Wingman Enterprises Limited

Wingman Enterprises Limited
Company Logo

Company Logo
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Pinard
Primary Products Aerospace Fighter
Conventional Aircraft

Wingman Enterprises Limited is a Taurian Concordat defense contractor that specializes in both AeroSpace and conventional fighters. In 3079 the Pinard plant was operating at three-quarters of their maximum capacity, despite losing no personnel in the Jihad.[1]


Wingman Enterprises Limited has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


Components produced on Pinard:[2]
Component Type
AeroSpace Fighters
Shilone[3] Medium Aerospace Fighters
Slayer[3] Heavy Aerospace Fighters
Conventional Aircraft
Seabuster Strike Fighter[2] Conventional Fighter
MechBuster[3] Conventional Fighter
Heavy Strike Fighter[3] Conventional Fighter
Wingman Standard-N Seabuster[2]
Armor - FA - Aerospace Fighters
Iron Halo 777 Ferro-Aluminum Seabuster[2]
Communications System
Neil 5000 Seabuster[2]
Targeting-Tracking System
TracTex Alpha-1 w/Hawkeye M4 Recon Photo Pod Seabuster[2]
Ultra AC/20
Pontiac Ultra 100 Seabuster[2]
Medium Laser
Diverse Optics Type 2 Seabuster[2]


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