Gotha ASF TRO3055U.png
Production information
Manufacturer Allied Technologies
Production Year 2657[1]
Model GTHA-500
Class Medium aerospace fighter
Tech Base Star League
Cost 3,246,490 C-bills[2]
Technical specifications
Mass 60 tons
Structural Integrity 6
Frame Saroyan 2.5
Power Plant Piker 180
Armor CarbonDale IV Ferro-Aluminum
Fuel 6 tons
Communications System COMSTAT 500 ATM
Tracking & Targeting System Ringo Plant 88
Heat Sinks 14 single heat sinks
BV (1.0) 1,160[2][3]
BV (2.0) 1,436[4][5]


A finely-honed balance between combat ability, maneuverability, and ease of repair, the Gotha aerospace fighter became a mainstay of the Star League Defense Force aerospace forces.

In 2654, New Age Systems were able to secure the services of five of the greatest fighter pilots (drafted from the Free Worlds League's Nova Squadron School of Combat) and most skilled fighter combat-repair technicians in the Star League Defense Force at the time to assist in the development of a new medium weight fighter. By the end of the three-year study, the engineers at New Age Systems had produced three prototypes of the Gotha which attempted to balance the influences and opinions of the pilots and technicians, of which the 500 series proved the most successful.[6][4]

While at the slower end of the medium weight class, the sleek fighter carries 13 tons of CarbonDale IV ferro-aluminum armor, giving the Gotha significant protection. The use of well-known and regarded equipment earned top marks from technicians assigned to the fighter, save the tendency of targeting and tracking system to jam other systems on the craft for a few seconds when initialized at full power and range.[6][4]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

Based on extensive pilot contributions, the Gotha features a balanced mix of long and medium range weaponry. At long ranges, the Gotha uses a pair of the well-regarded and utterly foolproof Holly LRM-15 racks, one mounted in each wing and drawing from a single ton of reloads, supported by a nose-mounted Starcutter PPC, fitted with a sliding safety and reentry hatch to protect the weapon during landing. The supporting close range firepower consists of lasers produced by a wholly-owned subsidiary of New Age Systems, with two wing-mounted Allied Technologies Model 1 small lasers and four Allied Technologies Model 2 medium lasers, two forward facing in the nose and two fixed aft to discourage any enemy fighter from approaching behind.[6][4]


  • GTHA-100 
    The 100 series prototype saw trials in Marik space, using a smaller though more reliable engine to increase the number and variety of weaponry. In particular the weapons suite featured more missiles, with the 100 series carrying an SRM-4 in each wing. BV (2.0) = 1,301[7]
  • GTHA-300 
    The 300 series reduced the weapons in favor of heavier armor protection. This model has 16 tons of armor, far more than most medium fighters, but was less well received than the 100 series, mostly because the bulky armor makes the craft difficult to handle in an atmosphere. BV (2.0) = 1,463[8]
  • GTHA-400 
    The 400 series was introduced during the Succession Wars era. Its weapon complement is identical to the 300 Series, but removes some of that model's armor and installs a larger engine. BV (2.0) = 1,364[9]

Notable Pilots[edit]

Related Designs[edit]

Goth - Clan Cloud Cobra used the Gotha as the base design for their Goth OmniFighter.[16]


  • Author Blaine Lee Pardoe stated in a blog entry that, according to his memory which he admitted could be wrong, the Gotha was among the aerospace fighters for which he wrote the original background as initially published in TRO:2750; for some of these he also designed the stats.



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