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StarCorps Industries
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(Menke II)[1][2]
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The Star League[edit]

During the era of the Star League the main StarCorps Industries manufacturing facility was located on the Terran Hegemony world of Fletcher, although the steady increase in size of the satellite facility on Crofton that had taken place up to 2765 led the Star League Defense Force Intelligence Command to report that the Crofton facility would continue growing to rival the Fletcher facility.[3] StarCorps was one of the few Terran Hegemony defense manufacturers to have made any inroads into the Lyran Commonwealth market during the Star League era,[4] and as late as 2765 was either expanding or likely to expand the manufacturing facilities the company had in place on Son Hoa.[5]

The Jihad[edit]

Demand for the General Motors 270 engine increased dramatically with the design of recent variants of the Emperor, necessitating the construction of production lines for the engine on St. Ives and Menke. This has had the beneficial side effect of allowing Ceres Metals Industries to purchase the GM 270 engine directly from StarCorps. No longer reliant on shipments from the Taurian Concordat, CMI sees this as a godsend, what with the deteriorating relations between that nation and the Capellan state.[citation needed]

In April 3074, the Word of Blake attacked the StarCorps Industries main complex on Son Hoa while the StarCorps Board of Directors was meeting in the facility. The attack was brutal and comprehensive; the site was attacked with chemical weapons, killing those present, and then subjected to repeated attack and bombing runs by aerospace fighters and DropShips. The attack caused considerable damage to the interstellar company and forced it to activate various contingency plans to try and compensate.[6]

The Dark Age[edit]

During the Dark Age, StarCorps continued to expand the range of war matériel produced and sold to the various powers of the Inner Sphere; while some products such as the Antlion BattleMech were highly specialized capabilities produced for a single customer,[7] other product lines such as the Zibler Fast Strike Tank were sold across the entire Inner Sphere. The Zibler in particular was manufactured and sold so widely since its introduction around the turn of the thirty-second century that it was rumored StarCorps were trying to make it as ubiquitous on the modern battlefield as Vedette and Manticore tanks had been during the Succession Wars.[8]


StarCorps Industries has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


Originally a satellite facility, the Crofton plant was once tipped to rival the main StarCorps production facility in size and scope, prior to the fall of the Star League.[3] In the wake of the Jihad the Crofton plant was unable to expand production despite the rebuilding efforts going on within the Federated Suns because of the supply line issues being suffered.[9] During the Jihad, the Crofton plant lost approximately 20% of its personnel, but that hadn't affected its production capability.[10]

Components produced on Crofton:[7][11]
Component Type
Gorilla[12] Exoskeleton
Salrilla[12] Exoskeleton
LK-3D Antlion[7] Medium BattleMech
WHM-9D Warhammer[13] Heavy BattleMech
WHM-8D Warhammer[13] Heavy BattleMech
TNS-4S Thanatos[13] Heavy BattleMech
LGB-7Q Longbow[13] Assault BattleMech
LGB-12C Longbow[13] Assault BattleMech
EMP-6A Emperor[13] Assault BattleMech
Gallant[13] Heavy BattleMech
Stalker[13] Assault BattleMech
Black Hawk-KU[13] Heavy OmniMech
Avatar[13] Heavy OmniMech
Sunder[13] Assault OmniMech
Manteuffel[13] Tracked Vehicles
J. Edgar Light Hover Tank[13] Hovertank
Zibler Fast Strike Tank[11] (Produced by early thirty-second century) Hover OmniVehicle
StarFrame Medium Reinforced Antlion[7]
Extralight Fusion Engine
GM SuperFusion 225 XL Antlion[7]
Ferro-fibrous Armor
Valiant Ringmail Light ferro-fibrous w/CASE II Antlion[7]
Communications System
O/P 3950 COMSET M7 Antlion[7]
Targeting-Tracking System
Martin-Quarry Tarsys XLR 2.7 w/Bloodhound Active Probe Antlion[7]
Mech Mortar
Type 4 Antlion[7]
Light Machine Gun
Sperry Browning Antlion[7]

Emris IV[edit]

NOTE: The Emris IV plant was unaffected by the Jihad.[14]

