Hellespont Industrials

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Hellespont Industrials
Hellespont Industrials logo.png
Corporation Profile
Founding Year17 July 2792[1]
AffiliationCapellan Confederation
HeadquartersSylbari (Sian II)[2][3]
Division(s)Hellespont 'Mech Works
Manufacturing Plant(s)Betelgeuse

The mammoth Hellespont Industrials was the single largest manufacturer of Combat Vehicles in the Capellan Confederation, in addition to being both one of the most advanced 'Mech production facilities and the primary producer of advanced armor types in the Liao state.[1]


Founded on 17 July 2792, Hellespont Industrials was at one time the second largest manufacturer of weapons in the Capellan Confederation, giving Earthwerks Ltd. strong competition for critical BattleMech production contracts. However, at the height of the Succession Wars, Marik and Kurita attacks all but wiped out this firm's 'Mech production capabilities. In an effort to avoid total ruin, Hellespont relocated its remaining factory workers and production equipment to the more easily defensible capital of the Confederation, Sian, settling on the production of less expensive and more easily constructable Combat Vehicles, becoming the single largest producer of such vehicles in the Capellan state. The company, however, never forgot its role and during the end of Third Succession War had again taken on 'Mech research and development, primarily the salvaging and improvement of captured 'Mechs but also the development of the Raven electronic warfare 'Mech.[1]

With the loss of yet further Capellan BattleMech production facilities during the Fourth Succession War and the technology boom brought about by the discovery of the Helm Memory Core, Hellespont received a large portion of the scant funds and resources available in the Confederation to expand its facilities and reintroduced advanced lostech. Just prior to the Clan Invasion, the company began production of a modernized Raven. After its success Hellespont used the well-received and popular ECM 'Mech as the basis for new designs using Stealth Armor and OmniPod technology. Hellespont also produces a large portion of the advanced armor, chassis, and equipment used in other modern Liao 'Mech and vehicle designs.[2]

The Hellespont plant on Sian was lucky during the Jihad, at least in relative terms, compared to many other industrial facilities across the Inner Sphere; while it was damaged during the various battles for control of Sian, it escaped being destroyed. How much Hellespont owes the survival of the plant to the CCAF and MAF forces on Sian and how much it owes to the influence Kali Liao had with the Word of Blake is open to debate. Despite the reduced production from the Hellespont plant, the two-year backlog of orders for Pillagers in place by mid-3081 was actually due to a bottleneck outside the control of the factory—a shortage of electronic systems produced by Ceres was actually to blame.[4]

Although Hellespont apparently intended to close the Betelgeuse facility in 3079,[5] the factory remained open until at least mid-3081; no longer supplying RetroTech BattleMechs, the plant was continuing to produce new UrbanMechs and had converted the RetroTech production lines into refit lines, upgrading primitive Firebees to modern standards.[4] It was later revealed that the factory was never closed at all but continued expanded production in secret to supply the CCAF's Hidden Lion regiments with matériel.[6]


Hellespont Industrials has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


To protect their corporation during the Jihad, Hellespont chose to reactivate their Betelgeuse facility. After the Jihad ended, the factory was once again shut down.[5] It was later discovered during Operation GREAT FLOOD that the facility not only remained active but has expanded to produce the Yinghuochong and Firebee. Production of the Firebee was stockpiled for years in hidden depots for use in the Hidden Lion regiments.[6]

Note: The facility on Betelgeuse suffered no losses in terms of capital and personnel, and had a production volume of 88% in 3079.[7]

Components produced on Betelgeuse:[5][8][9]
Component Type
Wasp[5] Light BattleMech
UrbanMech[5] Light BattleMech
UM-R93 UrbanMech[8] Light BattleMech
UM-R96 UrbanMech[10] Light BattleMech
FRB-3E Firebee[11] Light BattleMech
YHC-3E Yinghuochong[9] Light BattleMech
Icarus[5] Medium Battlemech
HW1 Hwacha[12] Wheeled Vehicles
Confederated 5 Yinghuochong[9]
Extralight Fusion Engine
Hermes 210 XL Yinghuochong[9]
Jump Jets
Anderson High Propulsion 12s Yinghuochong[9]
Ferro-fibrous Armor
Hellespont Lite ferro-fibrous Yinghuochong[9]
Communications System
Zenith Sqwak Box 7 Yinghuochong[9]
Targeting-Tracking System
Apple Churchill 2000 w/TAG and Remote Sensor Dispenser Yinghuochong[9]
Modified Type DDS "Kingston" - imported from Clan Sea Fox Yinghuochong[9]


