Brigadier Corporation

Brigadier Corporation
Corporation Profile
HeadquartersPortent (Gibson III)[1]
Manufacturing Plant(s)

The Brigadier Corporation was a Free Worlds League-based BattleMech, DropShip, and JumpShip manufacturer.


Like Nimakachi and SelaSys, the interests of the Brigadier Corporation spanned the manufacture of BattleMechs and naval vessels, including work on the imposing Impavido-class WarShip. Their imposing Behemoth-class DropShips had long been prized as bulk haulers, but the smaller Fury, Buccaneer, and Monarch-classes were more commonly seen across the Inner Sphere.[1]

Historically, Brigadier had its headquarters on Oliver, but legalities associated with the FedCom takeover of that world at the end of the Fourth Succession War led the company to relocate its business hub to Portent on Gibson, though the Gordon plant remained under Brigadier Corporation's control despite the FedCom occupation.[1] According to the apocryphal 1989 video game MechWarrior, set around the year 3025, the original home of the "Brigadier 'Mech Corp. - now extinct" was Procyon. A Brigadier Corporation 'Mech factory existed on Procyon during the early Succession Wars, but was abandoned some considerable time prior to the end of the Third Succession War. The abandoned factory became a key target of the Tikonov Free Republic campaign against the Free Worlds League during the Fourth Succession War.[2]

Just as the loss of Brigadier's 'Mech Factory on Oliver set back Free Worlds League 'Mech production, the 'Mech producing side waned in power and the DropShip facilities came to dominate the corporation, with the headquarters remaining on Gibson even after the recovery of Oliver in Operation GUERRERO.[1] Earthwerks Incorporated purchased the dilapidated Brigadier factory on Procyon in 3050, and would subsequently refurbish it, reactivating it as a production facility for engineering vehicles and IndustrialMechs.[3]

Brigadier's Gibson factory is actually a converted repair facility, upgraded with aid from the FWLM and later the Word of Blake. The changeover from repair to production was a success, and the plant is running smoothly though defense is complicated by a landing field with only makeshift defenses at the site. After the near complete takeover of Gibson during the Jihad by the Blakists, the Gibson facility was renamed the Master's Wings Aerospace with the Monarch civilian DropShip line converted to the production of the Spectral Series OmniFighters[4][5] and LAMs.[6][7][8] Gibson was subjected to a massive orbital bombardment by Regulus forces in 3078. By 3085, the planet was listed as dead or dying. All factories on world are assumed destroyed.[citation needed]

In the mid-3120s, the Mackenzie plant was raided by a small mercenary unit. They used aerospace fighters and battle armor to seize two Behemoth-class DropShips and escape.[9]


Brigadier Corporation has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


Components produced on Gibson:[10][11][12]
Component Type
Land-Air 'Mechs
S-PW-1LAM Pwwka[6] Land-Air 'Mech
S-YR-1LAM Yurei[7] Land-Air 'Mech
S-WN-2LAM Waneta[8] Land-Air 'Mech
Buccaneer[1][10] DropShip
Fury[1][10][11] DropShip
Merlin[1][12] DropShip
Monarch[1][10] DropShip
Interplanetary Drive - DropShips
Hyperdyne 211 Fury[10]
Magna Corp. VX250B Buccaneer[10]
Marly 750 Monarch[10]


The Mackenzie plant wasn't affected by the Jihad and it was operating at full capacity in 3079.[13]

Components produced on Mackenzie:[14]
Component Type
Small Craft
K-1 DropShuttle[citation needed] Small Craft
S-7A Bus[citation needed] Small Craft
Behemoth[1][14][15] DropShip
Impavido[1] WarShip
Interplanetary Drive - Small Craft
Burster M-100 [citation needed]
Pratt & Whitney 400 [citation needed]
Interplanetary Drive - DropShips
Sunburst M-200L Megadrive Behemoth[14]


