis Industries Xanthos[519] Inner Sphere 'Mech
HartfordCo XKZ 1 Graham IV, Corey Mitchell Vehicles, Hollis Industries BattleMaster[520], Shogun[521] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Hawk Pattern 7 Lum Crest Foundries Bashkir[522] Clan OmniFighter
Hawk's Eyes Mk VI Ironhold Complex 9 Visigoth[523] Clan OmniFighter
Hawkeye 58 Ironhold, Niles, Erewhon, Sudeten Eagle Craft Group, St. Louis MechWorks, Olivetti Weaponry Summoner (Thor)[524], Thor II[525], Thunderbolt IIC[526] Clan 'Mech, OmniMech
Hawkeye B3 Luthien Luthien Armor Works Lancelot[527] Inner Sphere 'Mech
HawkEye J360 Huntress Phan Industrialplex Warhawk (Masakari)[528] Clan OmniMech
HCFA 3005 4.3 Foster Foster Mechworks Facility Beta Arctic Cheetah (Hankyu)[529] Clan OmniMech
HCFA 3047 1.5 Hector Hector MechWorks Facility Alpha, Hector MechWorks Facility Beta Snow Fox[530], Hellion[531] Clan 'Mech, OmniMech
"Hephaestus" CT-44 Spina ArcShip (Spina Khanate), Trellshire, Twycross Auxiliary Production Site 4, Trellshire Heavy Industries Warhammer IIC[532], BattleMaster[533] Clan 'Mech
"Hermes" CT-42 Mk. II Satalice, Sudeten, Sheridan Gorton, Kingsley, and Thorpe Enterprises, Olivetti Weaponry, Sheridan LM-TA 8-10 Marauder IIC[534][535], Blood Asp[536] Clan 'Mech, OmniMech
"Hermes" CT-44 Mitchella, Ramora, Dante, Unknown Snow Raven Industrial Complex Beta, Raveena Electronics, Manufacturing Plant DSF-12, Snow Raven Industrial Complex Alpha Warhammer IIC[537], Carrion Crow[538], White Raven[539], Omen[540], Deimos[541], War Crow[542] Clan 'Mech, OmniMech
Hermes ZLS-1 Strana Mechty Kerensky Memorial Manufacturing Cephalus[543] Clan OmniMech
Hope HawkEye Randis IV Hope Industrial Works HawkWolf[544] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Housier DD-Y-7 Solaris VII Solaris Arms Mantis[545] Inner Sphere 'Mech
HT9 TTS Unknown, Various Beta Plant 2W, Various UrbanMech IIC[546], Donar[547] Clan 'Mech, Vehicle
Hunter (2) Dedicated TTS Pandora, Arc-Royal, Csesztreg Quikscell Company, Csesztreg Industriplex Beta, WC Site 4 Heimdall[548], Skadi[549], Garuda[550], Skanda[551], Gulltoppr[552] Clan Vehicle
Hunter (3) Dedicated TTS Arc-Royal WC Site 3 Pack Hunter[553] Clan 'Mech
Hunter (7) Dedicated TTS Arc-Royal WC Site 1 Arctic Wolf[554], Arctic Wolf II[555] Clan 'Mech, OmniMech
Hunter (7a) Dedicated TTS Arc-Royal, Csesztreg, Mobile Transitional Facility HH-Beta, WC Site 1, Csesztreg Industriplex Alpha Cygnus[556], Hellstar[557] Clan 'Mech
Hunter 5 Dedicated TTS Arc-Royal WC Site 3 Pack Hunter II[558] Clan 'Mech
Hunter 62b Alshain, Strana Mechty Tseng Facility, Bear's Den Jengiz[559], Ostrogoth[560] Clan OmniFighter


Model Planet Manufacturer Mounted on Tech Base Vehicle Class
I-Bal Mark 3 Indicass Ceres Metals Swift Wind[561] Inner Sphere Vehicle
IDC ScopeTrak I Solaris VII Innovative Design Concepts Longshot[562] Inner Sphere 'Mech
IMB 5000 Mars Wangker Aerospace Tomahawk[563] Inner Sphere Conventional Fighter
IMB Hawkeye 30 Lopez Andurien AeroTech Angel[564] Inner Sphere Conventional Fighter
IMB SYS 1540 Amity, Marik Imstar Aerospace Red Kite[565] Inner Sphere Vehicle
IMB SYS 3000 Amity Imstar Aerospace Defender[566] Inner Sphere Conventional Fighter
IMB SYS 3600 Atreus, Amity, Marik Imstar Aerospace Cheetah[567] Inner Sphere Aerospace
IMB SYS 3740 Andurien Andurien AeroTech Riever[568] Inner Sphere Aerospace
IMB SYS 6000 Mars Wangker Aerospace Schrack[569] Inner Sphere OmniFighter
IMB SYS 7000 Colorado Basantapur Fine Metals Drake[570] Inner Sphere Conventional Fighter
Imstar SkyWatch Marik Imstar Aerospace Planetlifter[571] Inner Sphere Conventional Fighter
Instatrac Mark XV Keystone Earthwerks Incorporated Thug[572] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Integrated Bravo-7 Albion, Huntress Albion Armor Works Gamma, Huntress Manufacturing Plant DL-6 Burrock[573], Ebon Jaguar (Cauldron-Born)[574] Clan 'Mech, OmniMech
Integrated TTS Hector Hector Mechworks Beta Drift Shag[575] Clan 'Mech
Iota-Luminus TCKM Terra RAF Manufacturing Center Providence Celerity[576], Revenant[577] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Irian 511 Solaris VII, Dover, Benet III, Kendall, Kalidasa Vining Engineering and Salvage Team, Wakazashi Enterprises, Johnston Industries, Kali Yama - Alphard Trading Corporation, Kali Yama Weapons Industries Incorporated Hercules[578], Valiant[579] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Irian FFE-9 Irian, Andurien Brooks Incorporated Thumper Artillery Vehicle[580] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Ironhold Mk II Ironhold Ironhold Gamma Complex Night Gyr[581] Clan OmniMech
IsBM Lantirn Belladonna Cal-Boeing of Dorwinion Ferret[582], Marten[583] Inner Sphere Vehicle
ITW Targetech AFC Irian Irian Technologies Inquisitor[584][585] Inner Sphere IndustrialMech


Model Planet Manufacturer Mounted on Tech Base Vehicle Class
J-Peep Farsight Terra, Tharkad, Pinard, Various Millennium Industries, Defiance Motors, Pinard Protectorates Limited Prowler[586] Inner Sphere Vehicle
J-Track 52 Itabaiana, Spina ArcShip (Spina Khanate), Tukayyid Manufacturing Plant DSF-IT1, Auxiliary Production Site 4, Manufacturing Plant SFF-TU1 Dasher II[587], Mad Cat III[588], Vulture Mk IV[589] Clan 'Mech, OmniMech
Jal ConstrucTrak Mk I Panpour Jalastar Aerospace Jabberwocky[590] Inner Sphere IndustrialMech
Jalastar TargiTrack 717 Panpour, New Earth Jalastar Aerospace, New Earth Trading Company Typhoon[591], Fwltur[592], Myrmidon[593][594] Inner Sphere 'Mech,
Jalastar TargiTrack 753 Panpour Jalastar Aerospace Gunsmith[595] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Jalastar TargiTrack 777 Firgrove Greenock Aero Manufacturing, Ltd. Rondel[596] Inner Sphere Aerospace
Johnston Focuspoint Benet III Johnston Industries Fulcrum[597] Inner Sphere Vehicle


