Gilmour MilTech

Gilmour MilTech
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Company Logo
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Talitha
Primary Products BattleMechs


Founded by FWLM MechWarrior Angus Gilmour in 3023, Gilmour MilTech began as a maintenance contractor for Talitha's planetary militia, but soon expanded into custom rebuilding and equipment reconditioning, mainly to support mercenary concerns. The company weathered the storms of the FedCom occupation and became a major supplier to the AFFC, as well as maintaining links to the FWLM via what were officially mercenary contracts.[1]

Returned to League sovereignty after Operation Guerrero, Gilmour built up strategic partnerships with a number of companies, including Hollings-Dupre, Ltd. Subsequently, the company began to manufacture new designs, including the CNS-5M Cronus, an upgrade of the older home-grown CNS-3M model that originally emerged from Gilmour's lines during the Fourth Succession War. The company has yet to diversify further; most of its resources remain committed to maintenance contracts and rebuilding battlefield wreckage, but Angus Gilmour has stated his intent to release a new BattleMech design, possibly by 3068.[1]

Still a smaller-scale manufacturer even with this expansion, as the Word of Blake Jihad erupted Gilmour greatly benefited from the increasing demand for military hardware from those cut-off from buying from the larger manufacturers and the distribution of the Hegemony Memory Core, entering into "RetroTech" production to meet the demand. Already manufacturing from the less well-regard Word of Blake Protectorate Militia, after Talitha's acceptance into the Word of Blake Protectorate the company was expected to switch almost entirely to sales to the Word of Blake Militia and Protectorate Guard. [2]


The CEO in 3067 is Angus Gilmore.[1]


Gilmour MilTech has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


Components produced on Talitha:[3]:
Component Type
CNS-5M Cronus[1][3] Medium BattleMech
ICR-2S Icarus II[4] Medium BattleMech
WHM-8M Warhammer[5] Heavy BattleMech
Earthwerks SHD II Endo Steel Cronus[3]
Fusion Engine - XL
VOX 330 XL Cronus[3]
Jump Jets
Northrop 12000 Cronus[3]
Armor - BattleMechs & Vehicles
Maximillian 42 w/CASE Cronus[3]
Communications System
Cipher ComSys 1-C w/C3 Module Cronus[3]
Targeting-Tracking System
RCA Instatrac Mark XII Cronus[3]
Light Gauss Rifle
Gilmour MilTech Light Gauss Rifle Warhammer[5]


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