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LexaTech Industries
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Headquarters: Hun Ho
Leadership: CEO
Products: BattleMechs
Division(s) Irece

LexaTech Industries was once the Draconis Combine's largest producers of LAMs. They have since become a large supplier of heavy BattleMechs.


In 3025, the company was doing very well, maybe due to the fact that LAM's are frequently disabled on the field. LexaTech churned out Stingers to replace those lost in combat. As one of the few BattleMechs that is still being produced in Combine space, the Stinger LAM saw a lot of action.[1]

LexaTech was once primarily known as a producer of the nearly extinct LAM. Clan Nova Cat gained a great deal of prestige by capturing the Lexatech facility on Irece.[2]

The Jihad had little effect on LexaTech Industries. By 3079 their Hun Ho plant was operating at 90% of its pre-Jihad levels, although the plant had suffered no combat losses.[3] During the Early Republic Era the plant was primarily mothballed as part of the military drawdowns, only keeping limited production of spare parts. After the 3132 collapse of the HPG network the plant was reactivated and brought up to full production capacity.[4]




LexaTech Industries has manufacturing centers on the following planets:

Hun Ho[edit]

The Hun Ho plant is located near the city of Borsan on the Bergen continent of Hun Ho, near the pole, with easy access to mineral resources on what is otherwise a tropical jungle paradise world. In addition to the BattleMechs manufactured on Hun Ho, from 3075 onwards the facility also converted Cyclops BattleMechs to the 11-B variant as a refit.[6]

Components produced on Hun Ho:[6][7][8][9]
Component Type
Stinger [10] Light BattleMech
ARC-9K Archer[6] Heavy BattleMech
ARC-9M Archer[7] Heavy BattleMech
GHR-6K Grasshopper[6][9] Heavy BattleMech
MR-V2 Cerberus[6][8] Assault BattleMech
MR-V3 Cerberus[8] Assault BattleMech
Earthwerks Archer Endo Steel[7] Archer 9M
Mingh z33/9 Endo Steel Grasshopper[9]
TermoElectron II Cerberus[8]
Fusion Engine
Defiance 210 Light Archer 9M[7]
Extralight Fusion Engine
GM 380 XL Cerberus[8]
Improved Jump Jets
Chilton Model 21 Archer 9M[7]
Ferro-fibrous Armor
Aldis Heavy ferro-fibrous Cerberus[8]
Durallex Guardian II Light ferro-fibrous w/CASE Archer 9M[7]
Communications System
Neil 9000 Archer 9M[7]
O-P 3000 OSJ Cerberus[8]
Targeting-Tracking System
O-P PulseTrack III Cerberus[8]
RCA Instatrac Mark XII w/Artemis IV Archer 9M[7]
ER Medium Laser
Diverse Optics Archer 9M[7]
Gauss Rifle
Grizzard Model 200 Cerberus[8]/Shipped to New Samarkand for Demolisher[citation needed]
Light PPC
Defiance 250 Archer 9M[7]
Delta Dart Archer 9M[7]
Machine Gun
Sperry Browning Cerberus[8]/Shipped to New Samarkand for Crow & Behemoth[citation needed]


In 3025 the LexaTech Industries plant on Irece was the only one producing the Stinger LAM (no other LAM was in production at this time). LexaTech had introduced this design during the days of the Star League.[1]

Note: The production facility on Irece were razed after their capture by Clan Nova Cat.

Components produced on Irece before Nova Cat occupation:[11]
Component Type
Stinger LAM[11] LAM
LexaTech 300 Stinger LAM[11]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
Riese 100 Stinger LAM[11]
Communications System
O/P 900 Stinger LAM[11]
Targeting-Tracking System
O/P 911 Shiped to Alshain for Locust[11]
O/P LAMTRACK 50 Stinger LAM[11]


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