Model Planet Manufacturer Mounted on Tech Base Vehicle Class
Kallon Lock-On Kirklin, Kathil, Salem, El Dorado, New Valencia, Talcott Kallon Industries, General Motors Challenger[598], MuckRaker[599] Inner Sphere IndustrialMech
Kallon Sure-Shot Nanking Kallon Industries Partisan[600] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Kallon Victory Tracker Delta Loyalty, Asuncion Kallon Industries Poignard[601] Inner Sphere Aerospace
KBC Starsight Model 3 Mars Krupp Stellar Technologies Inc. Lancelot[602] Inner Sphere 'Mech
KBC Starsight Model 5.1 Foster Ashton ’Mech Production Complex Lancelot C[603] Clan 'Mech
KBC Starsight Model QTA1 New Earth, Quentin, Terra Yankee Weapons Systems, Skobel MechWorks, Independence Weaponry Excalibur[604] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Keeper of the Peace Quentin, New Samarkand Independence Weaponry, Luthien Armor Works Peacekeeper[605] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Ki-II TTS Kervil, Donegal, Panpour Wakazashi Enterprises, Lockheed/CBM, Jalastar Aerospace Sabre[606][607] Inner Sphere Aerospace
Knorr Block 3 Orestes Janesek Industries Huscarl[608] Inner Sphere OmniFighter
Kressly-Lantern Allet T101 Epsilon Eridani Kressly Warworks Titan II[609] Inner Sphere 'Mech


Model Planet Manufacturer Mounted on Tech Base Vehicle Class
Lamprey VXX Terra Meers-Skobel Defense Corporation Nightshade[610] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Land Shark Scanner 15 Arcturus Arcturan Arms, MacEnroe Motors Marsden II[611] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Lester ATR Apollo United Mechanics, LLC. Ignis[612] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Locator C100 Coventry Coventry Defense Conglomorate Ymir[613] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Lockheed/CBM TarSet 55 Donegal Lockheed/CBM Lucifer[614] Inner Sphere Aerospace
Lockheed/CBM TarSet 75 Tharkad Lockheed/CBM Morgenstern[615], Sternensturm[616] Inner Sphere OmniFighter
Lynx RM Bharat Killosh Industries Magi[617] Inner Sphere Vehicle


Model Planet Manufacturer Mounted on Tech Base Vehicle Class
Magestrix Gamma Canopus, Detroit, Alpheratz Canopus Industries Alpha, Detroit Consolidated Vehicle Works, Mountain Wolf BattleMechs Danai[618], Pike[619], Merlin[620] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Majesty 032-199 Canopus IV, Sian Majesty Metals and Manufacturing, Hellespont Mech Works Ebony[621] Inner Sphere 'Mech
MaLandry 34 St. Ives, Quentin HildCo Interplanetary, Independence Weaponry Victor[622] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Marconi TTS series II Detroit Novis AT-H, Inc. Tamerlane[623] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Mark 4 TTS / Mark IV TTS Blackjack, Ramora, Shadow CJF Factory Zone 5, Raveena Electronics, Kindraa Sainze Primary Production Facility Mandrill[624], Howler (Baboon)[625], Devil, [626] Clan 'Mech
Mark 7 TTS Shadow Weapons Plant FM-R33707 Spartan C[627] Clan 'Mech
Mark 9 TTS / Mark IX TTS Albion, Various Complex 19, Unknown Turk[628], Avar[629] Clan OmniFighter
Mark 11 Huntress Lootera Spaceworks Sabutai[630] Clan OmniFighter
Mark 11 IHADS Marshall, Various Marshall Light Assembly StationVarious Commando IIC[631], Anhur[632] Clan 'Mech, Vehicle
Mars System 9 Strana Mechty Wolf Clan Site #1 Dire Wolf (Daishi)[633] Clan OmniMech
Mars System 9 (Build 2) Weingarten W-7 Facilities Night Wolf[634] Clan 'Mech
Martin-Quarry Tarsys XLR 1.0 Crofton, Loburg, Terra StarCorps Industries Longbow[635] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Martin-Quarry Tarsys XLR 2.2 Crofton, Emris IV, Loburg, St. Ives StarCorps Industries Longbow[636] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Martin-Quarry Tarsys XLR 2.7 Crofton StarCorps Industries Antlion[637] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Master's Sight 1-Omega Gibson, Terra Gibson Federated BattleMechs, Martinson Armaments Archangel[638], Deva[639], Grigori[640], Malak[641], Preta[642], Seraph[643] Inner Sphere OmniMech
Master's Sight 2-Psi Gibson Master's Wing Aerospace Shade[644], Rusalka[645], Striga[646] Inner Sphere OmniFighter
Matabushi Sentinel Abiy Adi, Quentin, St. Ives, Styk, Al Na'ir, Luthien, Terra, Hesperus II, New Samarkand, Marduk, Irian, Shiro III, Warlock, Crofton, Son Hoa, Loburg, Talon, Tok Do Luthien Armor Works, Independence Weaponry, HildCo Interplanetary, Tao 'Mechworks, Yori 'Mech Works, Skobel MechWorks, Defiance Industries, Victory Industries, Irian BattleMechs Unlimited, Ceres Metals Industries, StarCorps Industries, Kallon Industries, Buda Imperial Vehicles, Alshain Weapons Coolant Truck[647], Thunder Fox[648], Orochi[649], Akuma[650], Daikyu[651], Penetrator[652], Blackjack (OmniMech)[653], O-Bakemono[654], Sunder[655], Jenner[656], Victor[657], Atlas[658][659], Owens[660], Marauder II[661], Warhammer[662] Inner Sphere 'Mech, OmniMech, Vehicle
Matabushi Sentinel Insulated Kajikazawa Cosby BattleMech and Myomer Research Firm Phoenix Hawk L[663] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Matabushi Sentinel Plus Luthien, Coventry, Crofton, Son Hoa, St. Ives, Loburg, Marduk, New Avalon Luthien Armor Works, Coventry Metal Works, StarCorps Industries, Victory Industries Black Hawk-KU[664] Inner Sphere OmniMech
Matabushi Sentinel-4 New Samarkand Luthien Armor Works Daboku[665] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Matabushi Stalker Luthien, Shiro III, Crofton, Son Hoa, St. Ives, Loburg, Marduk Luthien Armor Works, Irian BattleMechs Unlimited, StarCorps Industries, Victory Industries Raptor[666], Strider[667], Avatar[668], Avalanche[669] Inner Sphere OmniMech
Matabushi SuperSentinel New Samarkand Luthien Armor Works Mauler[670] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Matabushi Tenbatsu Luthien Luthien Armor Works Tenshi[671] Inner Sphere OmniMech
Maui Missile Trak Exedor Confederation Defense Corporation Firebee[672] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Maxell TA50 Irian Brooks Incorporated Galleon[673] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Maxell TA55 Suzano, Irian, Andurien, Pinard Brooks Incorporated, Pinard Protectorates Limited Harasser[674], Plainsman[675] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Maxell TA65 Andurien Brooks Incorporated Aeron[676] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Maxell TA70 Irian Brooks Incorporated Stygian[677] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Maxell TA85 Andurien Brooks Incorporated Moltke[678] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Maxell TA92 Kendall Brooks Incorporated Bulwark[679] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Maxim New Standard TargetTrack Al Na'ir, Skye, Sian Scarborough Manufacturers, Cyclops Incorporated, Hellespont Industrials Maxim[680] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Mercury-IV New Earth Bergan Industries Champion[681], [682] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Mercy Industries of Talon Various Various MASH Truck[683] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Meridian T-60 New St. Andrews Meridian Manufacturing Arbiter[684] Inner Sphere IndustrialMech
Mk. CXC-4 Twycross, Unknown Trellshire Heavy Industries, Complex H-4 Rifleman IIC[685][686] Clan 'Mech
Model 92 "Stalker" Eden, Arc-Royal, Tranquil W-5 Facilities, Wolf Clan Site 1, W-7 Facilities Lobo[687], Phantom[688] Clan 'Mech, OmniMech
Multi-Platform T12d Ramora United Outworlders Corporation Corax[689], Gossamer[690], Wusun[691] Inner Sphere, Clan OmniFighter, Vehicle
Multi-Platform T12e Ramora United Outworlders Corporation Corax C[692] Clan Aerospace
Multi-Spread 9 Twycross, Itabaiana Trellshire Heavy Industries, Manufacturing Plant DSF-IT1 Crimson Hawk[693], Tiburon[694] Clan 'Mech


