Cal-Boeing of Dorwinion

Cal-Boeing of Dorwinion
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Corporation Profile
Founding Year2899[1]
HeadquartersDorwinion (Belladonna III)[2]
Manufacturing Plant(s)

Cal-Boeing of Dorwinion was a minor aircraft manufacturer located in the Federated Suns. They later began production for the Filtvelt Coalition.


Formed in 2899 by a group of Federated-Boeing engineers and designers who disagreed with the company's direction, the parting of both groups was amiable, with Federated-Boeing even donating long-empty warehouses on Belladonna to the fledgling startup which repaid their parent company once they became successful. Cal-Boeing's first design, the Ferret, rolled off the production line in 2901, securing an AFFS contract for six thousand of the scout VTOL.[1]

Riding the wave of continued high-interest in their iconic VTOL, the company was unprepared for the failure of the combat version of the Ferret called the Wild Weasel in 2967. So stung, Cal-Boeing did not attempt to develop another until the Marten in 3021.[1]

In 3067, Cal-Boeing has seen a great deal of competition from Michaelson Heavy Industries. The company has expanded into the civilian market, and unless the AFFS starts to purchase some of their newer designs there is a decent chance the company will stop producing military systems altogether.[2] In 3079 however, the company's fortunes shifted for the better. With the widespread destruction of the Jihad and the AFFS reorganization, their VTOLs were more in demand than ever.[3]

The creation of the Filtvelt Coalition raised some concerns within the company, but when the Federated Suns declined to invade the company continued to produce parts and vehicles for the new Filtvelt Citizen's Militia. One unexpected side effect was the standardization of equipment across the FCM.[4]

By 3137, Cal-Boeing was producing two new versions of the Marten from their factory on Belladonna, the Marten Scout VTOL and a troop-carrying variant.[5] Cal-Boeing also made the decision to expand their production off of Filtvelt during the Dark Age, with a new facility on Lackland producing Aurora-class DropShips under contract as well as a new line of endo-steel which was predominantly manufactured for the Filtvelt Coalition's homegrown Coalition Armory Inc..[6]


Cal-Boeing of Dorwinion has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


Components produced on Belladonna:[7][8][9][10][11][12][3]
Component Type
Cavalry Infiltrator[7] VTOL
Cavalry Cadence Rain[8] VTOL
Ripper[9] VTOL
Ferret[2][10][11] VTOL
Ferret Light Scout VTOL (Armor) "Wild Weasel"[2][10][11] VTOL
Marten Scout VTOL[2][5][10][12] VTOL
Marten Scout VTOL (Infantry)[5] VTOL
Conventional Aircraft
Boomerang[2][10] Conventional Aircraft
Internal Combustion Engine
Tyron 25 Ferret[10][11]
Tyron 75 Marten[10][12]
Tyron 100[5] Marten Scout VTOL & Marten Scout VTOL (Infantry)
Fusion Engine
GM 110 Cavalry[7]
Omni 70 Ripper[9]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
StarGuard Darknova Stealth Cavalry[7]
ProtecTech Light Ferret & Marten[10][11][12] (all variants)[5]
Ferro-fibrous Armor
ProtecTech 6 ferro-fibrous Ripper[9]
Communications System
Achernar Standard Ferret[11] & Marten[12] (all variants)[5]
Datacom 100 Ripper[9]
Garret Supremesound w/Guardian ECM Cavalry[7]
Targeting-Tracking System
Garret D2j Cavalry[7]
IsBM Lantirn Ferret[10][11] & Marten[12] (all variants)[5]
Tarmac Quasar V Ripper[9]
Machine Gun
MainFire MiniGun Ferret[10][11]
Anti-Missile System
Medium Laser
Omicron 950 Ripper[9]
Magshot Gauss Rifle
Federated-Barret Cavalry[7]
Federated SuperStreak Marten[12]

Security Force: Cal-Boing Swarm (battalion sized unit of Wild Weasel's and Martens)[13][clarification needed]


Components produced on Filtvelt:[14][15][16]
Component Type
Ripper[16] VTOLs
Conventional Aircraft
Boomerang[15][16] Conventional Aircraft
GM AeroProp Boomerang[15]
Communications System
Achernar Air Whistler Boomerang[15]


Components produced on Lackland:[6]
Component Type
Aurora (post-Jihad)[6] Aerodyne DropShip
Construction Material
CBD Endo-Lite (post-Jihad)[6] Endo Steel


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