Universal Air

Universal Air
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Company Logo
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Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Delavan
Primary Products JumpShips
Small Craft

The cornerstone of Kearny-Fuchida Drive manufacture in the Federated Suns, Universal Air survived everything until the Jihad, resulting in its merger with Federated-Boeing Interstellar.


Being known under a variety of names during its centuries of existence, Universal Air has constructed JumpShips since the days of the Age of War. Based on Delavan, one of the so-called Golden Worlds and a single jump from New Avalon, Universal Air was well protected and able to draw upon the best resources available in FedSun space, ensuring it maintained production even during the worst technical decline of the Succession Wars era.

Damaged in the First Succession War from the two bouts of fighting as Delavan changed hands between the Combine and the Suns, the shipyard was repaired with what equipment could be salvaged from Challenge Systems' shattered shipyard on Panpour following a 2796 Combine raid.[1]

The vital nature of its products ensured the company incredible financial and political power, including obtaining the significant role in the production of the Fox-class WarShip. Its power was also a double edged sword: on numerous occasions House Davion having to remove every corporate officer from power due to questions of disloyalty to the Federated Suns.[2]

The company's proximity to the capital ensured its survival until the Word of Blake instigated a naval blockade during its siege of New Avalon. While escaping harm during the warfare of the Jihad, merchant and military traffic refused to travel anywhere near New Avalon for fear of provoking the Blakists' WarShips, robbing the company of sales and vital supplies to maintain production. Teetering on the brink of insolvency, Federated-Boeing engineered a merger with its longtime partner, the combined company trading under the Federated-Boeing name but with UnAir's Delavan based shipyards its new headquarters.[3] Federated-Boeing introduced capital to expand the Delavan yards to produce several Pocket WarShip designs for the AFFS.[4]


In 3067 the company's CEO is Count Kisto Lontaugh.[2]


Universal Air has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


Components produced on Delavan:[5]
Component Type
Small Craft
Ares Mark IX Attack Craft[4][6] Small Craft - Since 3077
Invader-class[2][4][5] JumpShip
Star Lord-class[2][4][5] JumpShip
Pocket WarShip
Excalibur Pocket WarShip[3][4]
Arondight Pocket WarShip[4]
Kearny-Fuchida Drives
K-F Mark VIIa Invader[5]
K-F Mark VIII a-1 Star Lord[5]
Compact Kearny-Fuchida Drive Unknown[1]


Note: The Fox-class was produced in conjunction with Federated-Boeing Interstellar[2], destroyed in 3069. With the destruction of these yards, Federated Boeing moved its headquarters to the Delavan system.[4]

Components produced on Galax:
Component Type
Fox-class[2] WarShip


The Avalon-class was produced in conjunction with Kathil Shipworks[2]. Unfortunately the Jihad destroyed the Avalon line completely and heavily damaged the Invader line. As of 3079 the yard could only repair Invaders and was unable to create new ones.[7]

Components produced on Kathil:
Component Type
Avalon-class[2] WarShip
Invader-class[2] JumpShip


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