Dart (BattleMech)

This article is about the BattleMech. For the WarShip class, see Dart (WarShip class).
Dart (BattleMech)
Production information
Manufacturer Coventry Metal Works
Production Year 3051[1]
Model DRT-3S
Class Light
Cost 2,183,750 C-bills
Technical specifications
Mech type Inner Sphere BattleMech
Mass 25 tons
Chassis Coventry Metal Works Model D-3
Armor Lexington Limited
Engine VOX 225
Communications System Cyclops 14
Targeting Tracking System Cyclops Multi-Tasker 10
Heat Sinks 10
Speed 151.2 km/h
BV (1.0) 360[2]
BV (2.0) 436[3]


The Dart was built when the Federated Commonwealth was looking for BattleMechs that were not ammunition dependent. The 'Mech was built with an all energy weapon arsenal on an extremely high-speed chassis. The 'Mech is capable of speeds of up to 151 kph and is armored with three and a half tons of armor. The 'Mech, while lightly armed, is an exceptional recon 'Mech and also works well in a guerrilla force where its use of energy weapons allows it to operate independently.

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The Dart is armed with three Magna 200P Small Pulse Lasers which do not have a long range but provide the Dart with highly accurate short range firepower.


  • DRT-4S 
    The 4S modifies the Dart in an attempt to add much needed firepower to the design without sacrificing the 'Mechs independence from ammunition. This is done by removing the three Small Pulse Lasers and replacing them with three Medium Lasers. While this reduces the 'Mech's accuracy, the range and damage profiles are both increased over the 3S model. BV (1.0) = 560, BV (2.0) = 656[4]
  • DRT-6S 
    The 6S variant of the Dart increases both its firepower and armor protection. The 'Mech carries four and a half tons of Ferro-Fibrous armor. The 'Mech is armed with two Medium Lasers. Even with one less Medium Laser than the 4S model, the 6S brings more overall firepower to the field than the 3S. BV (1.0) = 548[2], BV (2.0) = 641[5]

Design Quirks[edit]

The Dart has the following Design Quirk:[8]


In German products the unit's proper name was perfectly translated to Pfeil. The model code was accordingly changed to PFL-3S.



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