Manufactured and utilized across the Inner Sphere, Martell is a common brand of BattleMech-scale Laser Weaponry.


With manufacture dating back to before the Reunification War[1], Martell's stable of readily built and proven standard lasers became a staple of the Succession Wars era where their more advanced competitors from the Star League era disappeared.[2] The tried and true Martell Medium Laser in particular was manufactured on as many as six worlds across the entire Inner Sphere by the Fourth Succession War.[3]

The recovery of the Helm Memory Core allowed Martell to revive more advanced models, and following Diverse Optics' reverse engineering of Clan-tech the company also quickly developed extended-range versions of the remaining laser classes,[4] all of which retained the same reliable performance that was the Martell hallmark.[5]

Weapons released under the Martell brand include:


  • Despite its reported wide usage and mention made in TechManual that Martell was able to reintroduce Pulse and Extended Range versions of its standard designs, no information has yet been provided on where the company's headquarters may be located. The Rhonda's Irregulars sourcebook cites that the Star League era Padilla Heavy Artillery Tank mounted a pair of Martell Medium Pulse Lasers from the "now-obsolete Martell Weapons works on Terra", but no mention is made if this facility is that headquarters or if it even exists in the post–Star League era, let alone why ComStar deemed it obsolete.[8]


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