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Red Devil Industries
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Red Devil Industries was a poorly-regarded military manufacturer based on Pandora.[1][2]


During the Third Succession War, Red Devil Industries had a well-known reputation as a wheeler-dealer company that operated just this side of the law. Originally a technicians' school and private maintenance company, Red Devil diversified into weapon system manufacture, opening its BattleMech production lines for the Lyran Commonwealth in the late 2900s.[1]

The Clan Invasion would dramatically impact Red Devil Industries. Targeted during the fifth wave of the invasion in 3052, the defending Gray Death Legion were able to hand Clan Jade Falcon a rare defeat, thus keeping Pandora out of Jade Falcons hands temporarily.[3] While considered among the least efficient weapon producers in the Federated Commonwealth, with Pandora on the Clan border the Commonwealth made plans to relocate both the Red Devil Industries and the Quikscell Company plants to safer interior worlds. Though the Quikscell relocation was well progressed by 3054, the Red Devil relocation was more problematic. A Succession Wars era nightmare of jury-rigged systems, ("held together by duct tape, bailing wire, and prayer" according to one reporter) the Commonwealth had serious concerns if the Red Devil machinery was even worth relocating, and if it would even survive the trip let alone be possible to reassemble at its new home. The second obstacle was the corrupt nobility of Pandora who were unwilling to see their main source of revenue depart, proving quite adept at blackmailing support to retain the Red Devil plant.[4]

After Pandora was taken by Clan Jade Falcon during the FedCom Civil War, Red Devil Industries became the largest producer of second-line 'Mechs in the Jade Falcon's Occupation Zone. The BattleMaster line in particular was pushed into overtime production. The harsh working conditions led to several labor strikes which were put down forcibly by the Falcons until 3071, when approximately 300 laborers were killed in a labor conflict. After that event, the Falcon Merchant Caste was able to talk the Khans into making a few concessions which improved both production and relations with the former Lyran citizens.[2]

Since Pandora is so close to the Lyran Alliance, the Jade Falcons haven't upgraded the Red Devil facility to produce front-line BattleMechs or OmniMechs. Instead they've chosen to focus on producing second-line 'Mechs, artillery, and small arms.[2]

During the Jihad, the plant lost none of its employees, but was only operating at 85% of its maximum output in 3079.[5]


Red Devil Industries has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


In 3054, the Pandora plant is secured by the Tenth FedCom RTC.[4]

Components produced on Pandora:[4][6][7][8][9]
Component Type
RFL-3N Rifleman[1][9] Heavy BattleMech
RFL-5D Rifleman[4] Heavy BattleMech
Rifleman IIC (refit)[9] Heavy BattleMech
BLR-1G BattleMaster [1] [6] Assault BattleMech
BLR-3S BattleMaster[4] Assault BattleMech
Onager[7] Assault BattleMech
Centipede[1][4][9] Hovercraft - Scout Car
Condor[1][4][8][9] Hovercraft - Hover Tank
Pegasus[4] Hovercraft - Scout Hover Tank
Hollis Mark X BattleMaster 1G[4][6]
Kallon Type IV Rifleman[4]
ONG-90 Onager[7]
StarFrame Heavy Modified Endo Steel BattleMaster[citation needed]
Internal Combustion Engine
Jones 75 Centipede[4]
Jones 105 Pegasus[4]
Jones 165 Condor[4][8]
Improved Jump Jets
JF Onager[7]
Fusion Engine
Consolidated Fusion 270 Onager[7]
JF 240 Standard Rifleman[citation needed]
VOX 340 BattleMaster 1G[6]
Extralight Fusion Engine
Hermes 240 XL Rifleman[4]
JF 340 XL BattleMaster[citation needed]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
Kallon Royalstar Rifleman[4]
ProtecTech 6 Pegasus & Centipede[4]
StarGuard IV BattleMaster 1G[6]
StarSlab-9.5 Mk II Condor[4][8]
Ferro-fibrous Armor
Arcshield Maxi X Ferro-fibrous BattleMaster[citation needed]
Forging MD4 Ferro-fibrous Onager[7]
Communications System
Angst 2400 Onager[7]
Exeter LongScan with ReconLook Pegasus[4]
Garret T11-A Rifleman[4]
HartfordCo COM 4000 BattleMaster 1G[6]
Scuti Dualcom Centipede[4]
TharHes KR-A P/Comm Condor[8]
Targeting-Tracking System
Garret D2j Rifleman[4]/Shipped to Sudeten for Thunderbolt[citation needed]
HarfordCo XKZ 1 BattleMaster 1G[4][6]/Shipped to Sudeten for Warhammer[citation needed]
CommPhase Unit Condor[citation needed]
Omicron XX Onager[7]
Salamander Systems Pegasus[4]
TharHes Mars 1 Condor[8]
Hyper-Assault Gauss Rifle 30
Type 0 Onager[7]
Donal BattleMaster 1G[6]
Micro Pulse Laser
Raid Onager[7]
Type OVR-X Rifleman[citation needed]
Small Pulse Laser
Chi Series Onager[7]
Medium Laser
Defiance B3M Condor[8]
Martell BattleMaster 1G[6]
Medium Pulse Laser
Series 14a Onager[7]
Large Laser
Magna Mk III [citation needed]
Machine Gun
Sperry Browning BattleMaster 1G[6]
SureFire MiniGun Condor[4][8]
Holly BattleMaster 1G[6]
Pattern J7 Onager[7]
StarStreak Heavy Pegasus[4]
Far Fire LRM-20 - BattleMaster[4]


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