Production information
Manufacturer Innovative Design Concepts[1]
Production Year 3063[2]
Model PRC-1N
Class Light
Cost 5,310,240 C-bills
Technical specifications
Mech type Inner Sphere BattleMech
Mass 20 tons
Chassis IDC-PRC01 Lite Endo Steel
Armor Lexington Limited High Grade Ferro-Fibrous with Spikes
Engine Edasich Motors 180 XL with Supercharger
Communications System Angst Clear Channel 3
Speed 151 km/h (194 km/h with MASC)

4x Medium Lasers

BV (1.0) 602
BV (2.0) 870[1]


Named for the array of Spikes embedded in its armor, the Porcupine is built by Innovative Design Concepts to fulfill a highly unusual niche for a light dueling 'Mech: Charge Specialist. No expense was spared in order to make the Porcupine as effective in this role as possible, with the 'Mech powered by an Edasich Motors 180 XL engine and built on a IDC-PRC01 Lite Endo Steel chassis. The Edasich engine is capable of pushing the 'Mech up to speeds of 151 km/h, and with the experimental Supercharger engaged the Porcupine is capable of speeds of up to 194 km/h in open terrain. Protection for the Porcupine is provided by three and a half tons of Lexington Limited High Grade Ferro-Fibrous armor which has had spikes embedded in it, giving the 'Mech greater damage potential when performing a charging attack than its laser weapons.[1]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The Porcupine is armed with a light arsenal of four Defiance B3M Medium Lasers. These allow the 'mech to wear down an enemy's armor until it is thin enough to succumb to one of the Porcupines[1] ramming attacks.


  • PRC-2N 
    Almost an entirely different 'Mech, this version drops the supercharged 180 XL engine for a smaller and lighter, but considerably more expensive, 160 rated IDC-VX XXL Engine and swaps the spikes and Ferro-Fibrous armor for cosmetically enhanced standard plating. The lighter engine and use of a Small Cockpit gives the PRC-2N enough space and tonnage to feature two ER Medium Lasers, two Small X-Pulse Lasers, and an ER Small Laser in addition to the four standard Medium Lasers of the PRC-1N. While a deadly close quarters combatant, even with an increased volume of double heat sinks, PRC-2N can only vent half the waste heat generated by all the extra weaponry and its experimental powerplant. BV (1.0) = ??, BV (2.0) = 918[4]
  • PRC-3N 
    This version, designed for battlefield use in 3132, focuses on the Porcupine's specialization in charging. The PRC-3N includes Impact-Resistant Armor to withstand its own charges, a Null-Signature System and a Laser Anti-Missile System to avoid fire before charging, and a dual MASC and Supercharger setup to enhance speed. Space for this equipment is made through the use of a 180 XXL Engine and the removal of all ranged weaponry. The result, an expensive combat 'Mech without ranged capabilities, had no sales by 3135. BV (2.0) = 511[5]



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