Model Planet Manufacturer Mounted on Tech Base Vehicle Class
N&D Handsfree Furillo Lockheed/CBM Warrior[695][696] Inner Sphere Vehicle
N&D Longreach Gibbs Lockheed/CBM Thunderbird[697] Inner Sphere Aerospace
N&D Pinpoint Furillo, Hesperus II Defiance Industries DI Multipurpose VTOL[698] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Nashan Diana Mark II Targeting Computer Hesperus II, Quentin Defiance Industries, Independence Weaponry Gunslinger[699] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Nashan Trac V-102 Hesperus II, Calloway VI, Arc-Royal, Kwangjong-ni Defiance Industries, Earthwerks Incorporated, Arc-Royal MechWorks Ghost[700], Mongoose II[701] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Neko Megane 6 Chatham Wakazashi Enterprises Oni[702], Tatsu[703] Inner Sphere Aerospace, OmniFighter
Neko Megane 7 Luthien, Kaznejoy, New Samarkand Luthien Armor Works Rokurokubi[704], Hitotsume Kozo[705], Shiro[706] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Neko Megane 9 Hyner Luthien Armor Works SM2 Heavy Artillery Vehicle[707] Clan Vehicle
Night Fire 7 Unknown Unknown Raptor II[708] Inner Sphere 'Mech


Model Planet Manufacturer Mounted on Tech Base Vehicle Class
Octagon AccuTrak Taurus Taurus Territorial Industries Brahma[709] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Octagon Tartrac Keystone, Coventry, New Avalon, New Oslo Earthwerks Incorporated, Coventry Metal Works, Achernar BattleMechs, Gorton, Kingsley, and Thorpe Enterprises Phoenix Hawk[710] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Octagon Tartrac System C Son Hoa, New Hessen, Keystone, Hesperus II, Talon, Crofton, Loburg, Emris IV, Taurus, Tiber, Oliver StarCorps Industries, New Hessen WorkMechs, Earthwerks Incorporated, Defiance Industries, Kallon Industries, Taurus Territorial Industries, Brigadier Corporation Marshal[711], Longbow[712][713][714], Rook[715], Phoenix Hawk[716][717], Griffin[718][719][720], Blade[721] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Octagon Tartrac System E Abadan, Keystone Adam Tech Industries, Earthwerks Incorporated Havoc[722], Bloodhound[723] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Olivetti Pinpoint Advanced Ironhold, Sudeten Complex Beta, Olivetti Weaponry Turkina[724]Flamberge[725][726], Eyrie[727][728], Pinion[729] Clan 'Mech, OmniMech
Omicron VII Betelgeuse, New Samarkand, Terra Aldis Industries, New Samarkand Metals, Ford Military Limited Demolisher[730], Thorn[731] Inner Sphere 'Mech, Vehicle
Omicron VIII Betelgeuse, Terra Aldis Industries Pixiu[732], Behemoth II[733] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Omicron IX New Samarkand, Terra, Betelgeuse New Samarkand Metals, Aldis Industries Narukami[734], Schrek[735] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Omicron X Terra Aldis Industries Trajan[736] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Omicron XII Kirklin, Victoria Kallon Weapon Industries Paladin[737] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Omicron XX Pandora, New Oslo, Sudeten Red Devil Industries, Manufacturing Site 3, Olivetti Weapons, Falcon's Roost Orbital Assembly Plant Onager[738], Locust IIC[739][740], Spirit[741], Persepolis[742] Clan 'Mech, Aerospace
Omicron Alert Angell II Irian BattleMechs Unlimited Juliano[743] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Omicron TrackerKeeper Irian Irian BattleMechs Unlimited Albatross[744], Guillotine[745], Prefect[746] Inner Sphere 'Mech
ON-6 Ozawa Diplan Mechyards Mongoose[747] Inner Sphere 'Mech
O/P 10-40 LTR Mars Rebel Industrial Technologies, Inc. Mobile Long Tom[748] Inner Sphere Vehicle
O/P 100 Basic Proserpina Bulldog Enterprises Garrot[749] Inner Sphere Vehicle
O/P 411 Pinard Vandenberg Mechanized Industries Lamprey[750] Inner Sphere Vehicle
O/P 911 Victoria, Ares, Alpheratz, Canopus IV, Alphard, New Vandenburg, Alpheratz, Dunianshire, MacLeod's Land, Detroit, Sevon, Glasgow, Furillo, Stewart Shengli Arms, Bergan Industries, Alliance Defenders Limited, Majesty Metals and Manufacturing, Marian Arms, Inc., Vandenberg Mechanized Industries, Bristol SalvageWorks, Alliance Motors Limited, Wesley Industries, Defiance Industries, Corean Enterprises Yu Huang[751], Locust[752][753], Gladius[754], Stinger[755][756], Lao Hu[757], Cadaver[758], Sheriff[759], Deep Lord[760], Gulon[761], Firebee[762], Buster[763], Locust IIC[764] Inner Sphere 'Mech, Vehicle
O/P 911, OT Mod 3 Solaris VII Omnitech Industries Koto[765] Inner Sphere 'Mech
O/P 1078 Corey, Al Na'ir, Terra, Achernar, Victoria Hollis Incorporated, Yori MechWorks, Skobel MechWorks, Achernar BattleMechs, Earthwerks Incorporated Catapult[766][767], Catapult II[768], Osprey[769], Crosscut[770] Inner Sphere 'Mech
O/P 1500 ARB Emris IV, Sudeten, Pinard, Taurus StarCorps Industries, Olivetti Weaponry, Vandenberg Mechanized Industries, Taurus Territorial Industries Warhammer[771] Inner Sphere 'Mech
O/P 2000 Solaris VII Vining Engineering and Salvage Team Sasquatch[772] Inner Sphere 'Mech
O/P 2000A Calloway VI, Dunianshire Earthwerks Incorporated, Majesty Metals and Manufacturing Shadow Hawk[773] Inner Sphere 'Mech
O/P 2000C-5 Pollux Allied Aerospace Shadow Hawk LAM[774] Inner Sphere LAM
O/P 2000JSA Carlisle, Gienah Bowie Industries, Gienah Combat Vehicles Packrat[775] Inner Sphere Vehicle
O/P 2500 Crofton, Loburg, Son Hoa StarCorps Industries Manteuffel[776] Inner Sphere Vehicle
O/P 2500TGFD New Avalon Lycomb-Davion IntroTech Stuka[777] Inner Sphere Aerospace
O/P 2500TGFD Crofton, Loburg, Terra, New Avalon StarCorps Industries, Lycomb-Davion IntroTech Zibler[778], Stuka[779] Inner Sphere Vehicle
O/P 3000 Skye, Ramora, Sterope, Thorin Shipil Company, United Outworlders Corporation, Taurus Territorial Industries, Newhart Industries Seydlitz[780], Trident[781], Lucifer III[782] Inner Sphere Aerospace
O/P COM-211 Tikonov Lebedev Nautical Enterprises Lucius Zhao[783] Inner Sphere Naval
O/P FiberFeed 201 Keystone, Solaris VII Earthwerks Incorporated, Vining Engineering and Salvage Team Great Turtle[784], Grand Titan[785] Inner Sphere 'Mech
O/P GRD059 Melissia, Alphard GrummanCRI, Alphard Trading Corporation Marksman[786], Testudo[787] Inner Sphere Vehicle
O/P GRNDSTAT 50A Bryant HartfordCo Industries Von Luckner[788] Inner Sphere Vehicle
O/P LAMTRACK 45 Irece LexaTech Industries Stinger LAM[789] Inner Sphere LAM
O/P LAMTRACK 50 Irece LexaTech Industries Stinger LAM[790] Inner Sphere LAM
O/P PulseTrack III Hun Ho LexaTech Industries Cerberus[791] Inner Sphere 'Mech
O/P Scanoptics 400BP Terra Blankenburg Technologies Grim Reaper[792] Inner Sphere 'Mech
O/P Scanoptics Model 5 Corey Hollis Incorporated Huron Warrior[793] Inner Sphere 'Mech
O/P Scanoptics Type 9+ Terra, Emris IV, Menke, St. Ives), Loburg StarCorps Industries Warhammer[794] Inner Sphere 'Mech
O/P TA1240 Tematagi, Lapida II, Mizar, Capolla, Terra Nimakachi Fusion Products Limited, Victory Conditions Industries, Eris Enterprises Design Group, Krupp Armament Works Spider[795][796], Jackalope[797], Night Stalker[798], Roadrunner[799] Inner Sphere 'Mech
OptiSight-3 Carver V Hagan Industries BattleMech Landing Craft[800] Inner Sphere Vehicle
OptiSight-12 Pandora, Layover, Kalidasa, Ares, Alshain, Spittal, Sian, Ruchbah, Storfors, Sudeten Quikscell Company, Joint Equipment Systems, Benson and Bjorn, Hellespont Industries, Michaelson Heavy Industries, J.B. BattleMechs Incorporated, Trellshire Heavy Industries Scorpion[801], Chameleon[802], Sprint[803], Nacon[804], Chalchiuhtotolin[805], Sokar[806] Inner Sphere Vehicle
OptiTrack Techniques Various Various APC[807] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Orion 80 Terra Ford Military Limited Thorn[808] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Orion Suretrak XVII Epsilon Eridani, Keystone, St. Ives Kressly WarWorks, Earthwerks Incorporated, Ceres Metals Industries Trebaruna[809][810] Inner Sphere 'Mech
OWT&T Dirk 2 New Vandenburg Concordat Telecom and TransStellar Quasit[811] Inner Sphere 'Mech


