Conquistador (DropShip class)

This article is about the DropShip design. For the WarShip, see Conquistador (Individual Dart-class WarShip).
Production information
Manufacturer Federated-Boeing Interstellar[1]
Production Year 3063[2]
Use Troop Carrier
Type Military Aerodyne
Tech Base Star League
Technical specifications
Mass 17,400 tons
Structural Integrity 30
Length 182 meters
Width 150 meters
Height 42 meters
Safe Thrust 1.5 g
Max Thrust 2.5 g
Fuel (tons) 500
Fuel (days) Burns 1.84 tons a day.
Armor 135 tons Ferro-Aluminum
Crew 21
Passengers 40
Escape Pods/Life Boats 12/12
Heat Sinks 259 Double Heat Sinks
BV (1.0) 22,042[3]
BV (2.0) 22,270[5]


The Conquistador was Federated-Boeing's response to an AFFS requirement for a new command DropShip for their RCTs. While technology had brought many advances to ground-based combat units, commanders were still using Fortress and Overlord DropShips that had been converted on a case-by-case basis. In addition, these older ships weren't configured to carry newer combat units like battle armor. To remedy this lack of standardization, and provide transportation for the updated RCT command group, the Conquistador entered production.

The Conquistador's primary role is to transport a combined arms unit into battle. Currently this combined arms unit is the command group of an RCT. Once the Conquistador's cargo is on the ground, it doesn't just fly away. Federated Boeing made sure to include all the computing capability the task force commander could ever need. With these massive computer bays, the Conquistador can function as a command post for planetwide operations.

Though the AFFS High Command has assigned most of these ships to RCT command elements, the variety of unit types it can carry and the massive computer support it contains has brought it to the attention of the DMI. They are likely to employ some of these vessels to support their Special Operations teams. Supporting this possibility is the small crew required to operate a Conquistador. The high level of automation in the ship's systems allows it to use a crew half the size of an Overlord or Fortress.

After the Jihad ended the main Conquistador line was damaged. Production resumed at Federated-Boeing's shipyard in the Delavan system.[6]


The Conquistador's armament is geared towards protecting the ship and its cargo from enemy aerospace fighters during planetfall and combat drops. To this end, it employs eight LB 10-X ACs, ten Rotary Autocannon/5s, and 39 pulse lasers. To provide some long range punch, the Conquistador uses a combination of Gauss Rifles, ER PPCs, and LRM-20s with Artemis IV fire control systems. Augmenting the armor protection are twenty-eight Anti-Missile Systems split evenly to cover the fore and aft of the ship.


The Conquistador has four cargo bays. The first bay contains 24 'Mech cubicles, while the second bay contains 18 aerospace fighter cubicles. These fighters are very useful in protecting the ship during planetfall, and conducting ground support operations once the ship has landed. The third bay can carry a company of tanks, 16 platoons of infantry, and 20 squads of battle armored troops. The final bay contains seven hundred tons of cargo; usually this is ammunition or spare parts, but medical supplies are also popular.


  • Conquistador "Blockade Runner" 
    A part of the AFFS' Pocket WarShip program during the Jihad, the Conquistador Blockade Runner removes the ground vehicle and 'Mech carrying capability and installs ten Light Sub-Capital Cannons instead. The ER PPCs are also equipped with PPC Capacitors to increase the damage they inflict. For defense the Conquistador Blockade Runner carries six Laser AMS in each firing arc, and is protected by 135 tons of Heavy Ferro-Aluminum armor. The aerospace fighter bays were also expanded, allowing the Blockade Runner to carry a complete wing of fighters. To improve handling the engines were uprated as well: The cruising speed of the Blockade Runner is the same as the traditional Conquistador's top speed. To offset the heat of the new weapons and larger engine systems, engineers under direction of Namett Vance-Woods fitted an additional seventy double heat sinks into the hull. BV (2.0) = 31,724[7]
  • Conquistador "Avalon One" 
    This version of the Conquistador removes the combined arms transportation capability. Instead the Avalon One carries thirty-six aerospace fighters in two bays. It also adds two Screen Launchers and two ER Large Lasers to provide more fire to the ship's rear. The armor has also been increased, and the Avalon One carries a Small Naval Comm-Scanner Suite. BV (2.0) = 23,397[8]



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