Components produced on Oliver:[16][17][18][19][20][21][22][23][24][25]
Component Type
HCL-1 Heavy Lifter[16] Heavy IndustrialMech
GRF-3M Griffin[17] Medium BattleMech
CMA-1S Chimera[18] Medium BattleMech
SCP-1N Scorpion[19] Medium BattleMech
SCP-10M Scorpion[20] Medium BattleMech
SCP-2N Scorpion[26] Medium BattleMech
CRD-3R Crusader[21] Heavy BattleMech
CRD-5M Crusader[17] Heavy BattleMech
CRD-9R Crusader[27] Heavy BattleMech
GOL-1H Goliath[22] Assault BattleMech
GOL-7R Goliath[28] Assault BattleMech
SCP-X1 Scorpion LAM[23] Land-Air 'Mech
Demon[24] Wheeled Vehicles - Medium Tank
Shandra (Original)[25] Wheeled Vehicles - Light Scout Vehicle - (Since 3087)[29]
Shandra (Standard Variant)[25] Wheeled Vehicles - Light Scout Vehicle - (Since 3089)[30]
Chameleon Light Endo 2 Chimera[18]
Corean VIII Goliath 1H[22]
Earthwerk GRF Griffin[17]
Crucis-B Crusader 5M[17] & Crusader 3R[21]
Brigadier 800F Endo Steel Scorpion 1N[19] & Scorpion 10M[20]
Fusion Engine
GM 180 Shandra[25]
GM 295 Demon Medium Tank[24]
Hermes 320 Goliath 1H[22]
Magna 260 Crusader 3R[21]
VOX 330 Scorpion 1N[19]
Extralight Fusion Engine
GM 240 XL Chimera[18]
Hermes 260 XL Crusader 5M[17]
Hermes 275 XL Griffin[17]
VOX 385 XL Scorpion 10M[20]
Jump Jets
Chilton 465 Crusader 5M[17]
Rawlings 40 Chimera[18]
Rawlings 55 Griffin[17]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
Riese 500 Crusader 3R[21]
StarSlab-3 Goliath 1H[22]
StarSlab-4 Scorpion 1N[19] & Scorpion 10M[20]
StarGuard CCM Chimera[18]
Krupp 155 Shandra[25]
Ferro-fibrous Armor
Leopard II Heavy ferro-fibrous Demon Medium Tank[24]
Communications System
Corean Transband-J9 Goliath 1H[22]
Corean Transband-J12 Chimera[18]
Exeter LongScan Demon Medium Tank[24] and Shandra[25]
Garret T11-b Crusader 3R[21]
Garret 500A Scorpion 1N[19] & Scorpion 10M[20]
Targeting-Tracking System
BlazeFire /w Range Check Chimera[18]
Corean B-Tech Goliath 1H[22]
Garret GRNDTRK 9 Scorpion 1N[19] & Scorpion 10M[20]
Garret A6 Crusader 3R[21]
Standard TargetTrack Demon Medium Tank[24] and Shandra[25]
Small Laser
ChisComp 32 Griffin[17]
ER Small Laser
Diverse Optics Shandra[25]
Medium Laser
Intek Crusader 3R[21]
Rand Goliath 1H[22]
Heavy PPC
Fusigon Strongtooth Scorpion 10M[20]
Doombud Scorpion 10M[20]
Holly Goliath 1H[22]
Magna Longbow Crusader 3R[21]
Holly Shandra[25]
Harpoon-6 Crusader 3R[21]
Machine Gun
Voelkers 200 Goliath 1H[22]
SureFire Miniguns Shandra[25]
M100 Crusader 3R[21]


The Brigadier Corporation 'Mech factory on Procyon had been abandoned well before the end of the Third Succession War, but inadvertently became a deciding factor in the invasion of Procyon by the Tikonov Free Republic, as Supreme Lord Pavel Ridzik envisaged being able to rejuvenate the factory using research from the New Avalon Institute of Science.[2] Earthwerks Incorporated purchased the abandoned factory in 3050.[3]


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