Aithon Assault Transport
Production information
Manufacturer Swedenborg Heavy Industries
Production Year 3084[1]
Mission Heavy Infantry Transport
Infantry Fire-Support
Direct-Fire Artillery Support
Type Tracked
Technical specifications
Mass 100
Armor Composite Alpha-V1 Ferro-Lamellor
Engine 300 Extralight Fusion Engine
Speed 54 kph km/h
Communications System Build 1685 Tacticom
Targeting Tracking System Series VI Integrated TTS
Heat Sinks 16

Long Tom Artillery Cannon
4 x Medium Pulse Lasers

BV (2.0) 1,666[2][3]


The Aithon Assault Transport is a Clan heavy infantry transport first produced by Swedenborg Heavy Industries in 3084 for Clan Hell's Horses. Created as a new design, the Aithon serves as a replacement for the various vehicles that the Clan is no longer able to produce. The Aithon is slow, but it is a well armored design which sports 12.5 tons of advance tech Ferro-Lamellor Armor. In addition to its damage reducing armor, the vehicle's vulnerable traction system is protected with a 10-ton Armored Motive System.

One of the vehicle's principal features is its Infantry Bay, which is able to handle upwards to 10 tons worth of troops.

Since being introduced into service, the Hell's Horses have distributed these machines into its Assault Clusters.[4]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The Aithon's main weapon is its Model LT-Max Long Tom Artillery Cannon, the forward-mounted weapon principally used to blast away at bunkers and other defensive positions. The Cannon has three tons of ammunition which is protected by CASE. For close-quarters combat, the Aithon relies on its four turret mounted Medium Pulse Lasers.[5]

Design Quirks[edit]

The Aithon is subject of the following Design Quirks:[3]


  • The technology listed in this vehicle have been re-rated according to the Jihad Technology Advancement Table found in TRO: Prototypes. The vehicle's Ferro-Lamellor Armor and Long Tom Artillery Cannon brings the Aithon's tech level to the Advanced Tech rating.[6] It should be noted that first printing/PDF release of the TRO:Prototypes does not list Ferro-Lamellor Armor's Class being changed from Experimental (found in TacOps) to Advanced. This is Errata listed in forums of offical Battletech website.[7] Master Unit List for Aithon also lists vehicle as Advanced as well.



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