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The New Earth Trading Company is considered one of the first ever interstellar trading companies, having been founded in the chaotic exploration days of the twenty-second century.


Originally engaged in transportation and trade, New Earth Trading Company's commercial success led to its expansion into other areas, such as robotics. Competition between NETC and the other robotic corporations was fierce, with the former often bending the rules in order to get ahead of Ulsop and Nirasaki. It was NETC that won the contract to design the artificial intelligence of the Space Defense System's Caspar drone ships, which was accomplished by the first neural mapping of the human brain, that of Admiral Kinru Dvarahal.[1][2]

Unfortunately, that same tactical genius would be turned against the Star League Defense Force during the Amaris Civil War. While NETC would survive the civil war and the resulting Succession Wars, much of its high-tech facilities were destroyed in the fighting, forcing the company back into the trading business. It also retained the ability to produce a limited number of military vehicles, supplied mostly to ComStar and the Lyran Commonwealth. The Truce of Tukayyid provided the company a financial windfall as the various realms raced to rearm their military forces post–Clan Invasion.[1][2]

NETC is the original producer of the Vedette tank, and the only company to use ComStar equipment in their vehicles. This has given them a reputation as being a front for ComStar.[1][3] They maintain fairly cordial relationships with all the Successor States except the Draconis Combine, some events in the War of 3039 have cooled relations between the Combine and NETC.[4]

New Earth Trading Company prefers to work within a 200 light year radius of their corporate headquarters on New Earth. New Earth division's president Donald Witherspoon oversaw the construction of two new warehousing and transportation facilities on Bharat.[4]

The campaign to liberate New Earth during Operation SCOUR was particularly destructive, both in the ground battles and as a result of orbital bombardments. The defending Word of Blake forces ensured that little industry remained after their defeat, making it extremely likely that the NETC facility on New Earth was destroyed.[5]

In the mid-3080s, the Maxwell Planetary Defense Consortium approached NETC about licensing the Myrmidon tank design. Maxwell hoped that the destruction of NETC's Myrmidon production line would make this a deal worth taking.[6]

At some point in the early parts of the thirty-second century, the company ended up secretly producing combat units for a splinter ComStar group which was rebuilding the Com Guards for their own purposes. Among the assets NETC were producing at their New Earth factory were BattleMechs. However, during the Fortress Republic era, elements of the Republic of the Sphere seized the factory and nationalized it for use for the struggling nation.[7]

Early in the Succession Wars Comstar apparently invested heavily in the company, and operated it as a front company. This explains how NETC was able to create new BattleMechs and other military supplies for the Com Guards of the early thirty-second century.[8]


New Earth Trading Company has manufacturing centers on the following planets:

New Earth[edit]

It is believed that this facility was destroyed in 3078 during the liberation of New Earth.[5]

Components produced on New Earth:[9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16][17]
Component Type
KHP-7R Kheper[15] Medium BattleMech (As of Mid thirty-second century)
UAE-7R Uraeus[16] Heavy BattleMech (As of Mid thirty-second century)
Engineering Vehicle[10] Tracked Vehicles
Alacorn Mk VI[12] Tracked Vehicles
Manticore[9] Tracked Vehicles - Heavy Tank
Myrmidon[11] Tracked Vehicles - Medium Tank
Vedette[9][13] Tracked Vehicles - Medium Tank
Karnov UR[9] VTOLs
FWL-3R Fwltur[14] IndustrialMech
Internal Combustion Engine
DAV 160 Gas Turbine Karnov[citation needed]
Dave 190 Gas Turbine Karnov UR[9]
Locom-Pack 250 Vedette[9][13]
WorkHorse 240 with PowerChain Engineering Vehicle[10]
Kearny-Fuchida Drives
Compact K-F Drives[17] Unknown
NETC Kappa Endo Steel Kheper[15]
Ferro-fibrous Armor
Wall Type 8 Light Ferro-Fibrous w/CASE II Kheper[15]
Fusion Engine
Nissan 200 Myrmidon[11]
Victory Fusion 105 Fwultur[14]
Extralight Fusion Engine
Core Tek 275 XL Kheper[15]
Pitban 285 XL Alacorn Mk VI[12]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
Basic Metal Plate Standard Engineering Vehicle[10]
ArcShield Maxi II Manticore[9] & Myrmidon[11]
ArcShield VII Mk 5 [citation needed]
ProtechTech 6 Pegasus[9] & Vedette[13]
StarGuard III [citation needed]
StarGuard Type HV w/CASE Alacorn Mk VI[12]
Commercial Armor
Type 7 IndiPlate Commercial Fwultur[14]
Communications System
CeresCom Recon Model 21-RS Alacorn Mk VI[12]
ComStar Rover Vedette[13]
Marshal 635 Kheper[15]
NETC COMSET 3.2 Fwultur[14]
O/P R Janxiir Myrmidon[11]
TharHes Caliope HM-10 Engineering Vehicle[10]
Targeting-Tracking System
ComStar Test-2 Vedette[13]
Scope 4520 Kheper[15]
TarHes Digital Scanlok 347 Alacorn Mk VI[12]
TargiTrack 717 Myrmidon[11]
TargiTrack 717 w/Beagle Active Probe Fwultur[14]
Armstrong J11 Vedette[13] /Shipped to Pandora for Scorpion
Medium Laser
OMI HighBurn Manticore[9]
ER Medium Laser
Martell Kheper[15]
Medium X-Pulse Laser
Martell-X Kheper[15]
Small Variable-Speed Pulse Laser
Blankenburg Kheper[15]
Parti-Kill Heavy Cannon Manticore[9] & Myrmidon[11]
Gauss Rifle
M-7 Kheper[15]
Holly 7 Kheper[15]
Light CrossBow Manticore /Shipped to Skye for Drillson Hover Tank[9]
Machine Gun
ScatterGun Light Machine Gun - Vedette[13]
Salvage Arm
StarCorps Fwultur[14]
Lift Hoist
NETC Fwultur[14]


Components produced on Terra:[18][19]
Component Type
Karnov UR[18][19] VTOLs
Internal Combustion Engine
DAV 190 Karnov[18][19]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
Star Slab 1.5 Standard Karnov[18][19]
Communications System
Johnston Q-Rotor Karnov[18][19]


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