Salvage Arm

The Salvage Arm is a noncombat system which is used for purposes of handing ammunition, repairs, and salvage. The arm itself has a highly dexterous, light manipulator which is not reinforced for physical attacks.

There are two types of Salvage Arms: 'Mech scale and suit scale.

It was originally developed strictly to be used on IndustrialMechs and it can be used on BattleMechs. It was later developed into being used on smaller industrial robotic suits such as Exoskeletons.


The Salvage Arm is ancient technology, where the technology was first developed circa the year 2000.[1] It was developed further for use with exoskeletons in 2415, by the Terran Hegemony.[2]


'Mech scale Salvage Arm[edit]

The Salvage Arm can lift cargo for short periods of time, but it is not designed for long-term lifting cargo like the Lift hoist or Hand Actuators.

It can be used to load ammunition into various vehicles, BattleMechs, and other equipment.[3]

Suit-scale Salvage Arm[edit]

This is a multitool device found on Industrial grade exoskeletons and battlefield recovery suits. The arm has a clamp-like hand/manipulator and cutting tools. This device is noted as being useless in combat situations, but excels in salvage and recovery.[4]


DiNapoli ST7[edit]

Manufactured on Manufactured by Typically used in References
Ankaa DiNapoli Industries Opossum [5]


  • In TechManual, the article for Salvage Arm notes further uses for the salvage arm would be detailed in the then-upcoming Tactical Operations manual, which contains Advanced rules. However, other than the entry above, no entry in that manual features any further function for the salvage arm.


Game Rules[edit]

'Mech scale salvage arms may only be used on BattleMechs and IndustrialMechs. Exoskeleton manipulator type size salvage arms can be used on all types of biped 'suits.

In Standard Game rules, it serves no purpose. However, it can be used in when conducting physical combat when need be. When used, it is treated as having no hand actuator, subjected to the penalties of a handless arm.

When using the optional rules found in the Tactical Operations book, the arm can be used to assist in loading ammunition while under combat conditions during a game[6]

When equipping a 'Mech to have a salvage arm, the 'Mech's hand actuator is replaced by it.

Suit-sized salvage arms remain operational as long as the suit is not destroyed or the trooper is not killed.


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