Chalchiuhtotolin Support Tank
Production information
Manufacturer Quikscell Company[1]
Production Year 3084[2]
Mission Urban Combat
Garrison Vehicle
Type Wheeled[1]
Technical specifications
Tech Base Clan[1]
Mass 50[1]
Armor Forging MD4 Ferro-Fibrous[1]
Engine Gorvachs 230 fusion[1]
Speed 86[1] km/h
Communications System Basix 200[1]
Targeting Tracking System OptiSight-12[1]
BV (2.0) 1,057[1][2]


The Chalchiuhtotolin Support Tank is a Clan combat vehicle produced by Clan Jade Falcon during the post-Jihad era. Clan Falcons' leaders ordered the tank's creation out of the need for a vehicle capable of filling an urban combat role. The Chalchiuhtotolin was conceived by a group of Falcon Scientists and Technicians known as the Eagle Craft Group, which were responsible for supplying the designs to the Jade Falcon controlled manufacturer Quikscell Company of the planet Pandora. The vehicle's strange name can be attributed to Clan Merchant Factor Daniel.[1]

The tank in its intended role as an urban combatant is powered by a standard 230-rated fusion engine, which is capable of propelling the vehicle up to 86 km/h. The vehicle's hull is further protected by 6.5 tons of ferro-fibrous armor.[1]

The Chalchiuhtotolin has also been traded to Clan Wolf as part of a commerce agreement between the two Clans during 3080s.[1]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The tank's weaponry was designed to be as accurate as possible as a means of minimizing damage to property and civilians when performing its urban enforcement duties. The Chalchiuhtotolin's main weapon is a turret-mounted Kolibri Delta Series large pulse laser. The energy weapon is backed up by a pair of Pattern J4 Streak-4 SRM launchers that are also placed within the turret.[1]

For anti-infantry and crowd control purposes, the vehicle has four Series 34NC light machine guns. These weapons are mounted along the vehicle's flanks with two dedicated to the front arc of the vehicle, along with a pair of Raid micro pulse lasers. With a dual purpose in mind, a single JF 4 flamer was added to the turret. The flamer utilizes two ammunition bays, designed with the option of adding an alternate ammunition to aid firefighting crews in the cities. The vehicle also has a single ton of ammo for both the Streak launchers and all four light machine guns. To help mitigate the tank's heat issues, the tank is fitted with twelve heat sinks.[1]


  • Chemical Laser 
    An experimental variant developed in 3085[3] of Chalchiuhtotolin which features a chemical large laser in place of the large pulse laser. A pair of ER medium lasers are also installed in the turret, and this version sports two chaff pods in lieu of the vehicle flamer. The remaining tonnage is used up by an increase in armor protection[1]. BV (2.0) = 1,177[4][3]
  • Bombast Laser 
    A second early Dark Age experimental design of the Chalchiuhtotolin introduced also in 3085[5], this variant uses a mix of experimental Inner Sphere technology. Based on the chemical laser version, the turret laser is swapped out for a bombast laser. While the vehicle flamer is restored, the two chaff pods are removed to make tonnage available for a targeting computer[1]. BV (2.0) = 912[6][5]
  • XL 
    This variant of the Chalchiuhototolin was introduced in 3120[7]. The turret weaponry has been removed and replaced by a Streak LRM-15 and four medium pulse lasers. The four light machine guns remain, and the tank is protected by ferro-lamellor armor. BV (2.0) = 1,498[8][7]


  • According to Ken Horner, this name was a reappropriation of the Spheroid derogatory term "jade turkey" for Clan Jade Falcon. Accordingly, the Clan named their newest armored vehicle after the Aztec deity of disease and pestilence, which was embodied by a jade turkey.[9]