Note: During the Jihad, the facility on Sian suffered a capital and personal losses of 50%, and the operating capacity of the factory was reduced to 82% of their main production volume in 3079.[7]

Components produced on Sian:


Component Type
Battle Armor
Inner Sphere Standard[2][13][3] medium battle armor
Fa Shih[2][14][3] medium battle armor
Shen Long[29] heavy battle armor
STG-6L Stinger[3] Light BattleMech
WSP-1A Wasp[15][3] Light BattleMech
WSP-1L Wasp[32] Light BattleMech
WSP-3L Wasp[20] Light BattleMech
WSP-7MAF Wasp[3] Light BattleMech
WSP-8T Wasp[21] Light BattleMech
MEB-9 Ebony[22] Light BattleMech
RVN-1X Raven[2] Light BattleMech
RVN-3L Raven[15][27] Light BattleMech
RVN-3X Raven X[23] Light BattleMech
RVN-4L Raven[3][27] Light BattleMech
RVN-4LC Raven[2] Light BattleMech
RVN-5L Raven[33] Light BattleMech
RVN-5X Raven II[31] Medium BattleMech
ASN-23 Assassin[3][28] Medium BattleMech
ASN-30 Assassin[28] Medium BattleMech
ASN-99 Assassin[3][28] Medium BattleMech
ASN-109 Assassin[34] Medium BattleMech
SYU-2B Sha Yu[16][3] Medium BattleMech
TR1 Wraith[35] Medium BattleMech
TR5 Wraith[36] Medium BattleMech
SHY-3B Shen Yi[17] Heavy BattleMech
TNZ-N3 Tian-Zong[30] Heavy BattleMech
PLG-4Z Pillager[18][3] Assault BattleMech
PLG-5Z Pillager[18][3] Assault BattleMech
MS1-O Men Shen[19][3] Medium OmniMech
Heavy Wheeled APC[2] Wheeled Vehicles
Tracked APC[2] Tracked Vehicles
Hover APC[2][15][3] Hovercraft
Pegasus[2][15][3][24] Hovercraft - Scout Tank
Maxim Hover Transport[2][15][3][25] Hovercraft
Scorpion[2][15][3][26] Tracked Vehicles - Light Tank
Vedette[2][15][3] Tracked Vehicles - Medium Tank
1A Type 3 Wasp 1A[15]
Earthwerks STG II Endo Steel Stinger[citation needed]
Earthwerks SYI Shen Yi[17]
Hellespont Type W Endo Steel Wasp 3L[20] and Wasp 8T[21]
Hellespont Type R Endo Steel Raven[15][27]
Hellespont Type R2 Endo Steel Raven II[31]
Hellespont Type A 40 Series Assassin[28]
Hellespont Type T Endo Steel Sha Yu[16]
Hellespont Type TZ Endo Composite Tian-Zong[30]
Hellespont Type MS Men Shen[19]
HildCo Heavy Type VIIQT Pillager[18]
Majesty MlIX Endo Steel Ebony[22]
Internal Combustion Engine
GM 105 ICE Pegasus[24]
PowerTech 80 HighLift ICE APC[15]
PowerTech 75 HighLift ICE [citation needed]
PowerTech 100 ICE Scorpion[15]
PowerTech 250 ICE Vedette[15]
PowerTech 105 HighLift ICE Pegasus[15]
PowerTech 165 HighLift ICE Maxim[15][25]
SitiCide 100 ICE Scorpion[26]
Locom-Pack 250 ICE [citation needed]
Fusion Engine
Omni 175 [citation needed]
Hermes 120 Wasp 1A[15] and Wasp 3L[20]
VOX 280 Assassin[28]
Extralight Fusion Engine
Hermes 120 XL Wasp 8T[21]
Hermes 210 XL Raven[27]
Hermes 260 XL Shen Yi[17]
GM 210 XL [citation needed]
Magna 250 XL Ebony[22]
Magna 330 XL Men Shen[19]
Rawlings 300 XL Tian-Zong[30]
Vlar 300 XL Pillager[18]
VOX 280 XL Sha Yu[16] and Raven II[31]