Components produced on Emris IV:[15][16][17][18][19][20]
Component Type
Gladiator-S[15] Exoskeleton
Gladiator Combat Exoskeleton[21] Exoskeleton
Gorilla[12] Exoskeleton
Salrilla[12] Exoskeleton
Gorilla "Falcata"[22] Exoskeleton
CRN-7M Carronade[16] Heavy BattleMech
Mortis[23] Heavy BattleMech
SCG-WF1 Scourge[17] Heavy BattleMech
WHM-8D Warhammer[24] Heavy BattleMech
WHM-10CT Warhammer (from 3086)[18] Heavy BattleMech
LGB-7Q Longbow[24] Assault BattleMech
LGB-12C Longbow[24] Assault BattleMech
EMP-6M Emperor[19][24] Assault BattleMech
Battle Armor
Kopis[20][24] Assault battle armor
StarFrame Heavy Endo Steel Carronade[16]
Extralight Fusion Engine
VOX 280 XL Carronade[16]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
ArcShield VII Mk.5 w/CASE II Carronade[16]
Communications System
Telestar Model XTD-67A1 Carronade[16]
Targeting-Tracking System
Starlight Seeker LX-4X Carronade[16]
Gauss Rifle
Oriente MagCoil Model M Carronade[16]
Silver Bullet Gauss Rifle
Oriente MagCoil Model K Carronade[16]
ER Medium Laser
Diverse Optics Sunfire Carronade[16]


The largest of the StarCorps Industries manufacturing facilities at the height of the Star League and the company's primary manufacturing facility,[3] the Fletcher plant was intact when the Capellan Confederation annexed Fletcher immediately prior to the First Succession War. The subsequent battles for control of the world during the First Succession War saw the StarCorps Industries plant and most of the other defense manufacturing facilities on the world destroyed before the end of the war.[25]

Components produced on Fletcher:[25]
Component Type
Highlander (unspecified variants)[25] Assault BattleMech


NOTE: During the Jihad the Loburg facility lost none of its staff. In 3079 it was operating at 80% of its maximum theoretical output.[26]

Components produced on Loburg:[17][27]
Component Type
Gorilla[12] Exoskeleton
Salrilla[12] Exoskeleton
SCG-WF1 Scourge[17] Heavy BattleMech
TNS-4S Thanatos[28] Heavy BattleMech
WHM-10CT Warhammer (from 3087)[18] Heavy BattleMech
KGC-009 King Crab[27] Assault BattleMech
LGB-7Q Longbow[28] Assault BattleMech
LGB-12C Longbow[28] Assault BattleMech
Gallant[28] Heavy BattleMech
Black Hawk-KU[28] Heavy OmniMech
Avatar[28] Heavy OmniMech
Sunder[28] Assault OmniMech
Manteuffel[28] Tracked Vehicles
Zibler Fast Strike Tank[11] (Produced by early thirty-second century) Hover OmniVehicle
StarFrame HII Endo Steel King Crab[27]
Fusion Engine
Vlar 300 King Crab[27]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
ArcShield VII Mk.5 w/CASE King Crab[27]
Communications System
Dalban Commline w/Guardian ECM Suite King Crab[27]
Targeting-Tracking System
Dalban HiRez-B King Crab[27]
Plasma Rifle
Defiance Novashot Model 2 King Crab[27]
Light AC/5
SarLon MiniCannon King Crab[27]
Medium Laser
Phototech 806c King Crab[27]
Doombud King Crab[27]


Note: Since the start of the Jihad, the facility on Menke suffered no losses of capital and personnel, and had a full production volume of 100 percent in 3079.[29]

Components produced on Menke:[30][31]
Component Type
MR-8C Marco[30] IndustrialMech
WHM-4L Warhammer[31] Heavy BattleMech
WHM-8D Warhammer[31] Heavy BattleMech
WHM-10CT Warhammer Heavy BattleMech(post-3087)[18]
MS-1A Mortis Heavy BattleMech[32]
EMP-6A Emperor[31] Assault BattleMech
StarCorps HD-5 Marco[30]
Fusion engine
GM 120 Marco[30]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
ArcShield CHIL Marco[30]
Communications System
Astar 5 Marco[30]
StarCorps Salvage System Marco[30]
Light Laser
Harmon Marco[30]

Son Hoa[edit]

NOTE: During the Jihad the Son Hoa plant lost 75% of its staff and equipment, and by 3079 was only operating at 35% of its theoretical maximum output.[26]

Components produced on Son Hoa:[33][34][35][36]
Component Type
FLN-366 St. Florian FireMech[33] IndustrialMech
WGT-1LAW/SC Wight[34][37] Light BattleMech
Gladiator[37] Medium BattleMech
WHM-9S Warhammer[37] Heavy BattleMech
WHM-8D Warhammer[37] Heavy BattleMech
EMP-6S Emperor[19] Assault BattleMech
HGN-732 Highlander[35][37] Assault BattleMech
KGC-001 King Crab[36][37] Assault BattleMech
Alshain 560-Carrier Endo Steel Chassis - Wight[34]
Hollis Mark II Chassis - King Crab[36]
Star League XT Chassis - Highlander[35]
GM 270 Fusion engine - Highlander[35]
Omni 175 Compact Fusion engine - Wight[34]
Vlar 300 XL Extralight fusion engine - King Crab[36]
Aldis-X ferro-fibrous w/CASE Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles) - King Crab[36]
Grumman-2 ferro-fibrous w/CASE Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles) - Highlander[35]
New Samarkand Royal Heavy ferro-fibrous Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles) - Wight[34]
HildCo Model 10 Jump Jets - Highlander[35]
Dalban Commline Communications System - King Crab[36]
Hector VII Communications System - Highlander[35]
Sipher CommCon SCU-4 Communications System - Wight[34]
Telestar XTD-67A1 Communications System
Cat's Eyes 5 Targeting-Tracking System - Wight[34]
Dalban HiRez-B Targeting-Tracking System - King Crab
Starlight LX-1 Targeting-Tracking System - Highlander[35]
Starlight Seeker LX-4K Targeting-Tracking System
Harmon Starclass Medium laser