Model Planet Manufacturer Mounted on Tech Base Vehicle Class
Pattern 9 TTS Priori Forge 7 Sulla[812] Inner Sphere OmniFighter
PhantomTrac 55 Terra Caletra Fighters Swift[813] Inner Sphere Aerospace
PreyStalker TTS 5.4 Brim Brim Ironworks Vision Quest[814] Clan 'Mech
Proto-Enhanced, Model 4 Tamaron Beta Plant 3F Procyon[815] Clan ProtoMech
Proto-Enhanced, Model 4-M Csesztreg Csesztreg Industriplex Epsilon Procyon (Quad)[816] Clan ProtoMech
Proto-Enhanced, Model 9 Dante Snow Raven Industrial Complex Alpha Hippogriff[817] Clan ProtoMech
PS-1-12 New Earth Blow/Hookson Technologies Zero[818] Inner Sphere Aerospace
Pulsar Tri-X New Earth, Irian Newhart Industries, Irian BattleMechs Unlimited Guillotine[819] Inner Sphere 'Mech


Model Planet Manufacturer Mounted on Tech Base Vehicle Class
Quadrant XD Bristol Jolassa-Kumbold Armored Weapons Fury[820] Inner Sphere Vehicle


Model Planet Manufacturer Mounted on Tech Base Vehicle Class
Radcom G4RM-Z Dover Wakazashi Enterprises Nishikigoi[821] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Radcom Special T7 St. Ives Mujika Aerospace Technologies Bullet Suicide Drone[822] Inner Sphere Conventional Fighter
Radcom T5 St. Ives Mujika Aerospace Technologies Guardian (Conventional Fighter)[823] Inner Sphere Conventional Fighter
Radcom T11 Dover, New Samarkand, Sian Wakazashi Enterprises, Yan Manufacturing, Saroyan Special Productions Transgressor[824], Slayer[825], Yasha[826], Kamakiri[827] Inner Sphere Vehicle, Aerospace
Radcom TXX Terra, Shiro III, Kalidasa, Furillo Coventry/Earthwerks Combine, Irian BattleMechs Unlimited, Kali Yama Weapons Industries Incorporated, Defiance Industries Wasp[828], Firefly[829] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Radcom TXXI Sian, Detroit, Taurus Hellespont Mech Works, Detroit Consolidated MechWorks, Taurus Territorial Industries Wasp[830][831], Shen Yi[832] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Radcom TXXI Sian Hellespont Mech Works Tian-Zong[833] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Rand LAMTar 100 Epsilon Eridani Harvard Company, Inc. Wasp LAM[834] Inner Sphere LAM
Rander Crosshairs Unknown Stormvanger Assemblies Unlimited Striker[835] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Rander Dragonslayer Connaught, Robinson Kong Interstellar Corporation, Robinson Standard BattleWorks Black Knight[836] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Rander Pinpoint-HY New Syrtis, Furillo, Loxley Johnston Industries, Defiance Industries, Norse-Storm Technologies Incorporated Devastator[837], Caesar[838], Axman[839] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Rander TA2 Panpour, Donegal Jalastar Aerospace, Lockheed/CBM Corporation Centurion (Aerospace Fighter)[840] Inner Sphere Aerospace
Rander TA4 Panpour Jalastar Aerospace Sparrowhawk[841] Inner Sphere Aerospace
Rander TA5 Dell, Alarion, New Vandenberg, Circe Bowie Industries, Vandenberg Mechanized Industries, Industriplex MC2 Chippewa[842], Chippewa IIC Inner Sphere, Clan Aerospace
Rander TA7 Donegal, Tharkad Lockheed/CBM Corporation Eisensturm[843] Inner Sphere OmniFighter
Rander TA8 Carlisle Bowie Industries Wildkatze[844] Inner Sphere Aerospace
Rander TA800 Axton Wangker Aerospace Corsair[845] Inner Sphere Aerospace
Rander TA1000 Axton Wangker Aerospace Cutlass[846], Corsair[847] Inner Sphere Aerospace
Ranger LAF Model 2 Coventry Coventry Metal Works Hussar[848] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Rat's Eyes Luthien Buda Imperial Vehicles Shillelagh[849] Inner Sphere Vehicle
RCA Econotrac Trondheim, Twycross, Ingersoll, Shimonita, Itabaiana New York Vehicle Y2 Facility, Trellshire Heavy Industries, Manufacturing Plant SFF-NG1, Manufacturing Plant SFF-SH2, Manufacturing Plant SFF-IT1, Joint Equipment Systems Balac[850], Tyr[851], Cardinal[852], Kite[853] Clan Vehicle
RCA Instatrac Mark II Sudeten, Rasalhague Olivetti Weaponry, Gorton, Kingsley & Thorpe Enterprises J. Edgar[854], MechBuster[855] Inner Sphere Vehicle, Conventional Fighter
RCA Instatrac Mark IV Tikonov Earthwerks Incorporated Koschei[856] Inner Sphere 'Mech
RCA Instatrac Mark VI Arc-Royal, Alshain, CSF Poseidon Mobile Production Facility Arc-Royal MechWorks, Bergan Industries, Manufacturing Plant SFF-IT3 Ursus[857][858], Ursus II[859], Koshi (Standard)[860] Clan 'Mech
RCA Instatrac Mark VIII Solaris VII Omnitech Industries Morpheus[861] Inner Sphere 'Mech
RCA Instatrac Mark IX Alshain Bergan Industries, Alshain Weapons Kodiak[862], Kontio[863], Kodiak II[864] Clan 'Mech
RCA Instatrac Mark X Keystone, Tikonov, Adelaide, Calloway VI, Inarcs, Hesperus II, Talon, Marduk, Furillo, Vendrell, Alpheratz Earthwerks Incorporated, Trellshire Heavy Industries, Blackstone BattleMechs Limited, Defiance Industries, Kallon Industries, Victory Industries, Mountain Wolf BattleMechs Thunderbolt[865][866][867], Night Hawk[868], Axman[869], Anzu[870], Götterdämmerung[871], Griffin[872] Inner Sphere 'Mech
RCA Instatrac Mark XI Terra, Keystone, Chatham Earthwerks Incorporated, Wakazashi Enterprises Shilone[873], Griffin[874][875], Crucible[876] Inner Sphere 'Mech, Aerospace
RCA Instatrac Mark XII Alshain, Carlisle, Calloway VI, Hun Ho, Lesnovo, Dunianshire, Terra, New Vandenberg, Satalice, Talitha, Alphard, Perdition, Skye, New Syrtis, Epsilon Eridani Bergan Industries, Bowie Industries, Earthwerks Incorporated, LexaTech Industries, Nimakachi Fusion Products Limited, Majesty Metals and Manufacturing, Vandenberg Mechanized Industries, Gorton, Kingsley & Thorpe Enterprises, Gilmour MilTech, Alphard Trading Corporation, Cyclops Incorporated, Johnston Industries, Kressly WarWorks Archer[877][878][879][880], Bombardier[881], Bruin[882], Cronus[883], Fulcrum[884], Wolverine[885], Shadow Hawk[886][887], Lineholder[888] Inner Sphere, Clan 'Mech, Vehicle
RCA Instatrac Mark XIII Gibson Gibson Federated BattleMechs Buccaneer[889] Inner Sphere 'Mech
RCA Instatrac Mark XIX Addicks, New Syrtis Johnston Industries Dagger[890] Inner Sphere OmniFighter
RCA Instatrac Mark XXII Hesperus II, Furillo, Donegal Defiance Industries, Assault Tech Industries Eisenfaust[891], Uziel[892], Scorpion[893], Sojourner[894] Inner Sphere, Clan 'Mech, OmniMech
RCA Instatrac Vesion 8 Alshain Alshain BattleWorx, Bergan Industries Kuma[895], Arcas[896] Clan 'Mech
RCA Instatrac Version 8a Csesztreg, Tokasha Csesztreg Industriplex Alpha, Tokasha Mechworks Stone Rhino (Behemoth)[897][898] Clan 'Mech
Reginald Systems Co-Track Gamma Augusta Corean Enterprises Fennec[899] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Reginald Systems TC-A Augusta, Cahokia Corean Enterprises, Achernar BattleMechs Legionnaire[900] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Ribaldi 402 TTS Erewhon CJF Factory Zone 5 Erinyes[901] Clan ProtoMech
Ringo Plant 88 Mk. 2 Stewart, Terra Allied Technologies, New Age Systems Incorporated Gotha[902], Umbra[903] Inner Sphere Aerospace
Ryder Track IV Liberty Brooks, Inc. Ironsides[904] Inner Sphere Aerospace


