Cyclops Incorporated

Cyclops Incorporated
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Corporation Profile
HeadquartersNew Aberdeen (Skye IV)[1]
Manufacturing Plant(s)New Earth

Cyclops Incorporated is a Lyran Commonwealth military manufacturer of civilian and military-grade hover vehicles.

Corporate History[edit]

Cyclops Incorporated was founded originally as a civilian hovercraft vehicle manufacturer. Its first product, the Hurricane luxury car, is credited for Cyclops' early success in the marketplace.

By the end of the Third Succession War, Cyclops had begun to broaden its portfolio of products to produce military oriented vehicles. This included a number of hover combat support jeeps and CI-117 Armored Personnel Carrier designs. In 3025, it entered the combat vehicle market with its Drillson Hover Tank. Two years later, the company took over the Maxim Transport Industries with its line of military hover transports. The acquisition of MTI allowed Cyclops to expand to energy weapons development for both combat vehicles and BattleMechs.

In the 3060s, the corporation began to be used by the local Skye government to exclusively develop and produce vehicles and weapons for its own use.[1]

The Cyclops facilities on Skye survived the Jihad with only relatively minor damage, becoming a major producer for the Republic Armed Forces. As a part of the conditions agreed for the transfer of the various Skye worlds to the Republic of the Sphere the Lyran Alliance continued to receive a percentage of the output from the Cyclops factories.[2] In contrast with the good condition of the Skye facilities, the Cyclops plant on New Earth was completely destroyed during Operation SCOUR.[3]


Cyclops Inc. has manufacturing centers on the following planets:

New Earth[edit]

Components produced on New Earth[4][5]
Component Type
Drillson[4][5] Hovercraft - Heavy Hover Tank
Fusion Engine
MaxLift 215 Drillson[4][5]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
ArcShield Heavy Drillson[4][5]
Communications System
Cyclops 1 Drillson[4][5]
Targeting-Tracking System
Evil Eye Drillson[4][5]
Large Laser
Cyclops Eye Drillson[4][5]
Light Crossbow Drillson[4][5]
Hovertec Drillson[4][5]
Machine Gun
Kicker Drillson[4][5]


Components produced on Skye:[6][7][8][9][10][11][12]
Component Type
Drillson[6] Hovercraft - Hover Tank
Fulcrum[7] Hovercraft - Heavy Hovertank
Fulcrum Hover Tank II[8] Hovercraft - Produced in Late 3060s
Glaive[9] Wheeled Vehicles - Medium Tank
Heavy Hover APC[citation needed] Hovercraft
Hover APC[6] Hovercraft - Hover Transport
Maxim[6] Hovercraft - Hover Transport
Maxim Flanker[10] Hovercraft
Maxim Mk II[11] Hovercraft - Hover Transport
Saxon APC[12] Hovercraft
Internal Combustion Engine
MaxLift Hover Engine 65 Drillson[6]
MaxLift Model B Hover Engine 80 Hover APC[6]
MaxLift II Hover Engine 165 Maxim[6]
PowerTech 60 HighLift [citation needed]
PowerTech 75 HighLift [citation needed]
Fusion Engine
Core Tek 215 [citation needed]
205 Shipil Glaive[9]
PowerTech 165 HighLift Maxim Mk II[11]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
ArcShield Light Hover APC[6]
ArcShield Heavy Drillson[6] & Glaive[9]
ArcShield V Maxim[6]
Ferro-fibrous Armor
ArcShield Heavy ferro-fibrous Maxim Mk II[11]
Communications System
Cyclops 1 Drillson[6]
Cyclops 1J Glaive[9]
Cyclops 12 [citation needed]
Cyclops 14 [citation needed]
Cyclops Surelink Maxim Mk II[11]
Maxim New Standard I-O Maxim[6]
Targeting-Tracking System
Cyclops 9 [citation needed]
Cyclops Multi-Tasker 10 [citation needed]
Cyclops Evil Eye Drillson[6]
Maxim New Standard TargetTrack Maxim[6]
Scarborough Tracky 3 Maxim Mk II[11]
Beagle Active Probe
Cyclops-Beagle Sensory Probe [citation needed]
Large Laser
Cyclops Eye Drillson[6]
ER Large Laser
Cyclops XII Glaive[9]
Shipped to Tharkad for Wolfhound and Hesperus II for Zeus[6]
Machine Gun
Kicker Drillson[6] & Glaive[9]
Coventry Superfire w/Artemis FCS Glaive[9]
Hovertec Maxim
Shipped to New Earth for Manticore and Gienah for Packrat[6]
SureShot Mk VI [citation needed]
Streak SRM-2
Hovertec [citation needed]


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