Federated-Boeing Interstellar

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Logo of Federated-Boeing Interstellar
Federated-Boeing Interstellar
Corporation Profile
Leadership: CEO
Products: Conventional Aircraft
Division(s) Galax (pre-3069), Delavan (post-3069)


The Federated Suns nationalized the Galax Branch of Boeing Interstellar shortly after its CEO dithered and insisted on waiting for input from the Company Headquarters on Terra to respond shortly after the fall of the Star League. Now operating under the name of Federated-Boeing Interstellar the lines originally produced twenty-five classes of DropShips. The number of DropShip designs in production dwindled to ten over the next three hundred years as Galax lost access to the required technology.[1]



The corporation was founding has been vaguely traced as far back as the early twenty-first century, as a fixed-wing fightercraft manufacturer on Terra. During the centuries, the corporation expanded gained reputation for quality products in the Aerospace field. As Boeing Interstellar, the company was major manufacturer for the Star League by 2781, with two shipyards between Terra and New Earth. In the aftermath of Amaris Coup, the Boeing made a bid to expand beyond old Terran Hegemony to Star League member states, where it gained a foothold on the FedSuns world of Galax. Seen as a major economic coup for Prince Paul Davion, the establishment of Boeing's Galax Megacomplex (completed in 2786) helped bring stability to the nation's economy while the Star League dissolved during its sometimes interrupted construction.[2]

Third Succession War[edit]

In 2899 a group of engineers and designers left Federated-Boeing in an amiable parting of the ways, following disagreements over whether or not Federated-Boeing should expand into different defense manufacturing areas. Federated-Boeing donated some facilities on Belladonna to the departing employees - the facilities being a collection of long-empty warehouses - from which the departees created a new company, Cal-Boeing of Dorwinion. Two years later, Cal-Boeing obtained an order for six thousand Ferret VTOLs, and while surprised at their success, the employees arranged to quickly pay back Federated-Boeing, so as to avoid any potential takeover efforts by the larger company.[3]

In 3025 Federated-Boeing was believed to be the financial giant attempting to buy a controlling interest in Jalastar Aerospace, a major Federated Suns aerospace manufacturer located on Panpour. The takeover attempt was causing enough financial disruption for Jalastar Aerospace - and consuming enough resources that it was delaying ongoing research and development work on Jalastar's part.[4]

Fourth Succession War[edit]

In 3037, Federated-Boeing purchased the long derelict Challenge Systems shipyards of Panpour, which were virtually destroyed in a 2796 Combine raid. Stripped of most equipment to repair the Universal Air yards above Delavan, the yards were little more than a shell when Federated-Boeing bought them. After pouring the bulk of their profits until around 3057 into restoring that shell, they ended up having one of the most modern shipyards in the Inner Sphere.[5]

Clan Invasion[edit]

In 3053, the famous Floating Tower, Federated-Boeing’s corporate HQ, was raided by an unknown force. Shortly after Irian Technologies began producing an identical upgrade of the Leopard-class DropShip. Federated-Boeing filed protests with the Federated Commonwealth and ComStar, but nothing came of it.[6]

The facility was nearly destroyed in March 3056 when Woodlake Associates employee Timothy Barnes sabotaged the solar array's energy storage systems to explode when power levels reached 95%. The sabotage was discovered before the station was destroyed. While the motive was unknown, Barnes was a native of Syrma making a Skye separatist motivation seem likely.[7]

The Jihad[edit]

In 3069, the main Galax facility was destroyed by Blakist forces despite the presence of the Sixth Crucis Lancers AeroSpace Brigade, Federated-Boeing Security, and the FSS Intrepid. The Blakists attacked with two WarShips and a flotilla of DropShips.[8] They took every hull under construction in the Port Simon Naval Yards, including the FSS Melissa Davion and at least ten Excalibur Pocket WarShips.[9] During this attack the Word poisoned the biosphere, rendering the planet inhospitable. Within five months, the Sixth Crucis Lancers had to enforce a quarantine against the planet to prevent the contagion's spread.[10] The loss of the Federated Boeing facilities at Galax represented the single biggest loss of Federated Suns military manufacturing in the entirety of the Jihad.[11]

Despite the disaster on Galax, Federated-Boeing had spread out many manufacturing centers across the Federated Suns which allowed them to continue production of spare parts. Fortunately they had significant cash on hand to engineer a merger with Universal Air, a longtime production partner. The former UniAir headquarters on Delavan became the new Federated-Boeing headquarters, and production resumed.[12]


In 3025, Aleksandr McCorkendale was the President and CEO of Federated-Boeing Interstellar.[13]

In 3067, the companies CEO is Duke Aleksandr Philip McCorkendale.[14]

Manufacturing Centers[edit]

Federated-Boeing Interstellar has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


As a result of the merger with Universal Air during the Jihad Federated-Boeing acquired two major assets in the Delavan system; a new corporate headquarters located in Williams Bay, the capital city of Delevan II, and the Universal Ship Yards in orbit above Delavan III. As of 3079, Federated-Boeing were attempting to expand production at the Universal Ship Yards to include the Overlord, Overlord A3, and Conquistador-class DropShips and Pocket WarShips.[15]

Components produced at the Universal Ship Yards:[15]
Component Type
Small Craft
Ares Mark IX Attack Craft[15][16] Small Craft - Since 3077
Ares Landing Craft[15] Small Craft
Excalibur-class[15] DropShip
Invader-class[15] JumpShip
Star Lord-class[15] JumpShip
Pocket WarShip
Excalibur Pocket WarShip[12][15]
Arondight Pocket WarShip[15]


NOTE: As of 3070, none of these lines are active due to Blakist attacks during the Jihad and the deployment of a bioweapon against the planet. Most Federated-Boeing production following the loss of Galax took place at the company's new headquarters in the Delevan system.[12]

Components produced on Galax:[17][18]
Component Type
Conventional Aircraft
Boeing Jump Bomber[17] Conventional Aircraft
Gazelle-class[18] DropShip
Leopard-class[18] DropShip
Conquistador-class [14] DropShip
Leopard CV-class[18] DropShip
Overlord-class[18][14] DropShip
Mammoth-class[18][14] DropShip
Mule-class[18][14] DropShip
Seeker-class[18][14] DropShip
Union[18][14][19] DropShip
Fox[14] WarShip - In conjunction with Universal Air
Space Station
Capitol[20] Space Stations
Ailette Zero-G[21] Engineering Exoskeleton
Capital Missile
Barracuda Various[22]
White Shark Various[23]
Killer Whale Various[24]
Interplanetary Drive - DropShips
Star League V84 Leopard & Leopard CV[18]
Star League V95 Gazelle[18]
Star League V250 Union[18]
Star League V450 Overloard[18]
? (for Fox) [citation needed]
Lithium-Fusion Battery
? (for Fox) [citation needed]
Boeing X550 Jump Bomber[17]
GM 180 Turbine Jump Bomber[17]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
Boeing Standard Plating Jump Bomber[17]
Communications System
Boeing A30 Jump Bomber[17]
Targeting-Tracking System
Boeing 200 Jump Bomber[17]


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