Model Planet Manufacturer Mounted on Tech Base Vehicle Class
S438 Mk. I Mod. 3 TTS Lum Industrial Complex Raven Alpha Pulverizer[905] Clan 'Mech
S438 Mk. III Mod. 7 TTS Strana Mechty Strana Mechty 'Mech Production Facility Beta Kingfisher[906] Clan OmniMech
S438 Mk. IV Mod. 2 TTS Strana Mechty Kerensky Memorial Manufacturing Osteon[907] Clan OmniMech
Salamander Systems CommPhase Unit Kathil, Solaris VII, Keystone, Pandora, Sian, Johnsondale General Motors, Blue Shot Weapons, Exeter Organization, Red Devil Industries, Hellespont Industries, Valiant Systems Pegasus[908], Ranger VV1[909], Cestus[910] Inner Sphere 'Mech, Vehicle
Salamander Systems Multi-Lock Keystone Exeter Organization R10[911] Inner Sphere Vehicle
SAT-PM 1 Irece, Csesztreg, Kirchbach Irece Delta Refit Center, Csesztreg Industriplex Epsilon, Swedenborg Heavy Industries Satyr[912], Minotaur[913], Svartalfa[914] Clan ProtoMech
Scantrex Dual Tac Indicass, Kalidasa, Alshain, Hesperus II Quikscell Company, Defiance Industries Hetzer[915], Fortune[916] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Scarborough Assault-1 Al Na'ir Scarborough Manufacturers Saladin[917] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Scarborough Track 1-1 Al Na'ir Scarborough Manufacturers Saracen[918] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Scarborough Tracky 1 Al Na'ir, Algedi Scarborough Manufacturers Maxim[919], Pegasus[920] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Scarborough Tracky 2 Al Na'ir, Algedi Scarborough Manufacturers Scimitar[921], Saladin Mk II[922], Saracen Mk II[923], Scimitar Mk II[924] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Scarborough Tracky 3 Al Na'ir, Skye, Keystone, Sian, Johnsondale Scarborough Manufacturers, Cyclops, Incorporated, Exeter Organization, Hellespont Industries, Valiant Systems Maxim Mk II[925], Pegasus[926] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Scope 30 RDNST Terra, Soul Leopard Armor, Blankenburg Technologies, Foretechno Padilla[927], Katana[928], Crockett[929], Burke[930] Inner Sphere 'Mech, Vehicle
Scope 40 RNDST Terra Martinson Armaments Spartan[931] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Scope 85 RDNST Terra Leopard Armor Red Shift[932] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Scope 115F Mizar Fairchild Dornier Samurai[933] Inner Sphere Aerospace
Scope 130Z Tharkad Lockheed-CBM Corporation Rapier[934] Inner Sphere Aerospace
Scope 2000 Terra Martinson Armaments, Aldis Industries Initiate[935], Kinnol[936] Inner Sphere 'Mech, Vehicle
Scope 3580 Terra Martinson Armaments Lightray[937] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Scope 4520 New Earth New Earth Trading Company Kheper[938], Uraeus[939] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Scope Paint Terra New Age Systems Incorporated Spad[940] Inner Sphere Aerospace
Scope Paint v2.41 Lum, Twycross Crest Foundries, DS Aero Assembly Site Rho Issedone[941] Inner Sphere OmniFighter
Scrambler-7 Series Errai Maltex Corporation Wyvern[942][943] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Series I GDS Dagda Manzikert Fabrication & Assembly Plant Gamma Wyvern IIC[944] Clan 'Mech
Series II GPS Various Various Svantovit[945] Clan Vehicle
Series III GDS Arcadia, Huntress Arcadia BattleMech Plant CM-03, Huntress Production Facility Epsilon Mist Lynx (Koshi)[946] Clan OmniMech
Series III OPT Itabaiana, Strana Mechty, Arc-Royal Manufacturing Plant SFF-TU1, Wolf Clan Site 2, WC Site 1 Orion IIC[947], Timber Wolf (Mad Cat)[948], Iron Cheetah[949] Clan 'Mech, OmniMech
Series V OPT Strana Mechty, Arc-Royal Wolf Clan Site 2, WC Site 1 Linebacker[950] Clan OmniMech
Series VI Integrated TTS Kirchbach, Sudeten, Csesztreg, Hector, Atreus, Tokasha, Various Swedenborg Heavy Industries, Olivetti Weaponry, Csesztreg Industriplex Beta, Trellshire Heavy Industries, Hector MechWorks Facility Beta, Kindraa Faraday-Tanaga Tertiary Facility, Tokasha MechWorks Alpha, Various Predator[951], Icestorm[952], Ku[953], Zephyros[954], Bane (Kraken)[955][956], Huitzilopochtli[957], Aithon[958], Anat[959], Hadur[960], Gurzil[961] Clan 'Mech, Vehicle
Series VI KITT Tokasha, Arcadia, Jarett, Various Tokasha Mechworks Alpha, Bergan Industries, Omega Orbital Production Plant, Various Grizzly[962], Guillotine IIC[963], Indra[964], Sun Bear[965] Clan 'Mech, OmniMech, Vehicle
Series XIV OPT Tukayyid Manufacturing Plant SFF-TU1 Savage Wolf (Mad Cat Mk IV)[966], Amarok[967] Clan 'Mech, OmniMech
Series XXVI IWS Various Various Ishtar[968] Clan Vehicle
Series XXVIII IWS Irece Barcella Beta Joust[969], Shoden[970], Sekhmet[971] Clan Vehicle
Series XXX MultiTrack Babylon, Lum, Ironhold Babylon MechWorks V, Production Line Gamma 2, Ironhold Plant 9 Kit Fox (Uller)[972] Clan OmniMech