Jump Jets
100AFVTA Assassin[28]
Hellespont Leaper Wasp 1A,[15] Wasp 3L[20] and Wasp 8T[21]
HildCo Model 13 Pillager[18]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
ArcShield V Maxim[25]
Durallex Light Wasp 8T[21]
Hellespont Lite Stealth Raven II[31]
Hellespont Lite II Stealth Tian-Zong[30]
ProtecTech Light Scorpion[26]
ProtecTech 3 APC[15]
ProtecTech 4 Scorpion[15]
ProtecTech 5 Maxim[15]
ProtecTech 6 Vedette and Pegasus[15][24]
Starshield [citation needed]
StarSlab-9.5 MkII Pillager[18]
Hellespont Industrial Series 9 Assassin[28]
Hellespont Lite Wasp 1A,[15] Wasp 3L,[20] Men Shen[19] and Vedette
Hellespont Lite Stealth Sha Yu,[16] Shen Yi,[17] Ebony,[22] Wasp, and Raven II[31]/Shipped to Corey for Huron Warrior to Grand Base and Ares for Stinger and to Victoria for Flea
Ferro-fibrous Armor
Hellespont Lite ferro-fibrous w/CASE Raven,[27] Maxim/Shipped to Betelgeuse for Regulator and to Indicass for Galleon
Communications System
Basix 200 Scorpion[26]
CeresCom Recon Model 12K Pillager[18]
Ceres Metals Model 666 w/Guardian ECM Suite Sha Yu,[16] Shen Yi[17] and Raven[27]
Ceres Metals Model 668 Assassin[28]
Ceres Metals Model 777 w/Angel ECM Suite Tian-Zong[30] and Raven II[31]
Exeter LongScan w/ReconLock Pegasus[24]
Hellespont Tight Beam Wasp 1A,[15] Wasp 3L,[20] Wasp 8T[21]
Majesty COMSET w/Guardian ECM Ebony[22]
Maxim New Standard I/O Maxim[25]
Targeting-Tracking System
Apple Churchill 2000 w/442xTAG Sha Yu[16]
Apple Churchill 2000 w/Artemis IV System Assassin[28]
Apple Churchill 2000 w/Beagle Active Probe and 442xTAG Raven[27]
Apple Churchill 3000 w/Bloodhound Active Probe Raven II[31]
C-Apple Churchill Pillager[18]
Majesty 032-199 Ebony[22]
Maxim New Standard TargetTrack Maxim[25]
Radcom TXX Wasp 1A,[15] Wasp 3L[20] and Wasp 8T[21]
Radcom TXXI Shen Yi[17]
Radcom TXXII Tian-Zong[30]
Salamander Systems CommPhase Unit Pegasus[24]
OptiSight-12 Scorpion[26]
Beagle Active Probe
Hellespont Interrogator Men Shen[19]
Gauss rifle
Mydron Concussor Tian-Zong[30]
Deleon 5 Scorpion[26]
ER Small Laser
Diverse Optics Thunder and Raven/Shipped to Capella for Ti Ts'ang and to Menke for Warhammer
Medium Laser
Diverse Optics Type 2 Wasp 1A[15]
Medium Pulse Laser
Magna 400P Assassin[28]
Firmir High-Frequency Shen Yi[17]
ER Medium Laser
Firmir Improved Raven II[31]
ER Large Laser
Firmir UltraLaser Shen Yi[17]
Sian/Ceres Puma Shen Yi[17]
Holly Assassin[28]
Sian Ceres Jaguar Maxim[15]
Sian Ceres Lynx Maxim and Wasp[15]
Sian Ceres Harpoon 6 Raven[citation needed]
Doombud Wasp 8T[21]
Doombud Raven II[31]
Light PPC
CeresArms Striker Wasp 8T[21] and Tian-Zong[30]
Snub-Nose PPC
Ceres Arms Thrasher Ebony[22]
Firmir Hypnos Raven II[31]
Mech Mortar
N/A Mech Mortar/1[37]
N/A Mech Mortar/2[37]
N/A Mech Mortar/4[37]
N/A Mech Mortar/8[37]


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