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Omnitech Industries

Omnitech Industries
Company Logo

Company Logo
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Solaris VII
Primary Products BattleMechs

Omnitech Industries is a BattleMech design firm producing 'Mechs for the Solaris VII arenas.


One of the many Solaris 'Mech design firms, the Solaris City based Omnitech Industries is best known for the Koto, a heavily rebuilt advanced tech 25 ton version of the ubiquitous Locust. The company's success with the Koto however was offset by the failure of the 95-ton Colossus, an expensive experimental melding of the Marauder II and the King Crab whose reputation suffered after a number of ignoble defeats in the arenas, causing financial hardship for the company. [1]


The company's CEO in 3067 is Carl van Holdt.[1]


Omnitech Industries has manufacturing centers on the following planets:[1]

Solaris VII[edit]

Components produced on Solaris VII:[2][3][4][5][6]
Component Type
KTO-2A Koto[2] Light BattleMech
KTO-3A Koto[2] Light BattleMech
FLS-P5 Flashfire[3] Light BattleMech
FLS-P2 Flashfire[3] Light BattleMech
FLS-P4 Flashfire[3] Light BattleMech
TS-P1D Tsunami[4] Medium BattleMech
TS-P1 Tsunami[4] Medium BattleMech
MPR-3S Morpheus[5] Heavy BattleMech
CLS-4S Colossus[6] Assault BattleMech
BerganOmniTekk Light 2.5 Endo Steel Koto[2]
Omnitech FF-X Endo Steel Flashfire[3]
Omnitech TS-1 Standart Tsunami[4]
Omnitech Morpheus Morpheus[5]
Colossus IXb Colossus[6]
Fusion Engine
Pitban 240 Tsunami[4]
Pitban 285 Colossus[6]
Extralight Fusion Engine
Edasich Motors 390 XL Morpheus[5]
GM 180 XL Flashfire[3]
Nissan 200 Extralight II Koto[2]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
Durallex Tensile-4 w/Spikes Flashfire[3]
Valiant Lamellor w/CASE Colossus[6]
Ferro-fibrous Armor
Durallex Special Heavy ferro-fibrous w/Spikes Morpheus[5]
Lexington Limited High Grade ferro-fibrous w/CASE Tsunami[4]
Solaris Special GTL-5 ferro-fibrous Koto[2]
Jump Jets
Chilton 600 Colossus[6]
Luxor 2/Q Tsunami[4]
Luxor Load Lifters Morpheus[5]
Rawlings 52 Flashfire[3]
Communications System
Garret T-10B.2 Koto[2]
Garret T15B Flashfire[3] & Tsunami[4]
TharHes Thalia HM-22 Morpheus[5]
Targeting-Tracking System
Garret 500S Flashfire[3] & Tsunami[4]
O/P911, OT Mod3 Koto[2]
RCA Instatrac Mark VIII w/ECM Suite Morpheus[5]
Fluid Gun
Omnitech Firehose Flashfire[3]


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