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Innovative Design Concepts

Innovative Design Concepts
Company Logo

Company Logo
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Solaris VII
Primary Products BattleMechs

Innovative Design Concepts is a BattleMech design firm producing 'Mechs for the Solaris VII arenas.


One of the many Solaris 'Mech design firms, the Solaris City based Innovative Design Concepts is the only one listed on the Lyran Alliance stock exchanges. IDC's listing is based on company CEO Ramon Pietro's desperate desire to enter the main-line 'Mech markets, despite the fact that unlike Vining Engineering and Salvage Team (a company that has developed truly new and unique designs which have entered mass production), IDC still produces only extensive customization of existing designs such as its popular Daedalus and Longshot, based on the venerable Phoenix Hawk and Assassin respectively.[1]

IDC survived the Jihad, but afterwards struggled to compete with larger and more advanced manufacturers.[2]


In 3067, the company's CEO is Ramon Pietro.[1]


Innovative Design Concepts has manufacturing centers on the following planets:

Solaris VII[edit]

Components produced on Solaris VII:[1][3][4][5][6][7][2][8][9][10]
Component Type
LST-2 Longshot[3] Light BattleMech
LNG-3 Longshot[3] Light BattleMech
PRC-1N Porcupine[4] Light BattleMech
PRC-2N Porcupine[4] Light BattleMech
PRC-3N Porcupine[5] Light BattleMech
SVR-5X Silver Fox[6] Light BattleMech
SVR-5X1 Silver Fox[6] Light BattleMech
DAD-3D Daedalus[7] Medium BattleMech
DAD-4A Daedalus[7] Medium BattleMech
DAD-4B Daedalus[7] Medium BattleMech
DAD-DX Daedalus[2] Medium BattleMech
PWR-1X Prowler[8] Medium BattleMech
PWR-1X1 Prowler[8] Medium BattleMech
PAL-2 Paladin[9] Heavy BattleMech
PAL-3 Paladin[9] Heavy BattleMech
CDG-1B Cudgel[10] Assault BattleMech
CDG-2A Cudgel[10] Assault BattleMech
CDG-2A Cudgel[10] Assault BattleMech
IDC-PRC01 Lite Endo Steel Porcupine[4]
IDC Fox 1 Silver Fox[6]
IDC-LST Endo Steel Longshot[3]
Cruises-AE Composite Prowler[8]
Cruises-III Deluxe Composite Paladin[9]
Earthwerks PXH II Endo Steel Daedalus[7]
Wells 990 Cudgel[10]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
ArcShield Reflective Silver Fox[6]
Ferro-fibrous Armor
Durallex Light ferro-fibrous Cudgel[10], Paladin[9] & Daedalus[7]
Durallex Super Medium Heavy ferro-fibrous Prowler[8]
Lexington Limited High Grand ferro-fibrous w/Spikes Porcupine[4]
Reactive Armor
Riese-400 Longshot[3]
Extralight Fusion Engine
Edasich Motors 180 XL w/Supercharger Porcupine[4]
Hermes 270 XL Daedalus[7]
245 XL Longshot[3]
LTV 400 XL Cudgel[10]
Extra-extralight Fusion Engine
Core Tek 385 XXL w/Supercharger Prowler[8]
Edasich Motors 315 XXL Silver Fox[6]
GM Super-Lite 360 XXL Paladin[9]
IDC 245 XXL Longshot[3]
Jump Jets
HildCo Model 10 Paladin[9]
Northrup 12000 Prowler[8]
Rawlings 45 Daedalus[7]
Communications System
Angst Clear Channel 3 Porcupine[4]
Cyclops 20 w/Cherry Seed Angel ECM Snow Fox[6]
Dalban StarLink Classic Prowler[8]
Dalban VirtuTalk Daedalus[7]
IDC Hailer B Longshot[3]
Omicron 4002 Networking Channel Paladin[9]
Tek BattleCom Cudgel[10]
Targeting-Tracking System
Angst Clear View 2A Porcupine[4]
Cyclops 9b w/advanced targeting module Snow Fox[6]
Dalban HiRez II Cudgel[10]
Dalban HiRez II-a Prowler[8]
Dalban HiRez III Advanced FCS Daedalus[7]
IDC ScopeTrak I Longshot[3]
TRSS Eagle Eye Advanced T&T FCS Paladin[9]
Small X-Pulse Laser
IDC Longshot[3]
Medium X-Pulse Laser
IDC Longshot[3]
TharHes Maxi w/Artemis IV Longshot[3]


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