Marten (Combat Vehicle)

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Marten VTOL TRO3026r.jpg
Marten Scout VTOL
Production information
Manufacturer Cal-Boeing of Dorwinion
Production Year 3021[1]
Mission Scout
Technical specifications
Mass 15 Tons
Armor ProtecTech Light
Engine Tyron 100 ICE
Speed 216 km/h
Crew 1
Communications System Achernar Standard
Targeting Tracking System IsBM Lantirn
Heat Sinks 0

1x SRM-2

BV (1.0) 163
BV (2.0) 179[2][3]


The Marten Light Scout VTOL was produced briefly by Cal-Boeing of Dorwinion on the world of Belladonna. The vehicle was conceived originally as a combat-oriented version of the company's Ferret VTOL in 2967. However, the Wild Weasel was too fragile for customers and the design was discontinued. Cal-Boeing attempted to introduce a less daring design in form of the Marten in 3021. Billing the Marten in the role of a light transport VTOL and recon unit. Performance-wise, the craft was effective, however the shadow of Cal-Boeing's early Wild Weasel and the Marten's high cost caused the sales to falter.[4]

Cal-Boeing of Dorwinion put the design back into production sometime prior to 3145.[5]

Deployment History[edit]

Sales of the Marten had been limited, initially having been able to sell seven companies of the vehicles to the AFFS' Ceti Hussars. The combined-arms regiments have the Martens take over the role of scouting from its light BattleMechs. The Lyran Commonwealth's Twenty-second Skye Rangers purchased only a single company of the vehicles. However, some wealthy worlds' planetary militias have taken interest in the Marten, purchasing the vehicle for their use.[4]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The Marten is armed with a single front-mounted Federated SRM-2 Launcher with a ton of ammunition. (Though this launcher is named a streak by its manufacturer, this is merely a brand name and not an indication that the SRM is a Streak SRM-2.[5]) It is equipped with a one ton infantry bay and a half ton cargo bay. When reintroduced by Cal-Boeing, the half ton cargo bay was replaced by a Remote Sensor Dispenser to increase the Marten's utility as a scout craft.[5]

It is protected by 1.5 tons of standard armor.


  • Infantry 
    This variant removes the missile launcher and ammunition for a larger infantry bay. BV (1.0) = 17, BV(2.0)=107[6][7]


The Marten first appeared in "Lost Design" section of the TRO:3026 Revised. It was upgraded to use TechManual construction rules when it appeared in Technical Readout: 3145 Federated Suns.



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