Technicron Engineering

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Technicron Engineering
Corporation Profile
AffiliationFree Worlds League
HeadquartersAtlanta (Savannah)[1]
Division(s)Forerunner A.G.
Manufacturing Plant(s)

Technicron Engineering was one of the medium sized military hardware manufacturers in the Free Worlds League, producing both a smattering of BattleMechs as well as JumpShips and WarShips for the Free Worlds League Military.


While noted primarily for production of the Invader-class JumpShip at their Tamarind based shipyard, the company's ground based facilities on Savannah have become famous for the design and production of the Quickdraw and Awesome BattleMechs. Technicron was relatively lucky and avoided complete destruction during the Succession Wars. The recovery of lostech has greatly benefited the company, while their orbital facility would seem to make them a natural for the production of Endo Steel, instead they championed reintroducing the XL engine and retooled their BattleMech production lines to use advanced equipment.[2][1]

However those upgrades pale in comparison to injection of funds and technical knowledge to retool part of the Tamarind shipyards to produce WarShips, with Technicron serving as the production site for the Impavido-class destroyer, the first post–Succession War era WarShip design produced by the League.[1]

After the Jihad ended, production of the Impavido was halted in order to focus on the production of Invader class JumpShips.[3] The factories on Savannah and Tongatapu were either destroyed or captured by the Marik Commonwealth.[4]

In the case of the Savannah plant, the attempted declaration of independence by Savannah in 3071 was brutally repressed by a combination of Blakist and Free Worlds League forces in 3074, which damaged the Technicron Manufacturing facilities. The plant suffered further damage in the Bloody Tricentennial attacks and was offline in 3079, with the plant taking further damage when the Republic of the Sphere annexed the world in the 3080s.[5]

In the early thirty-second century, Technicron's research into replicating Clan technology had borne fruit as the company mastered producing the polymers necessary for Clan double heat sinks. In 3137, the company took another major step, at great expense, when they launched an orbital platform around Savannah capable of mass-producing Endo Steel to Clantech standards.[6]


Technicron Engineering has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


Components produced on Savannah:[7][1]
Component Type
QKD-5M Quickdraw[7][1] Heavy BattleMech
QKD-9G Quickdraw[8] Heavy BattleMech
AWS-9M Awesome[7][1] Assault BattleMech
AWS-11H Awesome[9] Assault BattleMech
Regent[10] Assault BattleMech
Technicron Type E Quickdraw[7]
Technicron Type G Awesome[7]
Jump Jets
Chilton 460 Quickdraw[7]
Fusion Engine
Hermes 320 XL Awesome[7]
Magna 300 Quickdraw[7]
Durallex Heavy Special Regent[11]


The Tamarind factory suffered no losses and was operating at 100% capacity in 3079.[12]

Components produced on Tamarind:[1]
Component Type
Invader[1] JumpShips
Impavido[1] Combat JumpShips
K-F Mark VIIa Kearny-Fuchida Drive - JumpShips - Invader[13]
Compact K-F Drive for Impavido Compact K-F Drive - Combat JumpShips[13]
Lithium-Fusion Battery for Impavido Lithium-Fusion Battery
Barracuda Capital Missile[14]
White Shark Capital Missile[14]
Killer Whale Capital Missile[14]


Components produced on Tongatapu:[15]
Component Type
HER-7S Hermes II[16] Medium BattleMech
AWS-11M Awesome[17] Assault BattleMech
AWS-11R Awesome[15] Assault BattleMech
Clantech Heat Sinks Technology[17]


  • It was confirmed by BattleTech Developer Øystein Tvedten via the Catalyst Game Labs Ask the Writers Forum that the Savannah plant was offline in 3079 and the reasons for it being offline.[5]
Actually, not correct. It was still in the FWL in 3079, and as such if it had any working industry it would have been covered there.

Savannah attempted to declare independence in 3071, but was savagely suppressed by a WoB/Marik force in 3074, which put Technicron Manufacturing offline. It was further damaged during the Bloody Tricentenial and when the Republic forcefully annexed the world in 3080ish.

As such it was not operational in 3079, and hence was not included in Objectives: FWL.

With regards,
Strategic Assistant

  — Øystein Tvedten, 06 August 2013


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