Series XXXII Multitrack Homer Constantin Assembly Plant M27A-E Stalking Spider[973] Clan 'Mech
Series XXXII Multitrack IWS Various Various Mars[974] Clan Vehicle
Series XL FWS Csesztreg, Niles Csesztreg Industriplex Beta, Niles Industriplex Alpha, Niles Industriplex Beta Epona[975], Hephaestus[976][977] Clan Vehicle
Series XLII TLS Kirchbach, Kirin Swedenborg Heavy Industries, Kirin Armory Plant 4 Enyo[978][979] Clan Vehicle
Series JFVII Intigrated Alyina, Sudeten, Ironhold CJF Factory Zone 4, Olivetti Weaponry, Ironhold Alpha Complex Black Lanner[980], Hierofalcon[981] Clan OmniMech
Series JFVIII KITT Alyina, Sudeten, Ironhold CJF Factory Zone 4, Olivetti Weaponry, Ironhold Alpha Complex Cougar[982], Fire Falcon[983], Ion Sparrow (Butcherbird)[984] Clan OmniMech
Series JFIX Ironhold Complex Beta Turkina[985] Clan OmniMech
Sky Tracer WL New Vandenberg Paulina Weapons Cyrano[986] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Skyhunter IV Terra, New Samarkand Skobel MechWorks, Yan Manufacturing Mercury[987], Crow[988] Inner Sphere 'Mech, Vehicle
Sloane 220 Lockover System Bell, Furillo, Strana Mechty Andoran Industries Ltd., Clan Snow Raven Industrial Complex Chi, Defiance Industries, Upsilon Plant 2J Clint[989][990], Clint IIC[991], Viper (Dragonfly)[992] Inner Sphere, Clan 'Mech, OmniMech
Sonar Sync Tracker Exeter, Galtor Galtor Naval Yards Neptune[993] Inner Sphere Naval
Spanke 112-A New Kent Novy Minsky Armaments Plant Battle Cobra[994], Crossbow (OmniMech)[995] Clan OmniMech
Spar 3C MegaTrak Talon, New Valencia Kallon Industries, General Motors Pendragon[996], Templar[997], Templar III[998] Inner Sphere 'Mech, OmniMech
Spar 3C Tight Band New Oslo, Fox ArcShip (Fox Khanate), Twycross, Shiro III Manufacturing Site 3, Manufacturing Plant SFF-IT5, Irian BattleMechs Unlimited, Trellshire Heavy Industries Stalker[999], Black Hawk (Standard)[1,000] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Standard Smartrack Moore Duncan Enterprises Giggins[1,001] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Standard TargetTrack Oliver Brigadier Corporation Demon[1,002], Shandra[1,003] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Standus 3 Terra Martinson Armaments Kyudo[1,004] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Standus 20 St. Ives, Quentin HildCo Interplanetary, Independence Weaponry Victor[1,005] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Starbeam 3000 Mars, Ozawa General Mechanics Kintaro[1,006][1,007] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Starlight Adjustable LX-8 Terra StarCorps Industries Doloire[1,008] Inner Sphere OmniMech
Starlight LX-1 Herzberg, Emris IV, Loburg Kaiser Systems, StarCorps Industries Highlander[1,009], Scourge[1,010], Rawhide[1,011], St. Florian[1,012] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Starlight Seeker LX-3a Son Hoa StarCorps Industries Hermit Crab[1,013] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Starlight Seeker LX-4X Son Hoa, Emris IV, Menke, St. Ives, Crofton StarCorps Industries Emperor[1,014], Carronade[1,015] Inner Sphere 'Mech
StratSight v.9 Kirklin Kallon Industries Kalki[1,016] Inner Sphere Vehicle
SturmFeur Highlight with BlindFire Radar Inarcs, Sudeten Blackstone BattleMechs, Trellshire Heavy Industries Sturmfeur[1,017], Talon][1,018] Inner Sphere 'Mech, Vehicle
Sync Tracker Wolverine Inner Sphere 'Mech
Sync Tracker (39-42071) Kathil, Salem, New Valencia, New Avalon, Nanking, Thermopolis, Marduk, Gibson, Stewart, Fox ArcShip (Fox Khanate) General Motors, Blackwell Industries, Corean Enterprises, Kallon Industries, Victory Industries, Free Worlds Defense Industries, Corean Enterprises - MacAdams-Suharno, Manufacturing Plant SFF-IT5 Wolverine[1,019][1,020], Ajax[1,021], Rakshasa[1,022], Valkyrie[1,023][1,024], Wulfen[1,025], Warwolf[1,026], Conjurer (Hellhound)[1,027], Alpha Wolf[1,028], Stormwolf[1,029] Inner Sphere, Clan 'Mech, , OmniMech, Vehicle
Sync Tracker (40-TC) New Avalon, Demeter Corean Enterprises, Vicore Industries Valkyrie[1,030] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Sync Tracker (55-42071) New Syrtis, Kathil Johnston Industries, General Motors Garm[1,031], Hollander III[1,032] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Sync Tracker (4034-A30) Salem General Motors Challenger[1,033] Inner Sphere Vehicle
SynCom DEC Trellisane, Ellsworth Gutierrez Aerospace Lancer[1,034], Picaroon[1,035] Inner Sphere Aerospace
SynCom Master Capella Iona Light Shipyards Rogue[1,036] Inner Sphere Aerospace
SynCom VAX Andurien, Westover Andurien Aerotech Deathstalker[1,037], Stingray[1,038] Inner Sphere Aerospace


