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Jaslastar Aerospace is a military hardware manufacturer in the Federated Suns.


Jalastar Aerospace was responsible for the development of the Federated Suns' first domestically produced aerospace fighter, the Centurion, in 2430.[1] Growing to be one of the major manufacturers of aerospace fighters in the Federated Suns, Jalastar held a number of contracts for the manufacture of fighters for the SLDF's Regular Army from the earliest days of the Star League. The company, being located near the periphery of the FedSuns border with the Taurian Concordat, took advantage of the Reunification War to profit by selling equipment and supplies.[2]

Once the Star League fell, Jalastar was quick in providing the Sparrowhawk to the AFFS.[3]

In the twenty-ninth century, Jalastar created its own security forces, the Jalastar Factory Defense Force, in order to strengthen its ability to defend against both pirate activity and Taurian raids, in the absence of defending AFFS forces.[2][4]

In 3025, the company had been thrown into a state of confusion. An unknown company, Federated-Boeing Interstellar being the primary suspect, had been buying up a significant amount of the corporation's controlling stocks. Efforts to prevent this hostile takeover drained the company's resources, complicating the completion of a new lighter engine it had been developing for its Sparrowhawk design.[3] It was later revealed that Federated-Boeing was the acquiring buyer that failed in taking control of Jalastar.[5]

By the mid-thirty-first century, the corporation has branched out to open a new production 'Mech division. In 3047, Corean Enterprises gave Jalastar a limited production license. Jalastar began to produce the CN9-A Centurion in limited quantities.[6] In 3055, the company started producing Davion's favored light BattleMech design, the JVN-10P Javelin, in accordance with AFFC High Command request.[7]

The corporation has fared very well security-wise since before the Succession Wars and up to the FedCom Civil War. However, by 3067 the local AFFS garrison forces was considerably drained, making the corporation vulnerable to a full scale invasion of Panpour.[2]

On 11 February 3076, the facility on Panpour suffered critical damage to the BattleMech lines as a result of a raid by the Taurian Concordat;[8][9] the attack apparently involved the use of a suicide DropShip the plant suffered heavy capital losses and personnel losses of 50%, and the operating capacity of the factory was reduced to a production volume of 65% by 3079. It was estimated it would be at least 3085 before other Amristar-based production lines would be functional.[10][11]


Jalastar Aerospace has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


As of 3080, Jalastar's industrial facilities on Panpour were located on the landmasses of Remig (in the city of Amristar) and Kantara (in the city of Mestin). The BattleMech production occurred in Amristar, while the aerospace and conventional vehicles were produced in Mestin.[11]

Components produced on Panpour:[12][11][13][14][15][16][17][18][19][20][21][22]
Component Type
CH11-NG Gunsmith[12] Light BattleMech
JVN-10P Javelin[14] Light BattleMech
JVN-11D Javelin[14] Light BattleMech
JVN-11F Javelin[14] Light BattleMech
JVN-12N Javelin[23] Light BattleMech
CN9-D Centurion[15] Medium BattleMech
CN9-D9 Centurion[15] Medium BattleMech
Grasshopper[2] Heavy BattleMech
JAW-66B Jabberwocky[16] IndustrialMech
Condor[2][11] Hovercraft
Goblin-X[17] Tracked Vehicles
Myrmidon[2][11] Tracked Vehicles
Myrmidon (Anti-Infantry)[13] Tracked Vehicles
Manticore[2][18][11] Tracked Vehicles
Typhoon[2][19][11] Wheeled Vehicles
Conventional Aircraft
Comet[11] Angel-variant Light Strike Fighter
Defender II[11] Defender-variant Medium Strike Fighter
Meteor[20] Heavy Strike Fighter
Meteor-U[11] Meteor-variant Heavy Strike Fighter
Aerospace Fighter
SBR-27 Sabre[21] light aerospace fighter
CNT-1D Centurion (discontinued in 3000)[1] light aerospace fighter
SPR-H5 Sparrowhawk[22] light aerospace fighter
SPR-6D Sparrowhawk[22] light aerospace fighter
SPR-7D Sparrowhawk[22] light aerospace fighter
Duralyte 246 Javelin[14]
Inazuma SI-32 Sabre[21]
Jalastar Mk.V-CH7 Endo Steel Gunsmith[12]
Model KL77 Endo Steel Centurion[15]
Model KL80 Industrial Jabberwocky[16]
JA-MTR Meteor[20]
StarTech Model II Sparrowhawk[22]
Fusion Engine
Breen 190 Typhoon[19]
GM 180 Javelin[14]
GM 200 Jabberwocky[16]
GM 225 Atmo Meteor[20]
GM 300 XL Centurion[15]
Nissan 200 Myrmidon (Anti-Infantry)[13]
Nissan 225 Sabre[21]
Pitban 240 Manticore[18]
Warner 240J Sparrowhawk[22]
Fusion engine - XXL
PlasmaStar 250 XXL Gunsmith[12]
Jump Jets
Rawlings 95 Javelin[14]
Industrial Armor
ArcShield Maxi Special Jabberwocky[16]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
ArcShield Maxi II Manticore[18] & Myrmidon (Anti-Infantry)[13]
ArcShield Maxi IV Ferro-fibrous Typhoon[19]
Carbondale II Sparrowhawk[22]
Nimakachi Type 3 Sabre[21]
StarGuard I Javelin[14]
StarGuard II Meteor[20]
StarGuard III Centurion[15]
StarGuard Reflec Gunsmith[12]
Communications System
BipStar 49-G Sabre[21]
Garret T10B Javelin[14]
O/P R Janxiir Manticore,[18] Myrmidon (Anti-Infantry),[13] Jabberwocky,[16] Meteor[20]
Omicron 1500 Typhoon[19]
Rander 100 Sparrowhawk[22]
Telestar Model R4-11Y Gunsmith[12]
Targeting-Tracking System
Dynatec 128C Javelin[14]
Jal ConstrucTrak Mk I Jabberwocky[16]
Jalastar TargiTrack 717 w/Beagle Active Probe Typhoon[19]
Jalastar TargiTrack 753 Gunsmith[12]
Ki-II TTS Sabre[21]
Rander TA4 Sparrowhawk[22]
TargiTrack 700 Meteor[20]
TargiTrack 717 Manticore[18] & Myrmidon (Anti-Infantry)[13]
Medium X-Pulse Laser
Martell-X Gunsmith[12]
Salvage Arm
StarCorps Jabberwocky[16]
Spot Welder
JAI Jabberwocky[16]
Lift Hoist
JAI Jabberwocky[16]
Small Laser
Exostar Sparrowhawk[22]
Medium Laser
Martell Sparrowhawk[22]
ER Large Laser
Exostar Myrmidon (Anti-Infantry)[13]
Light Machine Gun
GM Myrmidon (Anti-Infantry)[13]


  • Designs that have been noted with "(As of 3???)" indicate the approximate date it appeared. The JVN-11D first appeared in print in Technical Readout: 3050 Upgrade, which talks about the unit being experimental, available in limited production. It does not mention the exact date it premiered, but TRO:3050 was "updated" as of 3071; thus the date. Other units may be similarly listed.
  • Objectives: Federated Suns indicates only the Javelin BattleMech facilities are active as of 3080, due to a "Taurian suicide DropShip attack". It can safely be presumed that the attack was either kinetic or self-explosive (i.e., intentional crash or packed with explosives), affecting the facilities in Amristar, but not those of Mestin, which exist on a different landmass.


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