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Bloodhound Active Probe

This article is about the experimental successor to the Beagle Active Probe. For the Free Worlds League 'Mech, see Bloodhound.


The Bloodhound Active Probe was first introduced by ComStar in 3058. After the Clan Invasion they saw a need to improve their already formidable electronic warfare capabilities. Events in the latter half of the thirty-first century overtook them however, and the Bloodhound Active Probe didn't enter large scale production.[1]

Using the Beagle Active Probe as a baseline, ComStar technicians created a probe that had a range of 240 meters[2] and could penetrate advanced stealth systems. Testing proved conclusively that a Bloodhound-equipped 'Mech could spot units equipped with Null Signature Systems, Void Signature Systems, Stealth Armor, and ECM Suites.[1] The Bloodhound can also detect battle armor equipped with ECM systems, Mimetic Armor, or any kind of Stealth Armor.[1]


Game Rules[edit]

Bloodhound Active Probes function as a Beagle Active Probe, but can penetrate the stealth effects of Stealth Armor, Void Signature Systems, Null Signature Systems, and ECM Suites.[1] It has a maximum range of 8 hexes,[2] weighs 2 tons and occupies 3 critical slots.[3] It costs 500,000 C-Bills and has a defensive Battle Value of 25.[4]

Old Game Rules[edit]

If a 'Mech equipped with the Bloodhound Active Probe passes within 5 hexes of a hidden vehicle or 'Mech, or within 2 hexes of hidden infantry, the hidden unit is seen and placed on the mapsheet immediately. Units hidden underwater are not seen by the Bloodhound unless the Bloodhound-equipped unit is in a hex immediately adjacent to the underwater hidden unit. Bloodhounds are not affected by the Guardian ECM Suite, but are blocked by the Angel ECM Suite. The Bloodhound Probe weighs five tons and occupies two critical slots.[5]



The Blood Hound Active Probe is manufactured on the following planets:

Brand Planet Company Used by References
??? Sian Hellespont Industrials ??? [5]
??? Terra ComStar manufacturing bases ??? [5]
??? Quentin Independence Weaponry ??? [5]
??? New Avalon Achernar BattleMechs ??? [5]
??? Westover
Andurien AeroTech
Imstar Aerospace
??? [5]


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