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405th Syrtis Grenadiers
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Type Game supplement
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This summary article provides an overview of the "Unit Digest" type publications that have been published as exclusive content through the BattleCorps website.

Unit Digests provide information on smallish, less notable military commands in the same fashion as larger units are presented in the Field Manual series of sourcebooks, typically presenting an overview over the unit and its role and history, its individual sub-units, personnel files for six selected unit members, and random allocation tables appropriate for whatever type of vehicle the unit in question typically employs.

The list is sorted in ascending chronological order of publication. Articles are listed here with the exact same name as listed on BattleCorps, irrespective of possibly deviating names within the document proper or the name of the downloadable PDF file.

Bc Unit Digest: 405th Syrtis[edit]

(01 November 2010) - They may not have BattleMechs, and they may not be known throughout the realm, but the 405th Syrtis Grenadiers are soldiers just the same. Now offering one-off BattleTech and A Time of War gameplay aids!

Description of a conventional arms regiment and its four battalions as of 3080, including details on six individual members.


  • Introduction
  • Credits
  • 405th Syrtis Grenadiers
    • Fourty-Second Guards
    • Ninety-First Assault
    • Ninety-Second Assault
    • Three-Twenty-Ninth Rangers
  • Notable Personalities
  • Unit Special Abilities

Unit Digest: Hawke's Horde[edit]

BattleTech Hawke's Horde.jpg
(16 December 2010) - Hawke's Horde was a pirate group based in the Taurian Concordat just after the turn of the Thirty-First Century. They had a short-but-violent life.

Description of a small mercenary unit-turned-pirate force as of 3013. They consisted of a lance of 'Mechs and a reinforced armor company.

The initial version of this Unit Digest had a faulty random allocation table for vehicles which wrongly included the Savannah Master hovercraft; as this vehicle did not yet exist in 3013, the Unit Digest was updated with a corrected version that did not list this vehicle.


  • Introduction
  • Credits
  • Hawke's Horde
    • Hawke's Hammers
    • Hawke's Whirlwind
    • Hawke's Harriers
    • Hawke's Headmen
  • Notable Personalities
    • Charley Hawke
    • Sera Bly
    • Liam Semmes
    • Danielle Radcliffe
    • Tim Reyes
    • Victoria Sbarge
  • Unit Special Abilities

Unit Digest: Killian's Commandos[edit]

(19 February 2011) - In his story "A Cover of Paint" Christopher Purnell introduced us to Killian's Commandos. Now see the mercenary company's unit digest!

The public "Mercenary today!" profile of the unit (as of 3027), annotated by one Adept VII Martin of ComStar with some behind-the-scenes information on their inner workings and conflicts.


  • Introduction
  • Credits
  • Killian's Commandos
    • Killian's Command Lance
    • Sadamori's Strike Lance
    • Claessen's Recon Lance
    • Killian Security Force
  • Notable Personalities
    • John Foster Killian
    • Michael Harper
    • Freddy Marsh
    • Luys Claessens
    • "Miho Sadamori" (Shiro Kanagawa)
    • Angus McPherson
  • Unit Special Abilities

Unit Digest: 22nd Coventry Medical[edit]

(02 March 2011) - Darrell Myers builds us a frontline support medical regiment based on Coventry in 3064!

Insights into the structure and operations of the 22nd Coventry Medical Regiment, a medical support regiment.

Unit Digest: Drake's Dragons[edit]

(02 April 2011) - Craig Reed shows us what happens when a mercenary unit turns to banditry along the Free Worlds League

Formed from the mercenary unit Drake's Dragoons in 2995, the brothers Drake have turned their father's unit into a mixed regiment of psychopathic criminals, pirates and cutthroats by the turn of the millennium.

Unit Digest: Langston's Lancers[edit]

(02 March 2011) - Craig Reed showed us last month a pirate band with no morals--now he shows us the paladins out to hunt them down.

Former FWLM Captain William Langston had a falling out with mercenary-turned-pirate force Drake's Dragons in 3000 when he found out their illegal activities. He escaped an attempt to murder him, resigned, and joined the mercenary unit Morrison's Madmen to lead them against the Dragons. After the Madmen's CO is injured, Langston advanced to command the unit in 3007, renaming them Langston's Lancers.

The unit is portrayed as of 3012.

Apocryphal extra content[edit]

Author Craig Reed later posted additional material that had exceeded the word count for the unit description and was not included in the official file. This extra content is thus technically not canon and should be considered apocryphal:

Due to a mistake on my part, the Unit Digest is missing a subunit entry. Without further ado, here it is:
Under Subunits
Bayington's Black Sheep
Major Carlton Bayington
2 Squadrons / Veteran / Questionable
Icon: Fighter

"Black sheep" best describes Carlton Bayington and his people. The unit has more disciplinary problems then the rest of the Lancers combined, and the only reason that Colonel Langston puts up with them is that when they are flying, they are a solid force. Bayington is working to change the Black Sheep's reputation, but it will take time.
Made up of mostly heavier fighters, the Black Sheep flies cover when needed. Otherwise, they are sent on seek and destroy mission over the battlefield. The Black Sheep's Second Squadron, the Wild Bunch, are masters of ground attack missions.

and under Unit abilities
Bayington's Black Sheep
First Squadron has the Brawlers ability, while Second Squadron has the Ground Attack Specialists special ability (p. 193, TO)

Unit Digest: Wasat Avengers[edit]

(09 May 2011) - Christopher Purnell provides us with a 'Mech-supported resistance force on Wasat in 3074

Written as a report to Alys Marik, the unit digest describes disparate combined-arms guerilla forces consisting of remnants from the Blackhearts, local forces, and even a Word of Blake defector.