Model Planet Manufacturer Mounted on Tech Base Vehicle Class
T&T Type3X Various Various Chaeronea[1,039] Clan Aerospace
T-800 Series 4 Furillo Nashan Diversified Sturmvogel[1,040] Inner Sphere Vehicle
T-800 Series 5 Furillo, Arc-Royal Nashan Diversified, WC Site 4 Fensalir[1,041] Inner Sphere Vehicle
T-800 Series 7 Furillo Nashan Diversified Swallow[1,042] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Tacticon Tracer 150b Graham IV Mitchell Vehicles Helepolis[1,043] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Tacticon Tracer 280 Caph Stormvanger Assemblies, Unlimited Cyclops[1,044] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Tacticon Tracer 300 Unknown Komiyama/Nissan General Industries Hunchback[1,045] Inner Sphere 'Mech
TacTOM IV Johnsondale, Achernar Valiant Systems Fox[1,046] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Tansech C30-97 Coventry, Skye Coventry Metal Works, Argile Technologies Firestarter[1,047] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Tar Tec Mini-Find Inarcs ScolTek Associates Hi-Scout[1,048], Winterhawk[1,049] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Targeting System 2.3 Alshain, Panpour Joint Equipment Systems Skulker[1,050] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Targa-7, Vid-Com-17 Hesperus II Defiance Industries Sentinel[1,051] Inner Sphere 'Mech
TargiTrack 700 Ingersoll Bulldog Enterprises Meteor Inner Sphere Conventional Fighter
TargiTrack 717 New Earth, Proserpina, Northwind, Luthien, Panpour New Earth Trading Company, Bulldog Enterprises, Cosara Weaponries, Buda Imperial Vehicles, Jalastar Aerospace Schiltron[1,052], Myrmidon[1,053][1,054], Tokugawa[1,055], Fwltur[1,056], Manticore[1,057] Inner Sphere Vehicle, IndustrialMech
Tarmac Quasar V Terra, Belladonna Aldis Industries, Cal-Boeing of Dorwinion Cobra[1,058], Ripper[1,059] Inner Sphere Vehicle
TBR LaserTrac Terra Ulston Armor Thor (Combat Vehicle)[1,060] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Tek Tru-Trak Calloway VI, Connaught, Canopus IV, Inarcs Earthwerks Incorporated, Orguss Industries, Kong Interstellar Corporation, Majesty Metals and Manufacturing, Blackstone BattleMechs, Ltd. Black Knight[1,061], Enfield[1,062], Agrotera[1,063], Phoenix Hawk[1,064][1,065] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Telecron M75 Graham IV Mitchell Vehicles Hellcat[1,066], Hellcat II[1,067] Inner Sphere Aerospace
TGI 2331C/TGI F-190 Epsilon Eridani Kressly WarWorks Lightning[1,068] Inner Sphere Vehicle
TharHes AGART Hesperus II Defiance Industries Hunter[1,069][1,070] Inner Sphere Vehicle
TharHes AGART V3 Hesperus II Defiance Industries Hunter[1,071] Inner Sphere Vehicle
TharHes Alpha-2a Carlisle S.L. Lewis, Inc. Savannah Master[1,072] Inner Sphere Vehicle
TharHes Ares-5 Errai, Keystone Maltex Corporation, Earthwerks Incorporated Thug[1,073] Inner Sphere 'Mech
TharHes Ares-5B Hesperus II Defiance Industries Battle Hawk[1,074] Inner Sphere 'Mech
TharHes Ares-7 Hesperus II Defiance Industries Zeus[1,075], Flashman[1,076][1,077], Salamander[1,078] Inner Sphere 'Mech
TharHes Ares-7i Tharkad, New Valencia TharHes Industries, General Motors Falconer[1,079] Inner Sphere 'Mech
TharHes Ares-8a Tharkad, Hesperus II, New Syrtis TharHes Industries, Defiance Industries, Johnston Industries Barghest[1,080][1,081], Hatchetman[1,082][1,083][1,084], Nightsky[1,085], Bushwacker[1,086] Inner Sphere 'Mech
TharHes Ares-9 Tharkad TharHes Industries Ursa[1,087] Inner Sphere 'Mech
TharHes Ares LM Hesperus II Defiance Industries Cobra[1,088] Inner Sphere 'Mech
TharHes Ares X9-B Kwangjong-ni Defiance Industries Zeus X[1,089] Inner Sphere 'Mech
TharHes Digital Scanlok 347 New Earth New Earth Trading Company Alacorn[1,090] Inner Sphere Vehicle
TharHes HQ CommSet Unknown Star League Defense Industries Mobile HQ[1,091] Inner Sphere Vehicle
TharHes Mars-1 Pandora, Ozawa, Arcturus, Duran, Skye, Hesperus II, Richvale Red Devil Industries, Diplan Mechyards, Arcturan Arms, Rastaban Agricultural, Cyclops Incorporated, Defiance Industries, Quikscell Company Condor[1,092][1,093], Saxon[1,094], Mongoose[1,095], Vedette[1,096], CattleMaster[1,097] Inner Sphere 'Mech, Vehicle, IndustrialMech
TharHes Mars-5 Hesperus II Defiance Industries Rommel[1,098], Patton[1,099] Inner Sphere Vehicle
TharHes Mars-8.2 Hesperus II Defiance Industries Gürteltier[1,100] Inner Sphere Vehicle
TharHes Mars-9.4 Hesperus II Defiance Industries DI Schmitt[1,101] Inner Sphere Vehicle
TharHes Nav Shark Skye Skye Pleasure Craft Sea Skimmer[1,102][1,103] Inner Sphere Naval
TharHes Star Shark Coventry Coventry Metal Works Commando[1,104] Inner Sphere 'Mech
TharHes TargiTrack Hesperus II Defiance Industries Manticore II[1,105], Manticore[1,106] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Titan's Vantage Mk. II Devil's Rock Rhodes Foundry Poseidon[1,107], Ares (BattleMech)[1,108] Inner Sphere 'Mech, OmniMech
Tokasha B4-T&T Dante, Alpheratz, Various Industrial Complex Alpha, Alliance Defenders Limited, Various Dark Crow[1,109], Stormcrow (Ryoken)[1,110], Stinger IIC[1,111] Clan 'Mech, OmniMech
TrackMaster VIII Kathil, Salem, New Valencia General Motors Pandion[1,112] Inner Sphere Vehicle
TracTex Alpha-1 Perdition, Sterope, Alphard, Pinard Pinard Protectorates Limited, Taurus Territorial Industries, Marian Arms, Inc., Wingman Enterprises Limited Maultier[1,113], J. Edgar[1,114], SeaBuster[1,115] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Trannel OT73L Terra Leopard Armor Rhino[1,116] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Trannel OT73N Terra Royal Nelson Memorial Shipwrights of Portsmouth Manta[1,117] Inner Sphere Naval
TransComm Beta Connaught Kong Interstellar Corporation Black Knight[1,118] Inner Sphere 'Mech
TransComm WDS40A Terra Grumman Industries Chaparral[1,119] Inner Sphere Vehicle
TransComm WDS45N Terra Sungdong-STX Shipbuilding Moray[1,120] Inner Sphere Naval
TRSS Eagle Eye Kendall, Kalidasa, Lapida II, Tamarind, Terra, Tematagi, Orestes Kali Yama - Alphard Trading Corporation, Kali Yama Weapons Industries, Nimakachi Fusion Products Limited, Graham-Davis Enterprises, Krupp Armament Works, Odin Manufacturing Hunchback[1,121][1,122][1,123], Venom[1,124], Spider[1,125], Vulcan[1,126], Ostscout[1,127][1,128], Patron[1,129], Quasimodo[1,130] Inner Sphere 'Mech, IndustrialMech
TRSS Eagle Eye Advanced T&T FCS Solaris VII Innovative Design Concepts Paladin[1,131] Inner Sphere 'Mech
TRSS.2L3 Connaught, Robinson, CFS Kraken Kong Interstellar Corporation, Robinson Standard BattleWorks, Manufacturing Plant SFF-SKK6 Ostscout[1,132][1,133], Ostsol[1,134][1,135][1,136], Ostroc[1,137] Inner Sphere 'Mech
TRTTS Mark I Circe, Babylon Cudahy Assembly Plant Delta, Coyote Industrial Mongoose C[1,138], Masauwu[1,139] Clan 'Mech
TRTTS Mark II Huntress, Roche, New Oslo, Orestes, Zoetermeer, Jarett, Rasalhague, Various Abysmal Manufacturing Complex, Roche QuadPlex Alpha, Manufacturing Site 3, Odin Manufacturing, Zoetermeer Alpha Complex, Alshain Weapons, Gorton, Kingsley & Thorpe Enterprises, Various Fire Scorpion[1,140], Odin[1,141], Eldingar[1,142], Horned Owl (Peregrine)[1,143][1,144], Zorya[1,145], Shadow Hawk IIC[1,146] Clan 'Mech, Vehicle
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TRTTS Mark V AirTracker Gienah, Mitchella Gienah Automotive, United Outworlders Corporation Aesir[1,151], Nuberu[1,152] Clan Vehicle
TRTTS-X Mark I Circe Cudahy Assembly Plant Delta Great Wyrm[1,153] Clan 'Mech
TTS Model 3 Ironhold Complex VI Scytha[1,154] Clan OmniFighter
Type 13e Dante Industrial Complex Alpha Vapor Eagle (Goshawk)[1,155], Goshawk II[1,156] Clan 'Mech
Type 11d Various Various Issus[1,157] Clan Aerospace
Type IV Bloodhound T&T System Arc-Royal Arc-Royal MechWorks Arctic Fox[1,158] Clan OmniMech
Type V Bloodhound T&T System Arc-Royal Arc-Royal MechWorks Mangonel[1,159], Verfolger[1,160] Clan 'Mech