St. Ives[edit]

Note: The facility on St. Ives, suffers a capital and personal losses of 72%, and the operating capacity of the factory have a production volume of 66% in 3079.[29]

Components produced on St. Ives:[38]
Component Type
Gorilla[12] Exoskeleton
Salrilla[12] Exoskeleton
WHM-4L Warhammer Heavy BattleMech - (Production of this model apparently ceased during the Jihad.)[38]
WHM-10CT Warhammer Heavy BattleMech - (post-3087)[18]
EMP-6A Emperor[38] Assault BattleMech
EMP-6L Emperor[38] Assault BattleMech
LGB-12C Longbow[38] Assault BattleMech
LGB-14C Longbow[38] Assault BattleMech
Black Hawk-KU[38] Heavy OmniMech
LI-O Vandal Heavy OmniMech[39]
Avatar[38] Heavy OmniMech
Sunder[38] Assault OmniMech
StarCorp 100 Warhammer & Longbow
StarCorps 120-Flex Endo Steel Vandal[40]
Titan Super TZ-7EA Emperor
Fusion Engine
General Motors 270 Emperor/Shipped to St. Ives for Phoenix Hawk
Extralight Fusion Engine
Strand 255 XL Longbow
PlasmaStar 270 XL Emperor
VOX 280 XL Warhammer/Shipped to Warlock for Morningstar
Jump Jet
Pitban LFT-50 Emperor
Pitban LFT-65 Shipped to Warlock for Cossack
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
Arcshield VII Mk.5 Emperor
Arcshield VII Mk.6 Shipped to Warlock for Cossack
StarSlab/12.5 Longbow
Communications System
OP/3950 COMMSET M7 Longbow
Telestar/Model XTD-67A1 Emperor
Targeting-Tracking System
Martin-Quarry Tarsys XLR 2.2 Longbow
Starlight Seeker LX-4X Emperor
LB 10-X AC
Imperator Code Red Emperor
ER Small Laser
Diverse Optics Longbow & Thunder
ER Medium Laser
Diverse Optics Sunfire Longbow
Hollis "Ballista-15" Longbow/Shipped to Tikonov for Koschei
Hollis "Ballista-20" Longbow
Doombud Multi-Missile Trio for Export
Doombud Shipped to Sian for Wasp
Doombud Longbow


Components produced on Terra:[41]
Component Type
WHM-9S Warhammer Heavy BattleMech
WHM-10CT Warhammer Heavy BattleMech - (from 3087)[18]
LGB-12C Longbow Assault BattleMech
EMP-6A Emperor Assault BattleMech
HGN-736 Highlander Assault BattleMech
DLR-O Doloire Assault OmniMech (from 3121)[42]
Zibler Fast Strike Tank[11] (Produced by early thirty-second century) Hover OmniVehicle
Angerona Scout Suit[43] battle armor
Tortoise II battle armor
StarCorp 100 Chassis - Longbow and Warhammer
Titan Super TZ-7EA Chassis - Emperor
Star League XT Chassis - Highlander
Strand 255 XL Extralight fusion engine - Longbow
PlasmaStar 270 Light Fusion engine - Emperor
VOX 280 Light Fusion engine - Warhammer
Pitban LFT-50 Jump Jets - Emperor and Highlander
ArcShield VII Mk.5 Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles) - Emperor
StarSlab/9.5 Mk.II Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles) - Longbow
StarSlab/12.5 Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles) - Longbow
Durallex Heavy Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles) - Warhammer
Leviathan Plus Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles) - Warhammer
Hector VII Communications System - Highlander
O/P 3000 COMSET Communications System - Warhammer
O/P 3950 COMSET Communications System - Emperor
Telestar Model XTD-67A1 Communications System - Longbow
Martin-Quarry Tarsys XLR 2.2 Targeting-Tracking System - Longbow
O/P 1500 ARB Targeting-Tracking System - Warhammer
Starlight LX-1 Targeting-Tracking System - Highlander
Starlight Seeker LX-4X Targeting-Tracking System - Emperor
Phototech 806c Medium laser - Emperor and Highlander


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