Unit Digest: 1065th Millerton Armored[edit]

(02 June 2011) - Craig Reed shows us the 1065th Millerton Armored Regiment during the FedCom Civil War.

A rundown and poorly led militia regiment from Millerton suffering from the Social General syndrome in its officer corps.

Unit Digest: Knights Defensor[edit]

(02 July 2011) - Craig Reed illustrates for us a new order of a militant knights founded by the New Avalon Catholic Church after the Jihad.

On New Year's Day 3084 the NACC's pope announces the formation of the Holy Order of Knight Defenders - the Knights Defensor, a clerical military order to defend their Periphery March against raiders.

Unit Digest: 210th Combine Punishment Battalion[edit]

(04 July 2011) - In our latest unit digest, Craig Reed introduces us to a DCMS penal battalion.

A penal battalion as of 3065, rife with internal conflict and dangerous to friend and foe alike.

Unit Digest: Pike's Pikemen[edit]

(05 July 2011) - Craig Reed offers us a Periphery-based garrison/cadre mercenary unit built around one extended family.

A specialized garrison and cadre duty unit with surprisingly heavy equipment, as of 3070

Unit Digest: Jalastar Defense Force[edit]

(25 July 2011) - Darrell Myers provides us with the 3074 TOE of the Jalastar Factory Defense Force in the Federated Suns.

Because of Jalastar Aerospace's proximity to the Taurian Concordat and periphery pirates they maintain a small but capable security force (named 'Jalastar Factory Defense Force' in the document's title) that was rebuilt from the ground up after being shattered in the FedCom Civil War and is portrayed here as of 3075.

Unit Digest: 362nd Air Regiment[edit]

(02 August 2011) - Craig Reed Jr. shows us one of the Capellan Confederation's unsung regiments--an air defense regiment of conventional fighters

Rarely garrisoned by frontline units, a great share of New Roland's defenses is provided by this native regiment, detailed as of 3075.

Unit Digest: Ghosts of Spartacus[edit]

(02 September 2011) - In our latest Unit Digest, longtime author Christopher Purnell shows us a band of escaped slaves in the Marian Hegemony near the turn of the 31st Century.

A rogue unit supporting an uprising and a slave revolt on Baccalieu around 2996.

Unit Digest: Inkpot Irregulars[edit]

(02 November 2011) - Patrick Wynne offers us a unit digest for a the Inkpot Irregulars, journalists who moonlight as mercenaries...

Formed in 3054 by a journalist who has published several fiction and non-fiction books about the unit's exploits, this company-sized mercenary unit consists of FedCom military veterans; the digest is set in 3062.

The unit is called 'Inkspot' Irregulars in the document's title, page header and random assignment table. The author confirmed that this was in error, and that the proper name is 'Inkpot' Irregulars, as given in the document's filename and descriptive text.

Unit Digest: 44th Antietam Military Police[edit]

(25 July 2012) - A new unit digest: the 44th Antietam Military Police, as they operated on New Avalon in the wake of its liberation during the Jihad.

Detailed as of 3075, the 44th Antietam Reserve Military Police is a regiment-sized formation of three battalions of armed police forces (including snipers) and a command battalion with a judiciary body, criminal investigation specialists and attached MI5 and MI7 teams.

Unit Digest: 24th Keystone Engineering Battalion[edit]

(31 July 2012) - A unit digest for the 24th Keystone Engineering Battalion, one of the combat engineering battalions operating in the Free Worlds League just prior to the Jihad.

Set in 3065, this digest describes a floating FWLM unit of combat engineers from the world of Keystone where engineering is a staple in the schools owing to the planet's environmental conditions.

Unit Digest: Iron Land Wildcatters[edit]

(8 September 2013) - A unit digest for the Iron Land Wildcatters, a militant offshoot of the Iron Land Miners' Guild. During the Star League era, the Wildcatters strove to drive Commonwealth Mining interests from Iron Land by any means necessary.

Set in 2748, this digest describes how Commonwealth Mining took over germanium mining on Iron Land, buying out the Rim Worlds Republic enterprises and subsequently abusing and exploiting the workers until they rose up in arms and formed a guerrilla movement with armed IndustrialMechs.

Sorsk Regulars[edit]

(16 November 2014; included with the short story Watershed) - On the water-rich Periphery world of Barahona, the Barahona Defense Force must face thirsty pirates intent on stealing water at any cost. Includes a playable scenario and two unit digests. (The counterpart Unit Digest for the Sorsk Regulars is the Barahona Defense Force digest below.)

Attached to the short story set in 3061 and the scenario going with it, this unit digest describes the Sorsk Regulars as a roughly company-sized mixed-type unit built around two 'Mech lances. Although they have to raid nearby worlds for survival, the forces from Sorsk actually try not to stoop down to the level of actual pirates.

Barahona Defense Force[edit]

(16 November 2014; included with the short story Watershed) - On the water-rich Periphery world of Barahona, the Barahona Defense Force must face thirsty pirates intent on stealing water at any cost. Includes a playable scenario and two unit digests.

The counterpart to the Sorsk Regulars, this unit digest describes the local defense forces on Barahona as of 3061 (who deploy a mixed company in the story and scenario).

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