Model Planet Manufacturer Mounted on Tech Base Vehicle Class Type


Model Planet Manufacturer Mounted on Tech Base Vehicle Class
Valiant 2 Various Various Kirghiz[1,161] Inner Sphere OmniFighter
VeraTech MechTnT XVT20S Taurus Taurus WarWorks Toro[1,162] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Version Delta-II TTS(A) Sudeten, Csesztreg, Various Olivetti Weaponry, Csesztreg Industriplex Alpha, Various Hellbringer (Loki)[1,163], Loki Mk II[1,164] Clan OmniMech
Version Gamma-V TTS Arcadia, New Oslo, Csesztreg, Tokasha, Niles Arcadia BattleMech Plant CM-T15, Manufacturing Site 3, Csesztreg Industriplex Alpha Annex, Tokasha MechWorks, Niles Industriplex Alpha Parash[1,165], Incubus (Vixen)[1,166], Incubus II[1,167], Mongrel (Grendel)[1,168], Corvis[1,169], Omni-Corvis[1,170], Cyllaros[1,171], Arion[1,172], Boreas[1,173], Harpagos[1,174] Clan 'Mech, OmniMech
Version Kappa-III TTS Kirin, Csesztreg, Tamar, Tokasha Kirin MechWorks I, Csesztreg Industriplex Alpha, Clan Wolf Site OZ-1, Tokasha Mechworks Thunder Stallion[1,175], Gargoyle (Man O' War), Doom Courser[1,176] Clan 'Mech, OmniMech
Version Omega-V TTS Tokasha Tokasha MechWorks Nova (Black Hawk)[1,177] Clan OmniMech
Version Omega-IX TTS Niles Niles Industriplex Epsilon Bowman[1,178] Clan 'Mech
Virtutrak S0 Betelgeuse Aldis Industries Scorpion[1,179] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Virtutrak S1 Betelgeuse, Terra Aldis Industries Regulator[1,180], Regulator II[1,181] Inner Sphere Vehicle


Model Planet Manufacturer Mounted on Tech Base Vehicle Class
Wasat Aggressor Shiro III, Irian, Kalidasa, Richvale Irian BattleMechs Unlimited, Kali Yama Weapons Industries Incorporated, Quikscell Company Hermes II[1,182], Hermes[1,183], Stalker[1,184], Wasp[1,185], Stalker II[1,186], Ontos[1,187] Inner Sphere 'Mech, Vehicle
Wasat Aggressor Type B Arcadia, Alshain Arcadia BattleMech Plant CM-T02, Bergan Industries Minsk[1,188] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Wasat Aggressor Type 5 Kendall, Kalidasa, Arc-Royal Kali Yama - Alphard Trading Corporation, Arc-Royal MechWorks Orion[1,189][1,190], Annihilator[1,191], Pandarus[1,192] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Wasat Aggressor Type 5 with OmniLink Kalidasa Kali Yama - Alphard Trading Corporation Perseus[1,193] Inner Sphere OmniMech
Wasat Aggressor Type 6F with OmniLink Lopez Andurien Aerospace Shiva[1,194] Inner Sphere OmniFighter
Wasat Aggressor Type 8 Outreach Blackwell Industries Imp[1,195] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Wasat Aggressor Type 12 Regulus Tactical Advantage, LLC Neanderthal[1,196] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Wasat Argent with OmniLink Wallis Ronin Incorporated Sarath[1,197] Inner Sphere OmniMech
Wasat Snipe Type 2 Westover Andurien Aerotech Shikra[1,198] Inner Sphere Aerospace
Wasat Watchdog W100 Wallis, Irian, Keystone Ronin Incorporated, Irian BattleMechs Unlimited, Earthwerks Incorporated Tempest[1,199], Ostwar[1,200], Warhammer[1,201], Ostroc[1,202], BattleMaster[1,203] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Wasat Watchdog W105 Wallis Ronin Incorporated Tufana[1,204] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Wasat Watchdog W112 Tiber Earthwerks Incorporated Thang-Ta[1,205] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Wasat Watchdog W120 Wallis Ronin Incorporated Patriot[1,206] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Wayne Marksman Terra Mitchell Vehicles Shootist[1,207] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Wayne SuperSight Terra Mitchell Vehicles Blue Flame[1,208], White Flame[1,209] Inner Sphere 'Mech
WC-TT-008B Zosma W-12 Facilities Dominator[1,210] Clan 'Mech
Wentland Cyber-Track Warlock Ceres Metals Industries Cossack[1,211] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Wentland Giga-Track Warlock Ceres Metals Industries Helios[1,212] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Winston Coral Snake Coventry Coventry Metal Works Scarabus[1,213] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Winston Coral Snake (modified) Solaris VII Vining Engineering and Salvage Team Volkh[1,214] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Winston Sidewinder Terra Firma, Epsilon Eridani Bander BattleMechs, Kressly WarWorks Bandersnatch[1,215] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Wolf Hunter Mk VII Tranquil, Arc-Royal W-7 Facilities, Wolf Clan Site 3 Ice Ferret (Fenris)[1,216] Inner Sphere OmniMech
Wolf's Eye 7 Eden Wolf Armorworks Jagatai[1,217] Clan OmniFighter
Wunderland XXI-3 Series Johnsondale Valiant Systems, Wunderland Enterprises Striker (Combat Vehicle)[1,218] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Wunderland XXV-2 Series Johnsondale Valiant Systems Pilum[1,219] Inner Sphere Vehicle
Wunderland XXXV-1 Series Johnsondale Valiant Systems Striker[1,220] Inner Sphere 'Mech
Wunderland XL-4 Ozawa, Ankaa Wunderland Enterprises, DiNapoli Industries Demeter[1,221] Inner Sphere IndustrialMech
WuSight 13.8 Capricorn III, Sian Wu Industries Korvin[1,222] Inner Sphere Vehicle


Model Planet Manufacturer Mounted on Tech Base Vehicle Class
XH558 Archer Apollo Roe Weapon Systems Vulcan (Aerospace)[1,223] Inner Sphere Aerospace
Xilex-2000 Proserpina, Ares Bulldog Enterprises, Quikscell Company Bulldog[1,224] Inner Sphere Vehicle


Model Planet Manufacturer Mounted on Tech Base Vehicle Class
York Y2-T&T York York OmniMech Y1 Facility Stooping Hawk[1,225] Clan OmniMech
York Y3-T&TS York York BattleMech Y3 Facility Blood Kite[1,226] Clan 'Mech
York Y5-T&TS York Kindraa Mick-Kreese Primary Production Facility, York Y2 Facility Crimson Langur[1,227] Clan OmniMech


Model Planet Manufacturer Mounted on Tech Base Vehicle Class


Model Planet Manufacturer Mounted on Tech Base Vehicle Class
650 RND Northwind Cosara Weaponries Crab[1,228] Inner Sphere 'Mech


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