JES I Tactical Missile Carrier

JES I Tactical Missile Carrier
Production information
Manufacturer Joint Equipment Systems
Production Year 3075[1]
Mission Short-Range attack vehicle
Type Hover
Technical specifications
Mass 50
Armor Lexington Ltd. High Grade
Engine JES 15 fusion engine
Speed 86 km/h
Crew 4
Communications System Communicator
Targeting Tracking System FireScan w/IndirecTrack
Heat Sinks 10 single
BV (1.0) ???
BV (2.0) 752[2][3]


Joint Equipment System’s first vehicle since the Clan Invasion overtook its main plant on Alshain. The JES I is a close-in fighting vehicle for primary escort and defense. The vehicle is considered by many to be underpowered with its 15-rating fusion engine and underarmored for its size. The vehicle’s glaring flaws were due to JES’s lack of capital to fund better equipment.

The vehicle remained in service during the Jihad, even though its slow speeds seemed to doom the vehicle to extinction. However, the vehicle proved to be popular among Periphery nations and so the vehicle’s production continued well into the 3130s. The vehicle was deployed by Republic of the Sphere forces and later found its way into the hands of the Republic’s multiple militia factions at the outbreak of the HPG Blackout in 3132.

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

Armed with three Holly SRM-6 (with one mounted in the turret) with two tons of ammunition. The six-packs are complemented by four smaller Holly SRM-4 launchers with 5 tons of ammunition between the front-mounted launchers. The vehicle has two 22mm Gatling Machine Guns to handle infantry with half a ton of ammo. As the vehicle’s only ammunition-free weapon, it has a single Diverse Optics ER Small Laser forward-mounted as well.


  • 3082 Upgrade 
    This variant of the JES I Tactical Missile Carrier replaces the standard engine with a larger 165-rated model. This increases the speed of the JES by 50%. [4] BV (2.0) = 978[5]

Notable Crewmembers[edit]

See notable JES I Tactical Missile Carrier Crewmembers

Related Designs[edit]

  • JES II Strategic Missile Carrier - With increasing funds from the sale of JES I, JES were able to develop a modern take on their classic tracked missile carriers.



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